What beauty and sport magazine talks about

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What beauty and sport magazine talks about
What beauty and sport magazine talks about

Today, most publishers have switched to creating their glosses online. Among the many such copies, Beauty and Sport immediately stands out - a publication that successfully combines publications about style and physical fitness, the life of successful celebrities and activities that mere mortals can do. Over the five years of its existence, the gloss managed to win the attention of many readers and even gain fans.

Foundation of the online magazine "Beauty and Sport"

In December 2018, the publication celebrated its first anniversary - five years from the date of publication of the starting issue for the reader. In such a short time, the gloss has become a popular messenger about the lifestyle and activities of many celebrities, as well as about seasonal sports entertainment that improves well-being and has a beneficial effect on appearance.

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Beauty and Sport magazine is based in Krasnodar and is the only glossy magazine that combines sports and glamorous hangouts. The publication also cultivates a modern and active personality. The main topics of gloss are questionsstylish rest, fitness and rhythm lessons, biography of famous people. Also, "Beauty and Sport" pays special attention to the sports achievements of domestic clubs. All publications are written in an easy and relaxed manner, through which the high professionalism of the authors peeps through.

Main headings of the journal

"Beauty and Sport", like every self-respecting publication, has permanent sections. On the first page of the magazine in the column "Contents" there is a list of the main headings of the gloss. Almost every issue of the online magazine has the following sections:

  • "Read." This section is dedicated to the picture that adorns the cover of the magazine.
  • "Look" where bright photo projects and sports issues are placed.
  • "Meet" - highlights new faces in the field of TV projects and sports achievements.
Winter sports
  • In the "Pump Up" section, leading fitness trainers give recommendations on improving a person's physical capabilities.
  • The heading "Remember" makes it possible not to forget about the festive events left in the past.

Bright Photo Projects

Almost every issue of the online magazine contains original reports with lots of photos. Most of all, readers remember the following photo projects:

WORK-ART (author - creative make-up artist Elena Varankina) - photo project of the October 2017 issue

The project is based on the idea of ​​showing ordinary things in an original way. The photo shows people of different professions who are great specialists in their field.activities. According to the author, passion for one's work is a whole art. The manager and accountant, cosmetologist and marketer appeared before readers in unusual images created by a talented makeup artist. The photo shows not only the work, but also the hobbies of the main characters.

Another unique idea is Olesya Aksenova's photo project "Flourish" from the April issue of "Beauty and Sports" in 2018

The photos show beautiful fitness trainers in a delicate image of a colorful spring girl. An unusual make-up, coupled with a rich floral decor, creates an unforgettable picture.


Marina Goncharova's photo project Happy mamma started in the last issue of 2018

The photo shows leading business women with their adorable kids. Olesya Aksenova, Galina Adlivankina, Alina Nevzorova became the stars of the project not by chance. They successfully combine business and happy motherhood. Their energy and activity is enough for everything!

Best glossy performances

For several years of its activity, the publication managed to cover the brightest events of social and sports life. Thus, active correspondents of the glossy magazine "Beauty and Sport" were seen at private screenings of the series "Ordinary Woman" and the film "Move Up". The most exciting moments of the films were presented to readers so sparklingly that many of them wanted to revisit these films.

Together with its readers, the gloss experienced the critical moments of the game of the Russian team at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang-2018.Olympic gold hockey players was an incredible surprise for the whole country. The Beauty and Sport publication congratulated all Russians on the victory, and its employees recalled the brightest moments of the game with pleasure.

Anniversary of the magazine

From time to time gloss becomes the initiator of field events. The volleyball tournament of the magazine's team with the players of the Krasnodar fitness center, the "Night of Trampolines" in the Meridian shopping mall, where all lovers of this entertainment could participate, the public presentation of the best issues of the publication became not just ordinary events, but turned into spectacular shows. Celebrating your own anniversary in a prestigious club has transformed into a grand party.

Star guests of the magazine

Another wonderful surprise for gloss readers was interviews with celebrities of culture and sports. What kind of guests did not see the pages of the magazine! Timothy and Timur Batrutdinov, Trevor Lacey and Dzhigan became not only famous guests, but also faces from the cover. Description of the celebrity lifestyle became a pleasant reading during a short break.

Gloss also opens up new names in the field of beauty and sports. Thanks to the magazine, designer Maru Guliash, psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky, the owner of the WOW catering network Victoria Kantimirova, urologist Oleg Tazhetdinov and others have gained fame.

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