Actor Vladimir Balashov - biography, personal life, interesting facts

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Actor Vladimir Balashov - biography, personal life, interesting facts
Actor Vladimir Balashov - biography, personal life, interesting facts

Vladimir Balashov is a talented theater and film actor. His filmography includes more than fifty paintings. He starred in such famous films as "Discovery", "Loneliness", "A Man from Planet Earth", "The Collapse of the Emirate", "Private Alexander Matrosov", "Carnival", "They Went to the East" and others. You can learn more about the biography of this actor from this publication.


Vladimir Pavlovich Balashov was born in the summer of 1920 in the village of Izhevskoye (Ryazan province). Our hero was not the only child of his parents. In addition to little Vova, seven more children were brought up in the family. Vladimir Pavlovich's parents were ordinary peasants.

Student years

Having received a certificate of secondary education, our hero entered the acting school at the Mosfilm film studio. He graduated from it just before the start of the Great Patriotic War.


Balashov is a talented Soviet actor
Balashov is a talented Soviet actor

Vladimir Pavlovich Balashovstarred in many Soviet films. His film debut was The Oppenheim Family (dir. Grigory Roshal), released in 1938. At the time of filming, our hero studied at the acting school at the Mosfilm film studio. It is also worth noting that Vladimir Pavlovich played the main role in this picture.

Two years after the release of the "Oppenheim Family" tape, Balashov will again be invited to shoot. His next film work will be Seventeen.

After the actor will star in such films: “The Artamonov Case”, “How the Steel Was Tempered”, “It Was in the Donbass”, “Mussorgsky”, “Ships Storm the Bastions”, “Steep Steps”, “Court of the Mad”, "The collapse of the empire", "Killed in the line of duty", "Carnival" and others.

Balashov Vladimir Pavlovich will be particularly popular with the painting "The Demidovs" (dir. Yaropolk Lapshin), filmed in 1983. In it, our hero got the role of De Gennin. In addition to Vladimir Balashov, the notorious Yevgeny Evstigneev, Tatyana Tashkova, Valery Zolotukhin, Nikolai Merzlikin, Lev Borisov, Alexander Lazarev and others starred in the film.

The last film work for our hero will be the film "Anomaly", directed by Yuri Elkhov in 1993. In this picture, actor Vladimir Balashov got the role of Mark Sherwin.


Balashov - theater and film actor
Balashov - theater and film actor

And now let's look at the personal life of our hero. Surely, this topic will be of interest to many. It is known that Vladimir Balashov was married twice. His first wife was the Soviet actress Gitzerot Natalia Maksimillianovna,known for her roles in such films: “Three Comrades”, “First Joys”, “They Live Nearby”, “We Met Somewhere” and others. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last long - only ten years.

The second wife of the actor was Roza Trofimovna Matyushkina (Soviet theater and film actress), whom he met on the set in 1955. From this marriage, our hero has a daughter, Elena.

Interesting facts

Balashov was married twice
Balashov was married twice

Enough has been said about Vladimir Balashov's personal life, filmography and biography. Now it's time for interesting facts from the artist's life:

  1. As a teenager, Balashov dreamed of becoming a student at a geological exploration institute, however, the fate of the actor decreed otherwise.
  2. For his contribution to art, the actor was awarded the highest award - "Honored Artist of the RSFSR".
  3. Vladimir Pavlovich worked as an understudy for a long time. His voice can be heard in such films as "Steel Soldier", "Oscar", "Exodus", "The Secret of the Great Storyteller", "Unlucky Kidnappers", "No Problem!", "Transition", "Witch Doctor", "Artist", "The Last Romance", "Roaring Years", "Captain", "Peach Thief" and others. The actor also voiced cartoons, among them "Magic Treasure", "Song in the Forest" and others.
  4. Over his entire film career, our hero starred in 68 films.


Vladimir Balashov died in December 1996. His heart stopped at the age of 77. The urn with the ashes of the artist is stored at the Vvedensky cemetery (Moscow).