Volochkova without makeup: the real face of a ballerina, photo

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Volochkova without makeup: the real face of a ballerina, photo
Volochkova without makeup: the real face of a ballerina, photo

Volochkova without makeup (in her natural look) surprises some, delights others, and envy or bewilderment in others. Social networks are a treasure trove of all sorts of emotions that provoke provocative photos of Russian celebrities. The previously popular ballerina loves to spoil her fans with photos from the bathhouse, in twine against the backdrop of the Christmas tree, as well as in unusual swimsuits from the Maldives. But from time to time Anastasia began to forget about the main rule of a secular lady: do not appear in public without makeup.

New trend

natural Volochkova

Among the celebrities of the Russian show business, it has become fashionable to appear at public events in a more natural way, that is, with little to no makeup. This new trend is supported on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Often such a PR move is accompanied by an innocent comment, where it is proposed to share pleasant emotions about an event, for example, “Arishabraided a pigtail for me,”and by chance, by clicking on the link, you can see a photo of Volochkova without makeup with a pigtail from her beloved daughter.

Natural beauty

An unpainted ballerina in home dress resembles a typical Swedish girl. Oddly enough, a new trend among public figures characterizes them as more open, "accessible" to fans, such photos say "I'm just like you, I can be beautiful with or without makeup."

young Volochkova

Volochkova's face without mascara and foundation looks younger, brighter and fresher. Tons of blush, long false eyelashes, shadows and bright lipstick have always lost and will lose to natural beauty, unless, of course, nature has cheated initially. But, surprisingly, in many photos of Volochkov without makeup and photoshop, he evokes more sympathy than in his usual image. If a ballerina reduces the amount of makeup applied when she appears at secular parties, she will only benefit from this.

Appearance talk

Over time, critics have ceased to pay much attention to the figure of the ballerina, who does not hesitate to post pictures in the nude style, demonstrating excellent physical fitness. More controversial comments are collected by posts with a photo of Volochkova without makeup and photoshop. Recently, she drew attention to herself with her own eyes, praising a special cosmetic product in LiveJournal, thanks to which eyelashes become fluffy. Unfortunately, the readers of her page did not see the chic eyelashes that would stand out against the general background, and did notappreciated her recommendations.

More positive feedback on photos where Anastasia is without makeup. Many of her followers believe that without several layers of foundation, the ballerina looks 20 years younger, that her stylist is often mistaken with the selection of the necessary image and the amount of cosmetics.

Volochkova's home selfie

Worthy risk

Posting a picture on social networks, where Anastasia Volochkova appears in front of everyone in the photo without makeup and photoshop, is, first of all, a challenge for herself. Not every woman at that age wants to be discussed about her every new wrinkle, imperfect lip contour or dull eyebrows. Volochkova does not belong to those who hide behind a make-up, she is proud of her appearance, which causes respect and a strong reaction from fans and subscribers. And even though newspapers and electronic publications are often full of provocative headlines, for example, “Volochkova in a pink bodysuit was ridiculed” or “Volochkoy was scolded for a shapeless figure,” but with each such news, even more interest is shown in Anastasia, the number of fans increases. Each provocative photo is a new stage in the formation of Volochkova as a public figure.


Anastasia Volochkova without makeup most often appears on selfies: “Beautiful morning. The day will be busy. It's great to wake up when the soul wants, and not at the wake of the alarm clock”- such posts on Instagram are always accompanied by a photo, most often in home attire and without makeup.

selfie with Volochkova

Admittedly, every selfie showing her face without a drop of makeup looks natural and positive. Sharma adds expensive decorations to the ballerina's house, as well as her bright outfits. Comments under such pictures are only positive: "Great photo", "Natural without makeup", "How good you are without makeup." Naturalness always wins, so it’s rare for a Russian celebrity to notice negative comments from subscribers under such photos. But still there are: “The first impression is as if she came from a party”, “Untidy and untidy”, “It seems to me that such photographs should be in a personal archive”, “You are a public person, not a collective farmer.” Such a fly in the ointment only stirs up interest in Volochkova without makeup, which differs in that it does not consider it necessary to respond to public attacks.

Luxury style

The socialite often becomes the object of criticism due to her love for the “expensive-rich” style. In recent years, many styles, fashion trends, trends that Russian stars tried to follow have changed. But the images were not always successful (tattoo, mother-of-pearl on the face, hair in the “forgot to wash” style). Following the external transformations of Volochkova, we can say with confidence that the desire to look better with the help of cosmetics does not always give a positive result.

Volochkova Anastasia photo

The appearance of a ballerina in the 90s was remembered for full lips, an ideal face shape and a minimum of makeup. In 1999, Volochkova without makeup looked better than many other socialites.ladies. Then she shared the stage and everyday images. At the time, not even the best combination of pink eye shadow and pink lipstick was perceived as almost perfect.

Bad style choice

In 2003, the ballerina got a tattoo, began to choose dense tonal creams and became interested in brown contouring. Analyzing her photos, one can’t help but assume that the makeup artist deliberately decided unsuccessfully to highlight her facial features using shimmer, glitter lipstick and golden shadows. In those years, the rare appearance of Anastasia in public without makeup provoked a storm of positive emotions, applause and admiration. But it is impossible not to notice that the dubious choice of make-up colors and the mask effect on the face has become the ballerina's calling card.

Volochkov's unsuccessful make-up

The messy hairdo was another bad ballerina style choice. Volochkova without make-up looked well-groomed and attractive, rather than in an image where “unwashed hair” complements the glitter on her face and décolleté, and painted eyebrows and heavy makeup add an extra 15 years to her.

2012 the ballerina met with already more modest eyebrows, but with false eyelashes and plastic curls, returning again to the 90s, where external luxury does not mean taste. Feathers, brown powder on the cheeks, pearls and a veil - all this is Anastasia Volochkova. Excess and rejection of natural beauty singled her out among other stars of Russian show business, but in this way she was criticized by stylists and fashion connoisseurs.


NaturalVolochkova is a beautiful woman, a Russian ballerina, dancer and public figure who, at 42, looks great, maintains a blog on Instagram and Twitter, has almost 900,000 subscribers, most of which are fans and just caring people. Over the years of her creative life, she is known as a provocative person, mother, model, strong-willed ballerina and just a woman who wants happiness. After analyzing her external transformations over the past couple of decades, critics agree in one opinion: Volochkova without makeup is much better than with a professional make-up.

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