Lake Louise, Canada: description, photos, attractions

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Lake Louise, Canada: description, photos, attractions
Lake Louise, Canada: description, photos, attractions

This wonder of nature is located in Canada, in the amazing Banff National Park. This fabulous corner is famous for its picturesque places, a variety of vegetation and animals, excellent ski slopes and a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Lake Louise in Canada (described below) attracts the attention of many travelers and nature lovers.

The splendor of the lake

General information about the nature of Canada

Magnificent mountains, endless forests, emerald lakes and a feeling of complete dissolution in nature. These words can be attributed to the paradise natural corners of Canada, especially to those places where there are mountain lakes. High snow-capped mountains have long guarded one of these wonderful and best lakes in the world. Lake Louise Canada is located in Alberta (province), in its southern part.

It should be noted that this body of water is known as Lake Louise. But for perception, the name Lake Louise would be more suitable, so as not to develop a feelingmultiplicity (for example, there is a lake of Medusa). However, many have long known this attraction as Lake Louise, and in many articles it is referred to as Lake Louise.

Winter landscape of the surroundings


The lake is located in the southern part of the Rocky Mountains. It is surrounded by three high peaks: Fairview, Saint Piran and Devil's Tamb. From the capital of Canada to Lake Louise, the distance is about 3000 kilometers, from the nearest airport Golden - 55 km. Calgary International Airport is 160 kilometers away. It should be noted that it is often passed off as no less beautiful Moraine, also located in Canada, but in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Both lakes are only 10 kilometers apart (Moraine to the south).

The main decoration of the National Park

One of the most beautiful places in Canada is Lake Louise (photos presented in the article confirm this), stretching in the park at an altitude of 1646 meters. It originated from the melting of massive glaciers that stretch along the cliff tops of this paradise.

Extremely clear water has an emerald hue, which appeared due to the rock that was dissolved by glaciers in mountain peaks and brought into the lake. In this regard, the original name of the reservoir sounded like Emerald.

The lake is two kilometers long and 500 meters wide.

Holidays at Lake Louise

Name history

Lake Louise Canada got its modern name in honor of a beautiful girl,being the daughter of Queen Victoria of England. Princess Louise was the wife of the Governor of Canada, John Campbell Lorne.

Despite the fact that Louise did not live in Canada for very long, she managed to make a significant contribution to the development of this state - she was engaged in solving the problems of the local population. Even after leaving Canada, she continued to keep in touch with her beloved country. The decision to rename the lake was sound and well thought out - the lake is as gorgeous as the girl Louise.

The beauty of the winter landscape

Lake Louise Vacation (Canada)

Many tourists who come to Canadian soil try to include a visit to this most beautiful natural wonder in their excursion program. For guests, excellent conditions have been created here for a wonderful and meaningful vacation. Comfortable hotels, tourist bases, shops and restaurants are located near the reservoir.

The terrain of the surroundings allows you to practice a variety of skiing sports, as well as hiking, horseback riding and biking along winding paths among rocks, firs and pines. All conditions for rafting are created here. It is possible to play golf and tennis. Exotic lovers can experience amazing feelings while riding a dog sled. Climbers' paradise is rocky mountains with many climbing trails.

Besides the lake, there are other attractions: the Great Watershed (separation of powerful streams of water: one - to the Atlantic Ocean, the second - to the Pacific), wonderful waterfalls (the third largest in Canada -Takakkaw Falls), Johnston Canyon, unique in form and beauty, and many others. etc. In winter, the waterfalls freeze and the surrounding landscape becomes fabulous. Ice columns sparkling in the sun, turning incredible shades of blue, amaze tourists.

Entertainment on the lake

Lake Louise in Canada is a place visited by connoisseurs of pristine beauty and newlyweds who want to spend their honeymoon among the wonderful creations of nature.

The ski resort hosts celebrations and festivals, sports competitions and ice sculpture competitions.

In conclusion

One of the specialists (Tom Wilson) who built the Pacific Railroad in Canada in 1882 at Laggan (now Lake Louise station) heard a distant noise. The Indian guide told him that this rumble was coming from the side of a huge "white mountain" located above the "lake with small fish."

Going to that place the next morning, Tom Wilson discovered a wonderful lake surrounded by majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks and picturesque greenery on the slopes. It was impossible to look away from such surrounding beauty.

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