Where to go with friends: ideas for interesting leisure activities

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Where to go with friends: ideas for interesting leisure activities
Where to go with friends: ideas for interesting leisure activities

When weekends, vacations, holidays, vacations come, the question arises of where you can go with friends to have fun. It is unlikely that sitting at the computer all week or watching a series on the couch will give energy. Many people try to plan their free time in advance and are interested in where they can go with friends, relax, take a walk? This is especially true in the depressive autumn-winter period. Cold, uncomfortable… Here are some ideas for where you can go with a friend in winter or at other times of the year. There are actually many options.

friends by the sea

Visit friends

When it's cold to walk, you don't want to sit at home, the computer is tired, what to do? The simplest idea, where you can go with friends inexpensively, at no cost, is to get together at their place. It's not good to see your buddies only on skype or social media. Warm lively human communication cannot be replaced by any soulless picture on the screen. Today, many about itforget.

Don't be afraid of bad weather. It is a frosty or slushy day - the right time to go to an old friend for coffee or tea. And you can even gather a few friends for an incendiary party. This is a real chance for communication and warmth. You can set up a home theater and watch your favorite movie with your friends.

dinner in a restaurant

Visiting museums, unusual places

For a full-fledged being, not only food, sleep, but also spiritual food are needed. Even in small towns there are museums and galleries. This is just the case where you can go with friends and relax inexpensively. There are dozens of such establishments in large cities. If you want, you can choose the most unusual museum to visit.

In many museums compositions are frequently updated. Often there are exhibitions of contemporary artists. You can get around with your buddies in the guide for foreigners. Do not hesitate, plunge into the world of art!

visit to the museum

Trips to theaters, cinemas, exhibitions

In any city there is a cinema, exhibitions, performances. The Internet today provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the poster of upcoming films and theatrical productions.

Don't miss the mass holidays in the city, which are held in the central squares. This is just the place to go with friends. You can go to a concert of your favorite singer or band. In cities with a zoo or a botanical garden, there is always something to see.

at the cinema with friends

Gatherings incozy cafe or restaurant

If you are not interested in clubs, theaters, cinema, go with a friend to a pub, cafe, restaurant. Hot tea, coffee. What could be more pleasant in non-flying weather? Imagine yourself in the company of a pleasant person with soulful music. There is a cozy cafe or restaurant in every city. Choose an institution according to your taste, finances. You will surely be pleased with the service and your favorite rhythms.

All cafes and restaurants belong to one or another group, type. Everywhere has its own prices, cuisine, interesting events. Someone prefers cafes with billiards, someone likes nightclubs, casinos, sushi bars. In big cities you can find the most exotic establishments.

Active Leisure

What about outdoor activities? Bowling is not that expensive. Go to the shooting range, take the simplest shooting lessons. Cycling is also a worthwhile activity. Rent a bike for the day. You can ride it to the forest, enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

ride bicycles

In the summer you and your friends can ride a catamaran, a boat. Near a river or lake, you can make a fire, fry a barbecue.

It is worth noting that active recreation can be not only on the street. You can have fun in special centers. There you can find many interesting games for yourself: karting, ice rink, laser games.

In winter, there are even more opportunities for outdoor activities. This is skiing, snowboarding, sledding. Some prefer to simply slide down the snowy hill.

Lovers of activities ingym invite friends there. You can do fitness, shaping, dancing together. Get your gym membership with confidence! Such a pastime is not only interesting, but also useful.

fitness classes

Trainings, seminars, lectures for the soul

What other places are there to go with friends? Find out about trainings, classes, lectures, master classes in your city. These classes are very interesting and instructive. Maybe it will be seminars on how to achieve goals in life or achieve success. The price for such trainings is symbolic. Such events will expand your horizons, bring new acquaintances.


The next option for spending time with friends is shopping. This is more about girls, but many guys are not averse to asking about fashion news. So, if you want to cheer yourself up, go shopping. Keep an eye out for sales to get what you need at low prices.

shopping with friends

Today it is quite fashionable to just go shopping without spending money. This type of shopping is called "looking". Many girls like to just look at fashionable things. These trips lead to the fact that one day you will get a very pleasant new thing. After looking, you can go to a cafe or entertainment center.

Seasonal photo session

An interesting photo session will be a great creative idea for having fun with friends. It will be good if you and your friends get in the car andtake pictures in different interesting places. You have probably dreamed of visiting certain places for a long time, but did not find time to visit them. Take a camera with you, good mood - and you will have great photos.

Such a photo session can be combined with a small picnic outside the city. Friends will not refuse a delicious barbecue. If you don't have a car, you can go to the nearest park or square. There you will be surprised by the abundance of greenery, bright flowers, crumbly rays of the sun.

If you live not far from the sea, then there is no better place for beautiful photos. These can be shots on the beach or on a yacht.

How about a rooftop photo shoot? Up there, the view is simply amazing! You can take a few pictures in your favorite cafe.

photo session with friends

Other ways to have fun with friends

If you have already visited all the tourist attractions in your city, and the ideas for leisure have already run out, we offer you a few more options where you can go for a walk with friends:

Go in the evening with a company to the nearest river, make a fire there, sing along with the guitar or dance

guitar songs
  • Take any bus tour for the weekend. You will get the maximum experience.
  • Take an interest in the highest point of your city, from where you can see all the local landscapes.
  • Many people will like to dance in the club to rhythmic music, drink their favorite cocktail.
  • Swimming in winter is also a great way to relax. Take your friends to the nearest water park. Theremany pleasant experiences are waiting for you.
  • If finances allow you, you can take a hot air balloon up to the clouds with your friends.
  • In the summer, a visit to the local beach will be a great pastime. You can ride a jet ski there.
  • Become a spectator or participant in a local rally or horse race.
  • If you are a city dweller, then go to the local art space. There are often concerts, presentations, lectures, film screenings, dance evenings.
  • Have a party at your place or with one of your friends. For her, you can choose a specific theme, decorate the house with balloons. Ask your friends to dress up in a certain style.
  • Go with an overnight stay in nature. Take your tents with you. You can also stay at the nearest recreation center. It would be great if there was a pool, a water park, a spa center.
  • For a special occasion, you can rent a car. You can order a cake or pizza and ride all day with friends around the city.
  • You can go with a company on an excursion to another city. You probably dream of going to places you won't go alone.

Our article will surely help you discover your organizational skills. A lot will depend on whether the company is male or female. Guys can organize joint fishing, and girls can do things of interest. Friends have common hobbies: drawing, knitting, sewing, horseback riding. In general, everything is in your hands!

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