Scientific Library of SUSU Chelyabinsk

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Scientific Library of SUSU Chelyabinsk
Scientific Library of SUSU Chelyabinsk

The employees of the SUSU Scientific Library are working hard to form a positive attitude towards books in modern society. Librarians do not just preserve the unique collections of the institution, but practice new approaches to popularizing reading, helping to see the book as a real source of knowledge. South Ural State University is located in Chelyabinsk. The address of the university library: 87 Lenin Ave., bldg. 3d.

Modern university “reading room”

The SUSU Library was opened in 1943 and has become an important component of the educational and scientific process. The area of ​​the library is 7 thousand m2. It has two branches in the metropolitan area and five in provincial cities. This is the largest NB in ​​the Urals and Chelyabinsk. The SUSU Scientific Library has unsurpassed printed collections. Among them are rare books of the previous two centuries, modern fiction, reference, educational and scientific literature.

NB SUSU in the Modern Information Environment

Electronic documents are also presented - millions of newspapers, magazines, books, audio and video recordings. The Polytechnic Library has an impressive team of employees. Thanks to them and the director of the SUSU Scientific Library Svetlana Gennadievna Smolina, the institution has taken a worthy place in the Library Association of the Russian Federation, the Assembly of Eurasian Libraries, and since 1976 has headed the Methodological Association of Scientific Libraries of the Chelyabinsk Province.

Structure and service of the library

The SUSU Scientific Library is located in the main building of the university (on the first and basement floors) and in the 4-storey library building No. 3d. There are 4 subscriptions in the SUSU Scientific Library: fiction, social and humanitarian, technical and natural sciences, as well as a subscription for correspondence students.

South Ural State University

In addition to the registration and accounting department and internal administrative divisions, there are halls:

  • readings – 8;
  • catalogues – 2;
  • electronic resources – 2;
  • rare book - 1;
  • new arrivals – 1;
  • for conferences – 1.

Comfortable rooms, a large number of personal computers, automated places for working with the electronic catalog are at the disposal of visitors. Staying here becomes most useful due to the presence of Wi-Fi, the possibility of scanning and photocopying, using the services of a consultant, and electronic resources. It is very convenient that all university information networks are connected to the library server.

Quest "Greatlibrary" at SUSU

Interesting events

The cultural and educational activities of the SUSU Scientific Library consist of holding seminars, trainings, and lectures for all participants in education. Informing is often conducted through the official website and social networks. Classes are organized annually: for first-year students - on information culture; for third-year students - according to the branch bibliography; for teachers and professors - on working with databases.

The priority of the subscribers of the SUSU NL group "VKontakte" is to get acquainted with interesting facts about the library, novelties of literature, news. Book-trailers, quizzes and contests, photo albums, open readings, “posts” of other libraries are popular with students. A new form of work - quests - is very popular. New horizons are opening up for potential readers. Participants of the games visit office premises, see the "we alth" of book depositories, long rows of shelves, library elevators and much more. One of the last was the quest "Great Library", based on the work "Metro 2033" by D. Glukhovsky. The idea turned out to be large-scale and exciting, the quest consisted of six games. The event generated a flurry of positive feedback from attendees, especially newcomers.

The library often becomes a base for symposiums, conferences and other "gatherings". But it always remains a place where exhibitions and meetings are held, where young people can spend their leisure time culturally, surrounded by books, records and CDs. After all, everything is done for the convenience of readers - beautiful,rational and modern!

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