Philharmonia (Voronezh) - one of the remarkable places in the city

Philharmonia (Voronezh) - one of the remarkable places in the city
Philharmonia (Voronezh) - one of the remarkable places in the city

Where to spend the weekend? The Philharmonic Society (Voronezh) invites the audience to concerts of classical and Russian folk music. Everyone will enjoy listening to the performance of virtuoso musicians.

About the Philharmonic

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The State Philharmonic in Voronezh was founded back in 1937. Its main goal from its foundation to the present day is the promotion of musical art. For this, concerts and performances by artists are organized.

The Philharmonic Concert Hall is one of the best in the city and the region. Its updated interior, comfortable chairs, excellent acoustics, and soft lighting create excellent conditions for listening to music. At the same time, the hall can accommodate 460 listeners. For several decades, the musical and cultural life of the city has been concentrated here, the viewer is immersed in the wonderful world of high art.

In addition to paid services, this institution periodically holds charity evenings and concerts for socially vulnerable groups of the population - disabled people, orphans, students, children from large or single-parent families, pensioners.

Also the Voronezh Philharmonic, reviews of which are only positive(visitors highly appreciate both the activities of creative teams and the interior of the building), holds city festivals, cultural programs, and regional projects on its stage.


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A symphonic academic orchestra plays on the stage, performing not only classical works, but also jazz, pop numbers, and modern interpretations of folklore works.

"Voronezh Girls" - a Russian song ensemble - is popular among regular viewers. The "Balalaika" team delights listeners with the performance of compositions on folk instruments. The artists of the ensembles "Otrada", "Voronezh Soloists", the male choir are professionals who are loved and known not only in Russia, but also in the near and far abroad.

Also performing on stage:

  • The Governor's Brass Band.
  • Elegy Poetic Theater.
  • Provocative ensemble of the Cossack song "Derzhava".
  • The team "Soloists-VRN".
  • "Art show of bands".
  • singers Nikolai Kontsov and Tatyana Sheshina.

In addition, the Philharmonic (Voronezh) holds literary evenings, where both professional writers and amateurs perform.

Traditions of the Philharmonic. Code of Conduct

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Attending classical or folk music concerts is a solemn and festive event for art lovers. Here gather like-minded people, friends,who share a passion for music. A single spiritual level of visitors and a special aura - that's what distinguishes the Philharmonic. Voronezh is proud of its reverent attitude towards creative people who give those around them unforgettable emotions.

Regular listeners know the basic rules for attending such events, it is useful for beginners to familiarize themselves with them:

  • clothes - of course, it is unacceptable to come to the Philharmonic in jeans, shorts or a tracksuit. Gentlemen come here in suits, ladies in smart dresses;
  • mood - only a positive attitude will give the viewer the opportunity to fully enjoy the concert;
  • mobile phones and other gadgets - they must be turned off without fail;
  • silence and attention is a tribute to the performers. It is unacceptable to talk while the music is playing, to rustle, especially to get up and walk around the hall;
  • applause - you need to remember that you can not applaud in the middle of the performance cycle, even during a pause, so that the integrity of the perception of the entire composition is not violated. This is an unspoken rule of good form, which is valid for all philharmonics in the world;
  • late - it is clear that it is unacceptable to enter the hall after the third call.

Philharmonia (Voronezh) has a buffet where during the intermission you can drink a cup of good tea and refresh yourself with a sandwich.

Where is the location and opening hours

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The Philharmonic Society (Voronezh) has been located in a beautiful building since 1961, the facade of which is decorated with two griffin sphinxes.It is located at: Lenin Square, 11A.

Open daily from 11-00 to 19-00 without interruption. Concerts are held according to the posters. Philharmonic box office (Voronezh) sells tickets from 10-00 to 19-00 every day.

You can clarify your questions or order a mass cultural trip through the contract department or a public relations specialist by calling (473) 20-20-515 or (473) 255-07-75 respectively.

Now you know where the Philharmonic is located in Voronezh, reviews of which encourage you to definitely visit this place.

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