Actor Giovanni Ribisi: filmography, biography, photo

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Actor Giovanni Ribisi: filmography, biography, photo
Actor Giovanni Ribisi: filmography, biography, photo

Giovanni Ribisi is an American film actor whose existence was first made known to the public through Friends, in which he played Phoebe's relative. Behind 41-year-old Vanni, as his friends called him in childhood, there are already over 90 films and television projects. What interesting details are known about the creative path of this wonderful actor, which began in his childhood?

Giovanni Ribisi: biography

Being a movie star is an accomplishment that few people can boast of. Antonio Giovanni Ribisi, the son of a famous musician, member of People, and a manager who specializes in finding actors, is one of these favorites of fortune. The boy's profession was predetermined almost from the moment he was born.

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Giovanni Ribisi's hometown is Los Angeles, where he was born in 1974. Interestingly, the actor has a twin sister, whose life is also connected with Hollywood. Father's surnameGiovanni is indebted to his Italian ancestors. As a child, little Ribisi constantly played on the nerves of his parents, using his rich imagination to invent original pranks. Even in the first years of the life of the future actor, those around him noted that he had artistic talent.

Shooting in serials

A lively, charming, artistic child could not go unnoticed, given the environment in which all his childhood years passed. Giovanni Ribisi early began to receive episodic roles in a variety of TV shows, talk shows. Long before reaching adulthood, he managed to try on many different images. He can be seen in episodes of such telenovelas as The Twilight Zone, Married with Children.

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Of course, the first roles did not bring fame to the actor. For the first time, he managed to attract the interest of the public thanks to his participation in the episode of The X-Files, where he got a bright, albeit passing character. Thanks to this occasion, Antonio Giovanni was invited to star in Friends.

Frank Jr., who is the brother of the main character Phoebe, is a very extraordinary guy. He is engaged in iron smelting, maintains a romantic relationship with a forty-year-old lady, persuades his sister to have triplets and give him upbringing. Of course, such an unusual hero "with oddities" could not help but be remembered by the public. The actor successfully exploits the role of a big child in other roles.

The most famous roles

In 1996, Tom Hanks became interested in the brand look of a rising star, kind and a little sad,who invited Giovanni Ribisi to appear in his debut musical comedy. The filmography of the actor has acquired a solid picture, in which he got the role of a rock musician, confidently going to fame.

It is impossible not to mention the character played by Antonio Giovanni in Saving Private Ryan, released in 1998. In this military drama, filmed by Spielberg, the actor got the role of doctor Irwin Wade. The action comedy Gone in 60 Seconds was also successful, where he embodied the image of the protagonist's brother, who agrees to participate in the theft of 50 cars.

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"Paradise" - a film in which Ribisi tries on the image of a blissful young man, a police officer. His hero finds himself in a difficult situation when he suddenly develops a passion for a violator of the law. The audience also remembered the role of Giovanni in Lost in Translation, where he portrayed a deceived husband.

What else to see

Fans should not miss James Cameron's cult drama Avatar. A small but interesting role in it was found for Giovanni Ribisi. A photo of the actor in the image of the administrator of a large-scale corporation, dexterous and unscrupulous, can be seen below.

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Of course, the list of bright projects of the actor is not limited to the films and television series described above. For example, the fantastic comedy "The Third Extra" with his participation will help the audience brighten up the evening. A friend who suddenly fell on his head intervenes in the relationship of a couple in love. Ted is famous for being frivolousattitude to life, work prefers entertainment, serious relationships - casual relationships. An interesting detail: this friend is a huge teddy bear. In 2015, a sequel to the comedy was released, in which Ribisi can also be seen.

"The Rum Diary", "Fury", "Cold Mountain", "Johnny D" - fascinating pictures with Giovanni's participation can be listed for a long time.

Private life

A popular and attractive actor always has an army of fans who want to know absolutely everything about him. Giovanni Ribisi is not a happy exception either. The height of the star is 171 cm, the exact weight is unknown. The first marriage of a star with actress Mariah lasted several years, from this union there was a daughter with a beautiful name Lucia. The second wife was the top model Agnes, an Englishwoman by origin, whom the actor married in 2012. But in early 2016, information appeared that the couple had decided to divorce. Of the unusual hobbies of Giovanni, Scientology can be mentioned, he takes church attendance very responsibly.

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