Valeria Kaufman: biography, photo, personal life

Valeria Kaufman: biography, photo, personal life
Valeria Kaufman: biography, photo, personal life

Valeria Kaufman is a world-famous Russian supermodel who has walked the world's most famous catwalks. Included in the list of the fifty best models in the world. It is a clear confirmation that the most beautiful, charming and talented girls live in Russia.

Biography of Valeria Kaufman

Born in Moscow on May 30, 1994. The mother of model Valeria Kaufman is her manager.

The girl has a sister Yanina, she has been dancing with her sister since childhood, but then she decided to become a photographer and videographer.

From early childhood, Valeria achieved good success in the dance field, even went on tour. She can easily perform the famous movements of Michael Jackson from the video for the song "Thriller". The girl still loves choreography, while dancing she feels happy.

Valeria Kaufman

Valeria dreamed of becoming famous since childhood and was not going to sit idly by. Therefore, even in her youth, at the age of fifteen, she sent her photos to American modeling agencies. Surprisingly, througha few days they wrote to her from the famous design house Tom Ford and invited a surprised girl to a casting, which she successfully passed.


At the age of eighteen, the young model moved to New York. From the abundance of ice cream and other junk food, she almost ruined her career by gaining weight, but, fortunately, she came to her senses in time and brought herself into proper shape.

In March 2015, the girl appeared on the cover of the Russian Vogue magazine. Soon, Turkey became interested in her, the local Vogue invited Valeria to a photo shoot, where she worked in tandem with the Russian top model Anastasia Sten.

Offers from the most famous fashion houses, such as Valentino, Dior and many others, just rained down on the girl. Valeria did not refuse, she shone with pleasure on the catwalks during the shows of famous fashion designers.

The famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier considers the appearance of a Russian woman to be beautiful, for him she is a favorite among models, “The New Twiggy Reed”. The girl is not offended by such a funny nickname, most likely, it seems very touching to her.

Valeria Kaufman model

In 2015, fashion magazine Glamor named Valeria Kaufman the best model in Russia.

In 2015-2016, the girl participated in the Victoria's Secret shows. This acted like a red rag on a bull, the model was bombarded with offers to participate in shows, photo shoots for fashion magazines. She sometimes even has to give up projects, which she regrets, but she still can’t fit all the offers into her schedule.maybe.

Now Valeria is on the list of the fifty most beautiful models from around the world. She is an ideal, a standard of perfection for hundreds of thousands of fans. Even on Instagram, she has over 300,000 followers.

Plans to enter the university in the city of New York at the acting department - the girl wants to become famous not only in the modeling business, but also as a talented actress.

Valeria Kaufman's parameters: weight, height and others

Bust / waist / hips - 84/60/86 cm. In 2019, Valeria Kaufman weighs 55 kilograms with a height of 179 centimeters.

Dark brown hair, chameleon eyes (can be green, can be blue).

Valeria Kaufman posing

Valeria's famous novel

In 2015, the model met the famous actor and musician Jared Leto. Valeria Kaufman began to appear often with him in public, spending all her free time together. They did not make an official statement that they were a couple, a star of the modeling business and a star of the stage, but they did not particularly try to hide. They dined together in different cafes, then walked in parks and supermarkets, then rode bicycles together.

Despite the fact that Valeria is twenty-three years younger than Jared, the relationship between the lovers was tender, paparazzi and fans were touched.

The couple's relationship did not last long, they soon stopped appearing together.

However, three years later, Jared Leto and Valeria Kaufman were again noticed in the company of each other - first in a cafe, then at the entrance to the gym. There have been speculations thatformer lovers decided to resume their relationship. Those rumors grew stronger after the pair were spotted exiting a supermarket ahead of Thanksgiving. Naturally, the fans decided that they decided to spend this important holiday for Americans together.

Nevertheless, neither Valeria, nor even Jared Leto, who, in principle, likes to talk about his personal life, made any official statements.

Valeria Kaufman and Jared Leto

A little about the model

Valeria Kaufman loves souvenirs. Wherever she is, she will definitely run into the souvenir shop to buy a mug.

Moisture is key. The girl drinks a lot of liquid wherever she goes, takes a humidifier and special moisturizing face masks with her.

Most of all she liked to participate in the shows at Victoria's Secret and Saint Laurent.

Valeria loves the island of Bali very much, calls it a dream place. In addition, she adores Brazil, says that her heart is forever there.

To relax, Valeria loves to visit various spas and saunas.

She has a favorite necklace that she never parted with.

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