Stations of Minsk - description

Stations of Minsk - description
Stations of Minsk - description

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, as well as the center of the Minsk region. It is an important transport hub, as well as a center of science, culture and politics. It ranks 10th among EU cities in terms of population. Geographically located almost in the center of the country. Minsk has a well-developed transport network. There are 2 major stations: auto and railway.

The population of Minsk is 1 million 982.5 thousand people, not counting the suburbs. The area of ​​the city is 348.84 km².

Transport Minsk

The capital is the most important transport hub of the Republic of Belarus. Here intersect the central highways, diverging in different directions from the city. Minsk has a modern metro system, as well as an electric train that connects various parts of the city and suburbs. In addition, there are 60 trolleybus, 9 tram and many car taxi routes.

Minsk metro continues to develop. Basically, its cars are of Russian origin. There are 29 metro stations in total, and the total length of the lines is 37.2 km. Also thisimportant railway center of Belarus.

Minsk transport

Minsk railway stations

There are 2 stations in the capital: auto and railway. The first is referred to as the bus station "Minsk", and the second as the railway station "Minsk-Passenger".

Bus station address: Minsk, st. Bobruiskaya, house 6. The distance from the city center is 1, 24 km. Easily accessible by any type of public transport.

Address of the railway station: Minsk, pl. Privokzalnaya, house 3. To the city center from it 1, 38 km.

Thus, both stations are located near the center of the Belarusian capital.

Minsk bus station

After four years of inactivity, the bus station reopened in 2011. Its building consists of five floors.

In the basement there are technical rooms and storage rooms. The most important is the first floor. There is a waiting room, ticket offices, rooms for passengers and station staff. It is partly occupied by a shopping complex, the main part of which is located on the next three floors. The shopping complex includes: a restaurant, shopping establishments, cafes and five beer bars.

Minsk bus station

Train station

It was opened a very long time ago: in 1872. Its first building was wooden. A few years later it was replaced with stone. This happened in 1890. At the same time, a bridge was erected. In 1964, an underground passage was laid instead.

Trains depart daily from Minsk railway stationregional, federal and international following. Inside, the room looks modern and well-groomed. There are a waiting room, a gallery, rest rooms, exchange offices, cash desks, underground passages, kiosks and shops, canteens, pharmacies, a hotel, a post office, a children's entertainment center, a hairdresser's, a billiards club, a bank branch and a first-aid post.

Train Station

Trains run to various cities of Belarus, as well as to other countries: Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Poland, Latvia. Lithuania, Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria. France, the Netherlands, Moldova, Hungary, Switzerland and Kazakhstan.

You can get to Minsk train station from any part of the city.

Provision of services

Minsk railway station provides many services. These include:

  • selling and booking tickets;
  • receipt and storage of goods;
  • organization of recreation, food, entertainment, trade;
  • protection of parked cars, bicycle parking;
  • travel services;
  • advertising services (provision of space).


Thus, there are only 2 stations in Minsk, but they are multifunctional centers where shopping and other establishments are located. This means that waiting for a train or bus will not be boring. This is especially true for vacationers who came to Minsk for the first time. The train station serves a large number of international routes.

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