Croupier - who is this? How to become a croupier? Responsibilities of the croupier

Croupier - who is this? How to become a croupier? Responsibilities of the croupier
Croupier - who is this? How to become a croupier? Responsibilities of the croupier

Casino is a haven of excitement, and the croupier is a guide in the world of the game, luck, passion, on which it largely depends whether the player hits the jackpot. Everyone who has ever been to a real or virtual casino has come across a manager. This person dictates the terms of the game, controls the entire process. The word "croupier" in translation from English (Croupier) means "banker". It is this person who manages the distribution of money during the game.

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The sphere of influence of the croupier in the casino

The duties of the croupier are to organize the game. An experienced dealer, as the croupier is also called, has universal knowledge that helps him work in all areas of the casino. First of all, it is roulette, poker, Black Jack. Depending on the game played by the croupier, he must perform certain actions. In roulette, this is the distribution of chips, the acceptance of bets, the withdrawal of losses from customers, or vice versa - the issuance of winnings. Slightly more functions for the croupier in poker. Here it is important not only to keep track of the chips, the course of the game, but also to distribute cards, prompt the participants in the order of moves, and explain some of the nuances and terms. The performance of official duties by a dealer is, first of all, a complex intellectual work. If skillhands, self-control can be brought up to some extent, then the ability to quickly count and respond to everything that happens is a gift from God.

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Who chooses the profession of a croupier?

Becoming a croupier is a conscious choice of a person. Before deciding to take such a step, you need to weigh the pros and cons. What qualities should a person have to get such a job? The first is the ability to communicate with people. The sociability of the applicant for the position of croupier is checked during the interview. He must be able to adequately get out of the most difficult situations, because such work involves rather harsh conditions. These are both physiological factors related to irregular work schedules, night shifts, enclosed spaces without sunlight, access to fresh air, limited space, and strong psychological pressure.

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The ability to resist irritability, aggression is very useful in the work of the croupier. It is also the need to deal with the feeling of anger and indignation, which necessarily arise in the process of work. The colossal sums of money that customers often spend at the casino with ease and nonchalance in front of the employees of the gaming establishment is a moment that should be taken as part of the workflow.

Interview for a dealer position. What are the milestones?

When hiring, the casino manager evaluates the applicant on many factors. Among them is the appearance of the candidate. Neat appearance, ability to present oneself,Presentability and good manners are very important traits. Without these qualities, it is unlikely that you will be able to go to the next step. After visual assessment, it is time to identify abilities. First of all, these are the intellectual capabilities of a person, his predisposition to mathematics. The croupier must be able to count. And you need to do this quickly, without the help of special tools. All calculations occur in the head and relate to multiplication, summation of two-digit numbers. At the same time, you must not forget to do your immediate work of issuing chips, surrendering multiples, and accepting bets.

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With peripheral vision, the croupier is obliged to monitor what is happening and control each player at his table. An important factor in the selection of a candidate is his ability to easily and naturally handle the attributes of the game. Of course, a specialist acquires these skills over time. But in the hands of the applicant must be a special magical ability to move. The croupier is the face of the casino. Very often, how long the client will play and how much money he will leave in the bank depends on his professionalism. That is why the requirements for candidates are very high.


Interestingly, work experience is not always a priority for employment. Many large casinos prefer to recruit and train beginners on their own. For them, this is an added benefit. The croupier will be trained in accordance with the requirements of this workplace, he will not have to adapt to a new scheme, team, management and rules. Training canlast from a couple of months to six months. Sometimes the casino pays its students a small stipend and allows them to practice as an assistant croupier. This helps to quickly get up to speed and understand all the subtleties and nuances. Most of the students drop out during their studies. Out of a hundred, no more than a dozen people remain who are hired.

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Some potential students are eliminated at the stage of the first testing, which reveals the mathematical abilities and psychological stability of the respondents. Many do not withstand many hours of idle time at the table. And although the croupier's work schedule is not necessarily 10-12 hours a day, besides, there are small breaks, few people can hold out on such a job for more than 5 years. At the same time, this is such a colossal experience, after which another job will seem easy.

Croupier wages

The work of a croupier is considered highly paid. But, as in any profession, there are pitfalls. For example, employees of a casino in the capital, in prestigious establishments, can have quite substantial amounts per month, within the range of 1 thousand dollars and more. Smaller cities are not known for such salaries, and the dealer can expect to earn up to $500. It is worth noting that the official part of this amount is rarely more than the minimum set by the state. The difference is shadow income, which is not taxed, it does not make contributions to the pension fund and he alth insurance.

A person in the position of a croupier cannot boastconstancy and stability of earnings. It relies heavily on bonuses and tips from grateful customers. The dealer is not en titled to take all the bonuses from the player. All tips are summed up and divided among the staff.

Career advancement

If at the beginning of a career in a casino, many are wondering how to become a croupier, then after gaining some experience, specialists are interested in the possibility of further growth. Like any organization, it has its own hierarchy. There is an assistant in the submission of the croupier himself. This is a chipper. He collects chips, puts the cards in a deck. Most often, this position is taken by students who are just undergoing training in the skill of working in the gambling business. The inspector monitors the direct work of the staff and the behavior of customers. He manages several tables. And if the croupier cannot express his attitude towards the negligent client, argue or argue with him, then the inspector has the right to intervene in the conflict situation, involve security or senior management.

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Pit bosses are the people who keep an eye on the inspectors. In large casinos, this position is allocated separately, but in small establishments, this work is performed by managers. Casino manager is the highest position that a hired employee can rise to.

Interesting moments and specifics of the profession

Every job has its own subtleties and peculiarities. For example, a person with ugly hands or tattoos on them will not be hired as a croupier. Leaving the workplace (table), the dealer is obliged to show everyone his hands and what is in them.there is nothing. To avoid possible misunderstandings, the croupier's clothing does not contain pockets or they are pre-sewn. It is also important to be able to behave with different people easily and naturally. Often casino regulars are well-known and we althy people, communication with them should happen naturally, otherwise the croupier will simply not be able to do his job.

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