Chaikovskaya Elena: photo, biography and personal life

Chaikovskaya Elena: photo, biography and personal life
Chaikovskaya Elena: photo, biography and personal life

Chaikovskaya Elena Anatolyevna is an outstanding figure skating coach. She has achieved fantastic results in her long career, but she does not stop there. She has many plans and goals for the coming years.


Elena Anatolyevna was born in 1939 in Moscow. Her family was very creative: both her father and mother worked as actors in the Moscow City Council theater.

Tchaikovsky's mother - Tatyana Golman. She came from an old German family that settled in Russia in the sixteenth century. Before the revolution, it was a prosperous family with a good income (according to Tchaikovsky, they had factories, porcelain factories, several mansions and estates). Father, Anatoly Osipov, was a native Muscovite.

Tchaikovsky's parents played on the same stage with such great artists as Faina Ranevskaya, Rostislav Plyatt, Lyubov Orlova. Theater director Yuri Zavadsky was very protective of his troupe and provided all kinds of support to the artists, especially during the war.

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Chaikovskaya Elena Anatolyevna was born a year and a half before the start of the Great Patriotic Warwar. She lived with her family in Sokolniki, in a tiny room inherited from her mother's relatives.

Because her mother was an ethnic German, she was expelled from the city together with little Lena in 1941. They took me directly from the dacha, without any warning, they did not give me the opportunity to collect things. With a baby in her arms, Tatyana Mikhailovna had to shake for several days in an old train car to get to Kazakhstan. They were settled in Chimkent. This link lasted almost seven years.

Like the rest of the country, they have endured much suffering. They were saved from starvation only by the fact that the mother managed to take with her an old tobacco pouch, in which old gold coins were kept. She traded them for bread. So they managed to hold out until 1947.

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All this time Elena was separated from her father. He stayed in Moscow, performed together with acting teams at the front.

After the Great Victory, the authorities did not raise the issue of the return of Tatiana and Elena. If not for the petition of director Zavadsky, perhaps they would have remained in Kazakhstan. But Yuri Alexandrovich raised all his connections, and at the beginning of 1947, mother and daughter returned to Moscow. True, unknown people lived in their apartment, the family had to crowd in the basement hostel of the theater, which was located not far from the Hermitage garden.

Lena spent a lot of time in the theater with her parents. From morning to evening I followed the rehearsals, and then watched the performances without stopping. She even played a small role in"Brandenburg Gate" and starred with her father in the same film.

Everyone predicted a brilliant career for the girl. Faina Ranevskaya was especially happy for her. But fate turned out quite differently. The illness of Elena Tchaikovsky intervened in the matter. She returned from Kazakhstan with tuberculosis.

Doctors could do almost nothing, but they advised me to start playing outdoor sports. By that time, the Osipovs had moved to Begovaya, to the new home of the Moscow City Council Theatre. Nearby was the stadium of the Young Pioneers, where Tchaikovskaya Elena began to go. Twice a day she had figure skating training. Of course, outdoors. A year later, everyone forgot about the disease.


The years of youth at Tchaikovsky Elena Anatolyevna were extremely eventful. She loved to study, loved figure skating, did not forget about her parents' theater. Everything was always in time, and she liked it. In addition to these activities, Lena was seriously fond of music, played the piano. But the living space of her family did not allow to put this instrument, and the girl often came to visit her friend and neighbor Alexei Shcheglov, the son of Irina Wolf. For hours they sat at the piano and played music. It was in their house that Lena got to know Ranevskaya and other artists who had a huge influence on her.

Sports career

Sport has become the main thing in Lena's life. She quickly gained momentum, improved her technique and began to compete. She was very lucky with her coach. They became Tatyana Tolmacheva, one of the founders of the school of figure skating in ourcountry.

By the age of fifteen, Chaikovskaya Elena, who then bore the surname Osipova (after her father), became a master of sports. She has won national single dance championships three times. At the age of seventeen she became the owner of a gold medal in single skating. After this USSR Championship, Elena decided to put an end to her sports career.

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At the crossroads

How many years Elena Chaikovskaya had to hear about a wrong decision, about an unfair early retirement from sports, only she knows. But the fact remains: at the age of seventeen, the girl was at a crossroads. What to do next? She was even going to enter the Mekhmat, because she loved to study, and she always liked mathematics. But, as always, the case helped. Ice ballet from America came to Moscow on tour. Elena was amazed by what she saw, she was completely delighted. It was then that she had the idea to organize such a show in our country. There was only one but. There were simply no specialists capable of doing such a setup on ice. Then Chaikovskaya decided to enter GITIS.

Higher education

She entered the ballet master department, which she successfully graduated in 1964. Her course was led by People's Artist of the USSR Rostislav Zakharov. The course was very strong, many of her fellow students later became leading choreographers in theaters around the world.

Elena Tchaikovskaya, whose photos began to appear in the newspapers, became the first choreographer for the ice ballet.


After graduation, Elena did not immediately realize her dream of ballet on ice. She became a coach for professional athletes. Since 1964, the girl has been sculpting real champions for her homeland.

T. Tarasova and G. Proskurin became Elena's first serious work experience. When she was twenty-one years old, she came to them as a choreographer. Despite the fact that it was figure skating (dancing on ice), the athletes devoted more time to practicing on the floor. Tarasova recalls that Tchaikovsky taught them completely unfamiliar moves.

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At this time, their coach Viktor Ryzhkin left the couple, and Tchaikovskaya herself began to put on a program for them. That's how she went from choreographer to coach.

In 1965 their first European Championship took place. Later, Tchaikovsky will have other students, and they will bring her an unprecedented triumph, but Elena Anatolyevna will always remember that exit to the ice. Of course, the guys did not win anything, but they began to work even harder and harder.

But then the unexpected happened: Tarasova received a severe shoulder injury and could no longer claim high results. Tchaikovsky has new promising students.

First Champions

Tchaikovskaya became the coach of Pakhomova and Gorshkov in 1967, when they had just become a couple. Initially, the process seemed very difficult - not only the partners, but also the coach got used to it. But soon the first successes appeared and the light of hope dawned.

Given that, in fact, they were the first Sovietdancing couple, their second place at the 1969 World Championships was a real breakthrough. And a year later, Pakhomova and Gorshkov, together with Elena Tchaikovskaya, celebrated their victory in Europe and the world.

Thanks to the coaching and choreographic skills of Chaikovskaya and the diligence and talent of athletes, such a sport as ice dancing has changed dramatically. Emotional folk dances have replaced academic and classical dances. The couple became Olympic champions in 1976.

For her success in working with Pakhomova and Gorshkov, Tchaikovskaya became the Honored Coach of the USSR.

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The coach's next champions were Linichuk and Karponosov. They won the European and World Championships twice, and won gold medals at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics.

Elena Chaikovskaya also contributed to the development of such an athlete as Maria Butyrskaya. Initially, she trained with a student of Elena Anatolyevna Vladimir Kovalev, then with Viktor Kudryavtsev. But she lacked the "ballet" elements that Tchaikovsky helped her to stage.

Butyrskaya became the first world champion (1999) in the post-Soviet period of our country.

Ice performances

In the last years of the Soviet Union, most sports coaches went to the West to work not only on enthusiasm. Elena Anatolyevna remained. Her goal was not to let the existing canons, the traditions of the Russian school of figure skating, fall apart. She stayed at home - to defend the honor and glory of our athletes.

BIn the 80s and 90s, she worked a lot with professional skaters, staging entire performances on ice. A ballet called "Geeks of Russia" was organized, directed by Elena Chaikovskaya. For several years, children have successfully performed at venues in Europe and Russia.

Departing for some time from direct coaching, Tchaikovskaya put on amazing programs for circuses on ice. This creative activity helped her take a different look at figure skating in our country. And, of course, this experience helped her in her work as the head coach of the Russian national team. She held this post until 1998, and quite successfully. Two Winter Olympics ended with brilliant results.

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Tchaikovsky's horse

In 2001, the coach's most cherished dream came true - she was able to open her own figure skating school. She received the name "Tchaikovsky's Horse". Tchaikovskaya had been waiting for this event for twelve years (while the building was being built and the papers were being drawn up).

Elena Chaikovskaya, student children and adult figure skaters (for example, Margarita Drobyazko and Povilas Vanagas) enjoy training there. This school has a clear goal - starting from the basics, the coach brings his athlete to the championship. It is very important that a "bench" appears, since only in conditions of fierce competition do athletes reveal their talents.

More than five hundred people are involved in the sports school. In addition, there is a free group for disabled children, the initiator of whichbecame Elena Chaikovskaya.

The biography (child-athletes have always taken a leading place in it) of this amazing woman allows us to conclude that the coach really cares about her job.

Tchaikovsky's school has already brought up several champions, including Kristina Oblasova and Yulia Soldatova.

Other activities

Elena Chaikovskaya, whose children-students became the first in competitions 11 times, no doubt had a great store of knowledge and thoughts. She decided to share them with the reader. From her pen came three books, where she describes the main points of the education of young skaters. In addition, the coach created a figure skating textbook.

The book "Six points" describes the entire history of this sport in Russia, starting from the nineteenth century.

Chaikovskaya Elena rarely shows political activity. For example, in 2012, she became a confidant of presidential candidate V.V. Putin.

Private life

The personal life of Elena Tchaikovsky is not in the public domain. It is known that she was married twice. With her first husband Andrei Novikov, the heroine of our story was familiar from her youth. They got married when Lena studied at the institute. At twenty-one, she became a mother: the couple had a son, Igor. The son of Elena Tchaikovskaya graduated from the Institute of International Relations.

The second husband of Elena Chaikovskaya turned out to be a sports journalist. Elena was introduced to him by her first husband. This is such a joke of fate. After the competition, he brought a journalist to her for an interview. It turned out to be Anatoly Tchaikovsky, a correspondent fromKyiv.

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The couple got married in 1965. Anatoly moved to Moscow, began to work in the "Soviet Sport". Their marriage was on the verge of collapse several times. Anatoly was too quick-tempered, the fact that he, so to speak, ended up on foreign territory added fuel to the fire. But Elena Chaikovskaya, a biography whose personal life demonstrates all her wisdom, was able to save her family.

Interesting facts

  1. The coach had to go through a terrible ordeal - oncology. She hid it from her family and friends. Having gone through the most difficult operation and therapy, Elena Anatolyevna defeated the disease.
  2. In the sports world, Tchaikovsky was nicknamed Madame for her success, determination and creative attitude to work and life in general.

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