Primorsky village, Feodosia: history and modernity

Primorsky village, Feodosia: history and modernity
Primorsky village, Feodosia: history and modernity

Nowadays, holidays in small seaside villages located near famous Black Sea resorts are in great demand. It's a good place to spend time with the whole family. Good beaches and cheap accommodation make holidays here desirable for many Russians, especially those with children. Such a place is the village of Primorsky. Feodosia is only 15 kilometers away. With modern transportation, getting to popular attractions and entertainment facilities will not be difficult.

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On the sandy shore of the Feodosiya Gulf, 15 kilometers from the ancient and beautiful city of Feodosia, there is the village of Primorsky, in which 12.6 thousand people live. Its location is called the Ak-Monai Isthmus and is the narrowest point between the Crimea and the Kerch Peninsula. This is the largest settlement in the Crimea. The highway M23 Kerch - Simferopol passes through the village of Primorsky to Feodosia.

West of the villagethere is a local celebrity - the drying up s alt lake Adzhigol. Between the lake and the sea passes the main road M17, its section Beregovoe - Primorsky.

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Establishment of a village

Once upon a time there were two villages on the site of the village: Khafuz (Primorsky) and Dalnie Kamyshi. Not far from them, in 1938, the construction of a shipyard and a town for workers and employees began, which at that time was called the South Point. The plant operates to this day, but has a different name - PO "More". This company builds light alloy hydrofoils.

Later, the South point and both villages merged into one village, called Primorsky. In Soviet times, it was actively developing, but the years spent as part of Ukraine made themselves felt: the infrastructure of the village stopped developing, and, most interestingly, people began to leave the village. The statistics speak for it.

In numerous reviews of the village of Primorsky (Feodosia), vacationers speak positively about the rest, however, they complain about poor infrastructure. But life does not stand still, Primorsky is changing for the better from year to year and is becoming increasingly popular.

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Development of Primorsky

Now most of the population of the village is engaged in the provision of tourist services. Primorsky has all the data for the development of tourism: clear sea, excellent sandy beach, a large number of sunny days a year, proximity to Feodosia. Guests who want a quiet andrelaxing holiday by the sea.

The private sector is actively developing to provide housing in the village of Primorsky. Feodosia, located just a few kilometers from the village, serves as a positive incentive for tourists. In recent years, new cafes, eateries, shops have opened.

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Beaches of Primorsky

The sandy shores of the village serve as a continuation of the famous Feodosia Golden Beach. It is made up of sand and crushed shells. Its length from the city of Feodosia to the village of Primorsky is 15 kilometers. The beaches of the village are clean and equipped. The shore of the Feodosia Gulf in these places is flat, with a gentle bottom, which is very convenient for vacationers with children. There are also small-pebble beaches here.

In Primorsky there is a beach called Sandy Balka, which is located quite far from the village. Due to its remoteness, there are few people here, mostly travel lovers who come here by car and with tents. There is no vegetation here, so you should take a large umbrella or awning with you.

You can get there by shuttle bus number 4: after the final stop, walk for about 30 minutes.

Where to stay

As the reviews show, people who once visited the village of Primorsky, Feodosia, continue to come here every year. The village becomes almost native thanks to the locals. They are friendly, welcoming, always welcome guests. Favorable atmosphere, sunny weather and gentle warm sea for a long timememorable vacationers.

Recently, the village is growing, new guest houses, boarding houses, recreation centers appear. It will not be difficult to choose housing according to your needs and adequate cost.

You can rent a detached house or a room in the private sector for the required time. In order not to get into unforeseen situations during the high season, book your accommodation in advance. This can be done by phone, via the Internet or by sending a written request, not forgetting to specify the details: Feodosia, Primorsky, postal code 298176.

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Recently, many catering outlets have opened in the city. Travelers say that the cafe cooks very tasty food, and the prices are several times lower compared to Feodosia.

All boarding houses provide catering services for an additional price. Those who prefer to cook on their own will have no problem with cheap products in the local market or in private stores, of which there has recently become a sufficient number.

Excursions and activities

As we have already emphasized, the main advantages of a holiday in the village are cheap housing, delicious food, inexpensive products on the market and the proximity of Primorsky to Feodosia. You can easily book any excursion at any tour desk. In Feodosia, one of the oldest cities in Crimea, there are many museums and attractions: the Aivazovsky house-museum, the gates of the Genoese fortress, Pushkin's grotto, magnificent squares, parks and fountains. Excursions to Koktebel, Saki, Sudak, Kerch, Y alta andother cities of Crimea.

With children, you can go to the dolphinarium, an amusement park, water, horseback and walking tours, water skiing, motorcycles, hang gliders. For those who like to have fun, there are many bars and cafes. You can leave in the evening for Feodosia and have fun in cooler places.

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