Description of the districts of Saratov: infrastructure and interesting places

Description of the districts of Saratov: infrastructure and interesting places
Description of the districts of Saratov: infrastructure and interesting places

The city of Saratov is located on the banks of the Volga and is a great place to live. It is customary to divide it into 6 districts, each of which has its own interesting places, infrastructure and features. The article will briefly review the description of each district of Saratov.

Volzhsky District

Here is the majority of the monuments and architecturally significant structures of Saratov. The center of the Volzhsky district of Saratov is the Cosmonauts Embankment. Here is the Theater Square - the main one in the city. One of the most visited and favorite places is the park "Lipki". The tallest building in Saratov was built in this area - a residential building with 38 floors. On the top floor there is a panoramic observation deck, from which you can see the city of Saratov from a bird's eye view.

Embankment of Cosmonauts

Factory District

Most of the city's largest factories are located in this area of ​​Saratov. If we compare the cost of housing in the Zavodskoy district with others, we can conclude that housing in the Zavodskoy district is quite cheap. This is due to the fact that there are practically no new buildings and poor ecology due tooperating factories.

Leninsky district

Is the extreme north-western region of Saratov. There are 2 large shopping and entertainment centers here, where people from all over the city come to spend time. The Leninsky district includes several residential microdistricts.

Saratov districts on the map

Frunzensky district

Frunzensky district of Saratov is central. The largest number of shopping and entertainment centers and public buildings of the city are concentrated here. In the Frunzensky district of Saratov there is an indoor market, a circus, a stadium, several cinemas, three theaters, the Oktyabrskoye Gorge sanatorium and the State Conservatory.

October district

October district was formed in 1917. Most of the city's hospitals and polyclinics, 5 universities and a city park, or, as the locals call it, Gorpark, are located here, where you can have a good time and even have a family picnic.

City Park

Kirovskiy district

The largest district of Saratov is the Kirovsky district. Its population exceeds 130 thousand people. There is an international airport and 2 train stations. All the higher military schools of the city, of which there are 3, are concentrated in the Kirovsky district. There is practically no entertainment infrastructure in this area. Local residents note that the Kirovsky district is the most neglected, neglected, gradually becoming a slum.

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