Anna Solovyova: daughter of the legendary couple - Tatyana Drubich and Sergei Solovyov

Anna Solovyova: daughter of the legendary couple - Tatyana Drubich and Sergei Solovyov
Anna Solovyova: daughter of the legendary couple - Tatyana Drubich and Sergei Solovyov

Few people know who Anna Solovieva is. Perhaps because she took the name of her father, who was popular only in her own circles, which cannot be said about her mother. Anna Solovieva is the daughter of Tatyana Drubich, a Russian actress who has more than 30 roles in various films, as well as several film awards in various categories.

Anna Solovieva

Biography and career

When Anya was 5 years old, her parents divorced. The daughter stayed with her mother, but did not stop communicating with her father. From the words of the girl, her parents, even after the divorce, maintained a warm relationship that helped her painlessly endure their breakup.

At the age of 8, Anya already knew how to play the piano. In 1998 she entered the Moscow State College of Musical Art. Chopin, where she studied until 2002. After graduating with honors from this institution, she began to study at the Munich Higher School of Music, where she honed her skills for another 6 years. Upon graduation, she received a bachelor's degree andmaster's degree.

When Anya was 12 years old, she performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater as part of a symphony orchestra.

On the way to Olympus

At the age of 18, Anna Solovieva wrote her first music for the film "About Love". This work later became her hallmark and almost immediately worked in favor of Anya. In the process of creating the first musical work, her father noticed that Anya was already capable of writing professional-level music and suggested that she compose a w altz for the film Anna Karenina, on which he worked. Anya easily wrote a beautiful w altz, and then the entire score for the aforementioned film. The result was a high-quality joint work with the participation of members of the Solovyov family - Drubich:

  • Father is the main director of the picture.
  • Mom - played the main character.
  • Anna - wrote the music.

Since 2002, Anna Solovieva left her native country and went to live, study and work in Germany, while not changing her citizenship, she is still Russian.

Since the age of 20, Solovieva has been touring Europe with numerous concert programs. Together with concert work, she writes music for films and theatrical productions.

Anna Solovieva daughter Drubich

On account of the young composer in the person of Anya, there are many musical works written for both domestic and foreign films.

Anna Solovieva has been repeatedly nominated for various music awards, including:

  • 1st place at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Competition Beethoven;
  • Mozart Award at the Bremen National Piano Competition;
  • scholarships from the Spivakov Foundation and the Krainev Foundation;
  • nominee and finalist of the Russian national film award "Nika" for composer's work;
  • prestigious music award "Triumph".

In 2010, while in Germany, Anna Solovieva received a grant to write music for cartoons, which, according to the girl herself, is much more difficult than writing music for films.

Hollywood career

Since 2013, Solovieva moved to Los Angeles, where she honed her skills for some time, now she works for Hollywood. In the US, she gives concerts and writes music to order.

In the same year, Tatyana Drubich came to Los Angeles to visit her daughter, who to this day helps her in raising her granddaughter. Tatyana Drubich, Sergey and Anna Solovieva in the photo below demonstrate the model of a truly happy family.

Anna Solovieva photo

In an interview, Anya repeatedly mentions that Los Angeles has not become her home and, most likely, never will. She misses Russia and tries to visit her native land as often as possible. Together with her daughter and mother, she flies to Moscow about 3-4 times a year.

Currently, Anna Solovieva does not have a life partner.

Life in the movies

Despite her booming musical career, Solovieva managed to play 4 secondary and episodic roles in the following films:

  • "Black rose is the emblem of sadness, red rose is the emblem of love" (1989);
  • "House understarry sky "- Catherine (1991);
  • "Three sisters" - Masha in childhood (1994);
  • "2_Assa_2" (2009).

She rarely appears in films, but for sure her musical works will be heard more than once from TV screens and not only.

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