Magnetic Mountain: description, history, location and interesting facts

Magnetic Mountain: description, history, location and interesting facts
Magnetic Mountain: description, history, location and interesting facts

Magnitnaya Mountain, or Atach, is a mountain in the Southern Urals, located on the left bank of the Ural River, near the city of Magnitogorsk. The Magnitogorsk iron ore deposit was discovered here, and the mountain was used as a source of raw materials for a long time. Most of it is hidden. At present, the highest point of the peak of Mount Magnitnaya is 616 meters. What is this mountain object? What does he represent? Where is Magnetic Mountain located? What is the history of mountain exploration and the discovery of iron ore deposits? What is the mysterious side of the mountain? Ancient legends associated with Mount Atach. This amazing and mysterious mountain of the Southern Urals will be discussed in the article.

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Legend of Magnetic Mountain

The Bashkirs have a legend associated with this mountainous area. There was such a batyr Atach, and he was brave and brave. Somehow he got bored of wandering through the mountains and valleys of his native land, and he decided to find out that where the sun rises.He got up and rode east. Suddenly, a huge mountain stood in front of him, which had several peaks. She lay down like a giant camel with many humps. He galloped to the mountain and froze: she impressed him so much. Its peaks were not visible, it was so high. But then the batyr saw a herd of wild goats, he fired an arrow into the herd, but when it flew up to the mountain, it fell right on the boulder, as if it had been pulled by an unknown force. Atach galloped for his arrow. Approaching the block, he felt as if something was drawing him to it. He stuck to the stone along with his horse and turned himself into a stone block. Since then, the mountain has been nicknamed Atach, in honor of the batyr.

Description of the mountain

Magnitnaya Mountain is a combination of several mountains: Magnetic (Uzyanka), Far, Atach, Berezovaya, Yezhovka. The area of ​​the mountain complex is approximately 25 square kilometers.

The mountain is located in a band of sandstones and limestones of the Lower Carboniferous age. The strata of sedimentary rocks are intruded by volcanic rocks (diabases and granites). At the contact of igneous rocks with sedimentary deposits of magnetic iron ore were formed.

Peaks of Magnetic Mountain

A Cossack Magnitnaya station developed near the mountain, which was founded in 1743 as a supporting fortress of the Orenburg line. In the Soviet years, the city of Magnitogorsk and a metallurgical plant were built.

Unusual mountain and discovery of ore deposits

Magnetic Mountain has always been considered very unusual and mysterious by people. Such superstitious ideas are connected with the fact that the reserves of magnetic iron ore, with which sherich, made themselves known. Even in ancient times, villagers noticed that almost no animals live on the mountain, birds fly around it.

Now, of course, such strange behavior of animals is understandable - they are very susceptible to magnetic waves and magnetic radiation, but in those days, people, seeing such a strange behavior of animals and birds, got scared and tried to bypass the mountain.

Many years later, when compasses were already in the arsenal of man, it turned out that in the immediate vicinity of the mountain, the compass needle deviates. Thus, one of the world's largest deposits of magnetic iron ore was discovered, at the same time the mountain got its name - Magnetic. The development of the deposit began almost immediately, and in 1930 a large city, Magnitogorsk, was built nearby, and industrial mining of iron ore began.

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How the deposits were developed

In 1747, geologists, on the orders of the industrialist Tverdyshev I.B. conducted a study of the mountain, the purpose of which was to determine whether there was enough ore for the construction of an iron ore plant. In 1752, Tverdyshev filed a petition with the office of the Orenburg province to assign him a deposit on Mount Atach.

The first professional explorers of Mount Magnitnaya were E. Hoffmann and G. Gelmersen in 1828.

However, it is worth noting that the Bashkirs mined ore in ancient times and used it to make weapons.

In 1752, the office of the Orenburg province issued a permit, according toto which Myasnikov and Tverdyshev had the right to develop the mine. The construction of the plant began, which subsequently carried ore from the Magnetic Mountain.

In 1759, the first delivery of raw materials to the plant took place. The ore was mined in a very primitive way: in the summer it was collected on the surface, piled in heaps, and in the winter it was taken out with the help of a sled.

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works was opened in 1931. A railway was built, the rock was loaded into trains and delivered to the metallurgical plant. In the same year, industrial ore mining began. By the end of the year, its volumes amounted to about 6 tons of ore per day.

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Before the start of the war, the mine produced about 50 million tons of ore. During the war years, it was the main iron ore base of the entire country. The main part of the mine team at that terrible time consisted of teenagers.

In 1979, the 500 millionth ton of iron ore was mined. But gradually, production moved from Mount Magnitnaya to Maly Kuibas, the volume of production here fell to 1 million tons per year.

Monument to the Mining Mine

In 1971, the anniversary of the extraction of the first ton of ore from the Magnitogorsk mine, a monument dedicated to its 40th anniversary was unveiled on top of the mountain. It is an excavator bucket with a block of ore. At the base of the monument are two blocks of iron ore.

Secrets of Magnetic Mountain

Secrets of Magnetic Mountain

The mountain is a symbol of the city, it gave people all its treasures and we alth, and when it retired,local historians and archaeologists began to study it.

A map of the constellations was found here on rock inclusions. Archaeologists suggest that there once existed an ancient city similar to the city of Arkaim. It is assumed that there was an ancient temple and an observatory. It is possible that the mountain was closely connected with the city of Arkaim, since they are located very close to each other.

If you look at Magnetic Mountain from above, it looks like a silhouette of a lying person. The mountain is considered a special place of power, numerous legends and traditions are associated with it, some of them resemble the exploits of Hercules.

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Currently, local historians and archaeologists are trying to get the status of a natural reserve for the mountain and begin full-scale archaeological research.

Who knows what secrets this amazing, interesting, rich and mysterious mountain Magnitnaya still holds.

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