Burshtynska TPP, Ukraine

Burshtynska TPP, Ukraine
Burshtynska TPP, Ukraine

Burshtynska TPP is a large export-oriented thermal power plant in western Ukraine. The station includes 12 power units, the design capacity of the enterprise is 2400 MW. Part of DTEK Zakhidenergo.

Burshtynska TPP

Historical background

The construction of the Burshtynskaya TPP began in the early 60s in order to provide energy to the western regions of the Ukrainian SSR and export large volumes to the countries of Eastern Europe. The first 200-megawatt unit was put into operation in 1965. Over the next 4 years, another 11 power units of the same capacity were put into operation. The total capacity of the TPP was 2400 MW.

Characteristics of the enterprise

The main fuel for the Burshtyn TPP is gas coal. Its share in the fuel balance of generating production is 98.4%. The share of gas and fuel oil in the production of electricity is about 1.6%. They are used at thermal power plants to ignite coal. More than 3,000 people work at the station and in contractors performing various repairs.

To provide the power plant with technical water on the river. Rotten Linden, a cooling pond with an area of ​​1260 hectares was created. Such large volumes of waterheated thermal power plants create a favorable microclimate in the district. The reservoir is a popular recreation area in the area, where fish are farmed on an industrial scale.

where is Burshtynska TPP

Where is the Burshtyn TPP

The thermal power plant is located in the Galich region, in the north of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The nearest large settlement is the city of Burshtyn. The enterprise is connected with the regional and district centers, as well as major highways by a railway line and highways. Burshtynskaya TPP address: 77111, Ukraine, region. Ivano-Frankivsk, town. Burshtyn, st. Central, bldg. 23.

Energy exports

In 1995, a program was launched to integrate a number of power plants in Western Ukraine into the common European energy system of the EU UCTE. This is due to the excess capacity within the Ukrainian energy system and the desire to simplify the export of electricity. The association, consisting of Burshtyn TPP, Tereblya-Rikskaya HPP and Kalushskaya TPP, was named Burshtyn Energy Island. Its entry into the EU UCTE took place on July 1, 2002. In addition to Ukrainian consumers, electricity is supplied to residents of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and other countries.

Burshtynska TPP address

Environmental Issues

Although harmful emissions have been significantly reduced in recent years, the Burshtynska TPP is still the main source of pollution in the region. Hazardous to he alth are gaseous emissions, especially sulfur dioxide. In 2008, 217,800 tons of hazardous substances entered the atmosphere. Of which:

  • 179700 tons of sulfur dioxide;
  • 25300 tons of solids;
  • 11500 tons of nitrogen dioxide;
  • 1100 tons of carbon monoxide.

Despite the environmental danger to the surrounding settlements, the thermal power plant remains the main taxpayer in the area. As part of the improvement of the state of the environment, significant funds are allocated for the administration of Burshtyn. This money is used for the reconstruction of sewer networks, the purchase of equipment for public utilities, landscaping the streets and other environmental activities needed by the city.

The environmental situation is constantly monitored by the factory environmental protection department. The large-scale replacement of electrostatic precipitators carried out at thermal power plants over the past eight years has made it possible to significantly reduce the amount of harmful emissions. In addition, the station is currently operating at less than half of its capacity, with only 4-5 power units out of the existing 12 being permanently used.

Burshtynska TPP strike


DTEK Zakhidenergo is carrying out a phased modernization of power units. In 2015-2016, all twelve production facilities were scheduled to be repaired at the TPP. In 2015, about UAH 400 million was spent on repairs. However, the debt of the state company Energorynok to the thermal power plant for the generated electricity in 2016 amounted to UAH 1.1 billion, which covers the costs.

The last unit repaired by power engineers in 2015 was No. 7, it is already included in the power grid. Measures to restore the operability of the main and auxiliary equipmentstarted on October 29, 2015. This power unit has been in operation for half a century. In 2012, it was reconstructed, a significant amount of work was carried out to replace the thermal mechanical and electrical equipment.

The need to repair power unit No. 7 at this stage was due to the completion of work on the restoration of the design scheme of the unit's powder systems. The performance of some work on the repair of equipment made it possible to optimize the fuel regime of the boiler, which ensured the necessary performance of the powder systems during the operation of power equipment in the winter.

The measures taken and the introduction of some changes in the technological process made it possible to abandon the use of expensive reserve fuel - gas and fuel oil. Since 2012 (since privatization), DTEK has invested more than $180 million in the renewal and modernization of equipment at the Burshtynskaya station.


In February 2017, there was a strike at the Burshtynska TPP. This is the first time in the history of the station. The reason was unsatisfactory working conditions and extremely low wages for the industry. The workers demanded a one-third increase in wages and the return of previously withdrawn allowances.

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