Deputy of the Stavropol and State Dumas Alexander Ishchenko

Deputy of the Stavropol and State Dumas Alexander Ishchenko
Deputy of the Stavropol and State Dumas Alexander Ishchenko

Ishchenko Alexander Nikolaevich is a doctor of science in the economic sphere, holds the title of professor, but his active work as a people's choice brought him fame. He was a deputy of the Stavropol and State Dumas.


Alexander Ishchenko - a native of the village of Russky (Stavropol Territory, Kursk district). Date of birth - 07/09/1959. After graduating from the Terek Agricultural College in 1978, he was drafted into the Armed Forces of the USSR.

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After demobilization, he worked for nine years in his native Kursk district of Stavropol. He was a collective farm machine operator, became the chief engineer at a large transport enterprise.

1989 met Ishchenko as a director at one of the Kogalym enterprises in the construction industry. Four years later, he was entrusted with the post of general director in the North Caucasian branch of Lukoil. Until 1992, Alexander Nikolayevich was a student at the Stavropol Agricultural Institute, until 2003 - at the North Caucasian State Technical University.

Later he studied at the Russian Academycivil service under the President of Russia, defended his Ph.D. thesis on the models and methods of managing a trading and intermediary company.

Since 2003, Alexander Ishchenko has been a deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Georgievsky single-mandate 54th constituency. He joined the Duma Committee on Nature Management from United Russia. He was elected to the State Duma and to the next, fifth convocation.

About awards

Ishchenko Alexander has a Certificate of Honor from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for achievements in the fuel and energy complex (2001), a letter of gratitude from the head of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (2006), a Certificate of Honor from the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (2008), a Certificate of Honor from the Russian President (2011).

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Since 2009, he has been an honorary professor at the North Caucasus State Technical University, and since 2012, he has been a laureate of the government state award in science and technology.

Alexander Ishchenko received the title of laureate of the state award for participation in the development and industrial implementation of innovative scientific, methodological and technological solutions in the process of creating oil transport communications in the northern seas.

Parliamentary activity

Two convocations in the State Duma allowed us to provide good support for our native Stavropol Territory. Ishchenko Alexander paid much attention to the development of the eastern Stavropol territories. He took a direct part in the development of investment programs, according to which, since 2003, the Stavropol Territory has received more than 405 million rubles from the state budget, as well as 390 millionallocated to the eastern territories by the regional budget.

Ishchenko Alexander Nikolaevich

These funds were enough to build and reconstruct the buildings of two polyclinics (the cities of Georgievsk and Zelenokumsk). Each polyclinic is designed to receive five hundred visitors.

The construction of the Zelenokumsky bridge, two schools (the village of Russkoe, Kursk district and the village of Zelenaya Roshcha, Stepnovsky district) were completed. Several villages and settlements in Georgievsky district have got gas and centralized water supply.

In the fourth convocation of the State Duma, Ishchenko served as deputy chairman of the environmental committee. He was a member of the Duma Commission on the North Caucasus, took part as a co-author in 17 bills on environmental issues.

Work in the Stavropol Duma

Since 2012, Alexander Ishchenko was elected to the Duma of Stavropol (fifth convocation), where his competence included environmental issues, the development of the eastern territory of the region and the Kavminvod region.

In 2015, he participated in the work on 150 bills. The topics of these bills were budgetary and tax policy, reform in local self-government bodies, development of housing and communal services and land relations.

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The Legislative Committee actively worked on the issues of ensuring the he alth care system, improving education, culture, sports, social protection of the vulnerable segments of the population.

The deputy actively participated in the work on the law concerning children of war, which provides for the growth of socialpayments and increased benefits. The Committee of the Stavropol Duma on Security, veteran organizations, and the Cossacks were involved in this problem.

The residents of the village of Kevsala warmly thanked the deputy, where with his help the water supply system leading to the building of the rural outpatient clinic was repaired, and a major overhaul of this building was organized as part of the Stavropol Territory program to modernize the he althcare system.

Preparing for elections

In March of this year, Alexander Ishchenko, together with another deputy of the regional Duma, Elena Bondarenko, sent documents to participate in the primaries organized by the United Russia party. Parliamentarians intend to fight for nomination to the State Duma in the Georgievsky single-mandate constituency of Stavropol.

In the media in June, the results of the primaries for Nevinnomyssky constituency No. 66 were summed up, where Ishchenko won, 52.72 percent of the vote was cast for him.

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