Ksenia Ponomareva: children, fitness, championship

Ksenia Ponomareva: children, fitness, championship
Ksenia Ponomareva: children, fitness, championship

Almost every girl who has become a mother thinks about how to lose weight and get in shape after childbirth, how to find strength and motivation for daily household chores, and is it even possible to combine sports and hoopoe with children? Perhaps an example of this is Ksenia Ponomareva, mother of four children and a titled fitness athlete.

Biography and personal life

Ksenia Ponomareva was born in Kerch on June 30, 1980. After graduating from a sewing school, Ksenia went to conquer Moscow and got a job at the Fashion House of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. She shared all the difficulties and joys of the metropolitan metropolis with her beloved young man Alexander. But one day a misfortune happened: Alexander did not return from work one evening. A couple of days after the search, he was found dead in one of the parks. Ksenia did not know how to survive everything that had happened, because some time after the death of her beloved, the girl found out that she was pregnant. Son Sasha became the meaning of life and a beacon for Xenia. Soon, an influential admirer appeared in the girl's life, who not only became a father to Sasha, but also gave Ksenia Ponomareva a daughter, Lisa. But this time, family happiness was also broken, now about the man's excessive piety.

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According to Ksenia, love was over once and for all, until Boris appeared in life. Relations were friendly and developed gradually. The result of their story is twin daughters and a strong family full of children's voices.

Now Ksenia Ponomareva brings up children, trains and trains, and also runs her own clothing line.

Fitness & Titles

Ksenia has been involved in sports since early childhood. The habit of a he althy diet, as well as physical activity, led her to sports. Fitness for Ksenia Ponomareva has become an integral part of life, and her current husband Boris is great support in this. It was he who then gave Xenia the go-ahead to prepare for bodybuilding competitions. Accidental participation in the first competition brought her immediately second place. The most significant and notable competitions for the athlete were held in 2015. It was at this time that Ksenia Ponomareva became the Champion of Russia in the "fitness bikini" category and took the "bronze" at the World Championships. It should be noted that Ksenia won both titles at the age of 35, having four children.

Advice for young mothers from Ksenia Ponomareva

Looking at Ksenia, one can only admire her figure, which, by the way, has the classic parameters of 90-60-90. However, for an athlete, this is not at all fantastic, but simply the norms and rules of nutrition and training, which any woman with children can do. A girl who trained before pregnancy immediately thinks about exercising "in position", whether they are needed or not. On the advice of Ksenia, you can and should train if there are no categoricaldoctor's contraindications. Use very light dumbbells. If the soul does not lie in the gym, then walking and swimming pool will serve as an alternative, which Ponomareva used when she was pregnant. You also need to be careful about food. It is important not to overeat and not to abuse sweet, starchy foods during pregnancy. The nutrition of Ksenia herself consists of almost all the products that she eats, but strictly until 18:00. The athlete allows herself sweets, but only until noon. As the day progresses, she smoothly switches to only protein foods.

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The birth of a child is accompanied by general care for the newborn, and this is normal. Ksenia advises to try to plan your day, as she does herself. Between household chores and taking care of children, she manages to train herself. Girls are often stopped by the inability to go to the gym, but, according to Ksenia, this is not a problem at all, and you can train at home completely by doing simple basic exercises. And, of course, remember to eat. If a person sets a goal for himself and is disciplined in the matter of training and nutrition, then he will be able to enjoy the reflection in the mirror, being a loving mother of many children.

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