A phenomenon is a person's belief in the immortality of the soul

A phenomenon is a person's belief in the immortality of the soul
A phenomenon is a person's belief in the immortality of the soul

In the process of evolution, man has learned to equip his life and has achieved incredible success in this direction. But it seems that in the pursuit of visible results of labor, he missed something very important. For various reasons (political, religious, useless, etc.), the unprecedented possibilities of the human body remained unclaimed. As a result, over time, people forgot about them and forgot how to use them. Most likely, the abilities would have remained oblivious if it were not for the amazing, but extremely rare manifestations of the outstanding talents of individual individuals who are in the center of everyone's attention. In such cases, it is customary to say: a phenomenon. This phenomenon is really rare. And when people come into contact with him, sometimes they just don't know what to do.

Phenomenon is

In the Italian town of Lesse lives Giulia Pifagetti. The girl in her district became famous for the fact that the money with which she pays for purchases turns into ordinary pieces of paper in two weeks. In her hometown, no one wants to do business with her, so Julia goes shopping to places where she is not known. The police arrested Julia several times for fraud. But the guardians of the law did not know what to incriminate the girl, because sheclaims that he inspires ordinary pieces of paper … that they are money. She seems to be doing well.

This is a phenomenon, or hypnosis - experts will decide. However, deep down, the vast majority of people would like to turn blank paper leaves into real banknotes. However, everyone can try to cultivate in themselves such a phenomenon of a person who is able to inspire his thoughts to others. The main thing, while training is going on, is not to end up in compulsory treatment with people in white coats…

Surely you have seen on TV or read in the press about people-magnets. It is difficult to find a practical application for these abilities, but the phenomenon, you see, is curious. However, the phenomenon is not only unusual abilities.

human phenomenon

For truly highly spiritual people who know what the meaning of being is, unusual abilities are a phenomenon that corresponds to the norm. According to the laity, they work a miracle, for them it is a phenomenon. Cultures and religions of different peoples in all ages have had evidence of inexplicable, from the point of view of science, human abilities. Seraphim of Sarov, for example, like many Orthodox saints, could float in the air at the time of the treatment of the patient. Although contemporaries are more accustomed to associate the concept of levitation with Eastern religions.

It is they, the saints, who know the secret of immortality. Moreover, it lies not only in the memory of the people and is not explained only by the eternal life of the human soul. The physical body of the saints is imperishable, it does not die in the meaning generally accepted for secular people.

cultural phenomenon

For example, scientiststhose who examined the body of the Buryat saint lama Itigelov, only shrug their hands: the brain of this person gives signals, which means that he cannot be called dead. And this despite the fact that the body of the buried lama was dug up incorruptible after 78 years, and since September 2002 it has been in the Ivolginsky datsan. Anyone can see this phenomenon with their own eyes.

I must say that any phenomenon is not just a phenomenon inexplicable by science, but in some cases - people's faith and hope for the immortality of the soul.

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