Vladislav Tretyak: biography, photo, family

Vladislav Tretyak: biography, photo, family
Vladislav Tretyak: biography, photo, family

The famous Soviet hockey player Tretiak Vladislav Aleksandrovich, whose biography will be briefly described in this article, is a three-time Olympic champion and a ten-time world champion, thanks to which he is inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records. It doesn't matter that his career ended more than a quarter of a century ago, he still remains the most famous hockey player in the world and the idol of millions of fans.

Tretiak Vladislav Alexandrovich biography

The beginning of the journey (numbers that speak volumes)

Vladislav Tretyak, whose photo you can see in our article, was born on April 25, 1952 in the Moscow region. He was an athletic child, and following the example of his older brother, he became interested in swimming, and then diving.

From the age of 11, Vladislav started playing hockey at the CSKA sports school. There he was trained by Vladimir Efimov, who was replaced in 1967 by Anatoly Tarasov. In 1968, he made his debut in a match against Spartak as part of the CSKA team. And in 1969, in a match with Finland, he already played in the national team.

Imagine - the great goalkeeper played inchampionships of the Soviet Union 482 matches! He played 117 games at the World Championships and the Olympic Games, participated 11 times in Canada Cup tournaments, was the best hockey player in the USSR five times and three times in Europe. Four times a talented athlete was recognized as the best goalkeeper in world championships.

Love and sports

International Fan Federation named him the best goalkeeper of the 20th century. Vladislav Tretyak, at the age of 17, was already at the gates of the USSR national team - this, by the way, is an unprecedented precedent in the history of world hockey! And for 10 years in a row, the coaches brought him to every match, because Vladislav was considered absolutely indispensable. The goalkeeper himself says with a smile that his wife helped him to be at his best all the time.

Vladislav Tretiak biography

A lot of letters are stored in Tretyakov's house in old shabby envelopes. Vladislav's wife collected them for a long 12 years, while her husband was at sports camps or competitions. And the hockey player himself re-read them before each match, because he so needed the warmth, love and support that were stored in these letters written by his beloved woman.

How Vladislav Tretiak and his wife met

By the way, at one time this couple was married in the old fashioned way, behind the back. Mom’s friend praised young Tanya so much that Vladislav eventually realized that he couldn’t get away from this girl, and agreed to meet her. Although at that time he was, in general, not up to novels - the Olympics were approaching in Scarborough.

Vladislav Tretiak photo

By the way, on her first date, Tanya is veryshe was late because she did not have time to catch the train, because of which Vladislav had to wait for her for an hour, standing on the square of three stations. The girl was very worried, because she did not know what the guy who so diligently wooed her looked like. But Vladislav Tretyak, seeing such a pretty girl, decided that he would be with her all his life.

The family is getting bigger

The wedding was played a month later. After the wedding ceremony, the young hockey player went to the training camp, although his thoughts were, of course, very far from sports. And, probably, that's why in the last game he missed as many as 9 goals! By the way, this was observed by representatives of the NHL, who decided unambiguously that they had a real “hole” in front of them. Such a conclusion will cost them dearly in the future, because in future games Tretyak will show a real miracle of goalkeeping art.

Vladislav Tretyak and his wife

As expected, 9 months after the wedding, the first-born, Dmitry, appeared in the family. Vladislav celebrated the birth of his son widely with all his teammates (thank God that they did not have training camps then!). And in 1977, another child appeared in the family - daughter Irinka. But at that time Vladislav Tretyak was in America, and when he received a telegram, the Americans immediately brought booze and ice cream cake to his room. But since the goalkeeper was supposed to play the next day, the feast did not work out.

Being the wife of a famous hockey player is also a talent

In her interviews, Tatyana Tretyak often says that being a celebrity wife is a lot of work, because she put her whole life intoto learn not to be jealous of her husband for hockey (although the goalkeeper's wife laughs that she has not figured out hockey). But she learned something else - to make her husband always want to be at home, because there he will find his wife’s delight and her words: “You are the best!”

By the way, in the 70s Vladislav Tretyak, whose biography is presented to your attention, was a real idol of the nation, and from all over the vast country he received bags of letters from enthusiastic admirers. Every second woman confessed her love, claiming that she dreams of giving birth to a child and becoming a faithful wife. Probably, only a wise woman could take this calmly, accepting endless confessions with a smile.

By the way, such families have only two options - either live as neighbors under the same roof, and then leave, or make the man always want to return to his nest, because he knows that they will understand him there and console. It was such a nest that Tatyana's wife managed to create for Vladislav. When Tretyak decided to leave the sport in 1984, she was incredibly glad that they would finally begin to live together as an ordinary family.

But, alas, her joy was premature, as Vladislav soon received an offer to become a children's coach in Chicago. And the family began to live now in 2 countries - 2 weeks at home, 2 weeks in America.

Vladislav Tretyak family

Vladislav Tretiak: the family is getting bigger

By the way, Tretyak's son Dmitry did not follow in his father's footsteps - he became a dentist, got married, and in October 1996 becamefather of a son Maxim. The proud grandfather immediately declared that he would definitely make an excellent hockey player out of his grandson. And his words came true to some extent, since now Maxim is also a hockey goalkeeper and plays in the CSKA team, and in 2014 he was accepted into the Russian team.

As Vladislav says, Maxim shows great promise, he is very hardworking and, of course, in love with the game (although, of course, the grandson often gets nuts from the famous grandfather, because Tretiak Sr. is the toughest critic of Tretiak's game- Jr.).

And Vladislav's daughter Irina, having graduated from the Institute of International Trade and Law, became a lawyer. In August 2001, her daughter Anya was born, and in September 2006, another one, Masha. That's how the Tretiaki became grandparents three times.

Vladislav Tretiak

Tretyak: "I don't like to lose too much!"

Now Vladislav Tretyak serves as president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, and in addition, he is a member of the State Duma. As the famous hockey player himself says: “Any victory is achieved not only with talent, but also with great work. I don’t like to lose, and that’s probably why everything in my life turned out this way and not otherwise.”

There are very few famous athletes in the world who managed to survive and remain in the same demand after their brilliant life in sports. And Tretiak did it! His life is full, rich, he is still open for communication and for new achievements. “I am a very happy person,” says Tretiak, and, apparently, he does not prevaricate!

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