Justice is a value regulated by social norms

Justice is a value regulated by social norms
Justice is a value regulated by social norms

Quite a simple and obvious concept, such as justice, is always interpreted in different ways, even the Ukrainian people have their own saying that every hut has its own truth! There are disputes, there is a struggle, especially between political parties. Justice is a very sensitive topic that requires a careful and balanced approach so as not to offend or infringe on anyone's rights and interests.

social justice is

Justice is legality, this is the translation of the word “justitia” from the Latin language, which is supported by the symbol of Themis blindfolded, holding scales in her hands. Naturally, justice is the inalienable rights of an individual, social groups regarding their position in society, a certain balance between their social rights and obligations that they must also fulfill. In case of discrepancy, it is already assessed as unfair.

Western philosophy and psychology is more individualistic, each person cares about his own comfort, prioritizes personal goals and desires, respectively, heself-identification occurs on the basis of one's own needs. While traditional Eastern philosophy promotes and favors collective values. There, the individual identifies himself as part of society, only then he considers his interests.

The topic of social justice is extremely relevant in society and requires discussion, not silence. For a constructive conversation, it is necessary to define specific requirements for all social institutions, both economic and political, in order to get as close as possible to the ideal of social justice. First of all, institutional changes are needed, which are very important, only then the principle of justice will be viable.

justice is The first step is political modernization. The formation of a deliberately new political culture among the participants and a directly new quality of the participants in this political process. Finally, such mandatory criteria as responsibility, courage and honesty should appear, it is necessary at least sometimes to remember the interests and rights of voters.

An important point is the social activity of the intelligentsia, only then can we overcome social apathy, indifference and social disunity, the intelligentsia should not stand aside and watch in silence.

The second step is concrete institutional changes to reduce social inequality. The main threat is that the social stratification itself is already obvious, the division of the country into two parts, where the majority livesbad, and the second part, the so-called elite, defiantly do not deny themselves anything, giving rise to questions about what income they use to buy luxury goods.

The third step is a fair public assessment of the merits of the activities of each member of society. For example, pension reform is one of the criteria for assessing social justice. Raising the prestige of a number of professional castes is also social justice, and not the desire of every second person to be a politician, a thief in law or an oligarch.

The fourth step is social justice in the framework of world globalization. It is important to maintain a balance of interests between all states and nations, not to expose all kinds of modern weapons and to maintain peace on Earth.

principle of justice

Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that saving his people is the main task of the Russian state. And the basis of savings is only social justice.

It is important to know that social justice is the power that consolidates and unites the people of our country. In the absence of national consolidation and consent, there may be talk of development and modernization in society. The basis of justice is the fruit of the efforts of the joint labor of people.

In order to finally define this concept, let's quote the famous American psychologist, who said that justice is the ratio of a person's contribution to his income, that is, the second should be proportional to the first, and this is fair. It is important to note that this income is not equal to the incomeneighbor or other individual.

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