Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev: biography, photo

Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev: biography, photo
Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev: biography, photo

Mikhail Degtyarev is a prominent Russian politician who has earned great respect and became a State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party. This man is quite a multifaceted personality, and he has reached great heights despite his young age.

Mikhail Degtyarev

Birth and family

Who is Mikhail Degtyarev? His biography dates back to 1981. He was born in a small town in the Novosibirsk region, called Kuibyshev. His father and mother dedicated their entire lives to medicine. Papa was a surgeon and practicing obstetrician-gynecologist, who has taken more than fifty thousand women in labor in the history of his work. And my mother is a doctor of the highest category. Parents very often left for work, so the boy lived for a long time with his grandfather, whom he loved immensely.

Education of Mikhail Degtyarev

Mikhail Degtyarev paid great attention to his education. Perhaps that is why he has achieved so much. At the age of 17, he graduated from the international lyceum of the city of Samara, by the way, with honors. In the same year he entered the State Aerospace University in his native city. In 2004, he received the speci alty of an engineer, and in 2005 alreadybecame a manager. After 8 years, he again entered the Moscow Institute of World Civilizations. At this university, he studied law. It is worth noting that Degtyarev is a very multifaceted personality, which is why at the age of 34 he reached quite serious heights.

Mikhail Degtyarev biography

Life and Events

What did Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR) achieve? The biography of the deputy is filled with various events. From the beginning of the 2000s, Mikhail was already an active person and participated in various youth movements. He always stood out from the crowd with his actions and desire for development, organizational skills, and determination. And so it happened, he began to achieve his goals. Already in 2001, he was offered the post of chairman of one of the popular youth movements in Samara. He was just over twenty, and he had already reached heights that many could only dream of. Two years later, Degtyarev managed to join one of the most promising parties called United Russia.

"Youth unity" - the movement of young people of this party. And Michael spent about two years as a leader here. There is also a parliament at the Samara Duma, where he was one of its employees in those years. And in the spring of 2004 he was already appointed vice-chairman. The career of a young guy developed rapidly, which he was very happy about, because he aspired to this. In the same year, Mikhail Degtyarev already becomes a deputy of the City Duma of the city of Samara. He is a very hardworking and smart person. He wrote more than twenty-five technical and economic publications during his years.Mikhail is fluent in English.

Since 2005, Degtyarev's career has gone uphill even more. He is very lucky. Yu. Kogan, who at that moment was looking for a new coordinator and had heard enough about the person of Degtyarev, immediately made him an offer to go to this place. In winter, Mikhail has already become a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. And after that he was even more fortunate, since Zhirinovsky himself made him his assistant. In April 2006, Degtyarev finally became the coordinator. In the fall of 2006, Mikhail served as chairman of he alth care, and was also a member of the culture and sports committees. Six months later, Degtyarev became an LDPR deputy from the city of Samara. After two years of hard work, Mikhail again climbs the career ladder and is part of the personnel reserve of V.V. Putin. In 2013, he took part in the election of the mayor of the capital of Russia, where he scored about three percent. Since he graduated from the Aviation Institute, in 2013 the President appointed him an employee of a special state commission that deals with aviation issues. Mikhail Degtyarev is now such an important political person that even Switzerland and Canada have put him on the list of sanctions.

Mikhail Degtyarev LDPR biography


Mikhail Degtyarev met his future wife Galina in Samara. He immediately fell in love with the girl and did many things to win the heart of his beloved. Soon the lovers got married. In 2011, they finally moved to Moscow, where Mikhail was able to work in the State Duma, and his wife to do business. Now young spouses are raisingthree children - sons.

Awards and certificates

Mikhail Degtyarev is a deputy who, at the age of 34, has already done a lot for the country, for which he received a large number of various awards. The Ministry of Defense presented the politician with a medal for his help in the return of Crimea. Vladimir Putin also did not disregard the person of Degtyarev and presented him with a medal for conscientious public service. Mikhail also received a letter of thanks from the president for his services, as a result of which the legal rights of citizens have expanded.

Mikhail Degtyarev deputy

Initiatives and innovations

Mikhail Degtyarev is a promising deputy, thanks to whose innovations, together with other politicians, our country does not stand still. On his initiative, a law was developed on maternity capital, which is provided for the birth of a child. Degtyarev even took care of the youth by creating a law on the installation of Wi-Fi on the territory of Russian universities, for which you do not need to pay. This innovation came into force in the winter of 2013, a few days before Valentine's Day. He raised the topic of the ban on the American currency in Russia, explaining this as a manifestation of concern for the savings of ordinary Russian citizens. Worried about what is happening, Mikhail Degtyarev suggested sending Ukrainian servicemen who ended up in Russia to work, because this is the only way such people can live in our country together with the Russians.

Mikhail Degtyarev photo

Conclusion about deputy Mikhail Degtyarev

Such people, who have achieved these peaks with their work and knowledge, just have toto be in our state and contribute to its development. Mikhail Degtyarev is probably one of those people. This is a man of strong will who is ready to work for the good of the country. After all, not everyone at that age is moving forward, precisely because of their efforts. This is a young, intelligent and promising deputy who is able to take the place of even Zhirinovsky himself. You can see what Mikhail Degtyarev looks like - the photos are presented in the article, even they show honesty and sincerity in his eyes.

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