Actor Mikhail Efremov: filmography, biography and personal life

Actor Mikhail Efremov: filmography, biography and personal life
Actor Mikhail Efremov: filmography, biography and personal life

Perhaps, this is one of the most charismatic actors of modern Russian cinema. Actor Efremov Mikhail has a unique ability to win over the audience of absolutely any age and gender. Thanks to his unsurpassed talent, he was invited, invited and will be invited to shoot films, television shows, programs and programs. Mikhail Efremov is one of the few star children who managed to earn their own appreciation from the viewer, independent of parental popularity.

Everyone knows such an actor as Mikhail Yefremov. His filmography is constantly updated with new works, which each time surpass the previous ones.

Mikhail Efremov: filmography

Son of famous people

Mikhail Efremov was born in 1963, on November 10, in the family of already famous theater and film actors - Oleg Efremov and the beautiful Alina Pokrovskaya. By the way, not only Mikhail's parents were famous. His grandfather, Boris Pokrovsky, was the director of the opera and ballet theater, and his great-grandfather, Ivan Yakovlev, was an educator and creator of the Chuvash alphabet. Therefore, from the very birth, all members of a truly creative family had high hopes for Mikhail.

The first role on the stage of the theaterMikhail got at the age of thirteen in the theatrical production of "Leaving, look back." Also, at the age of 13, the boy played his first roles in the films “Days of Surgeon Mishkin” and “Leaving, Look Back”. Efremov Mikhail a year later felt the charm of the collapse of fame after the film "When I Become a Giant." The young man was only 14 years old when he became the most recognizable among the child actors of Soviet cinema.

Mikhail Efremov: photo

The theater is theatre, and studies are on schedule

The dizzying success, passion for theater and cinema completely repelled Mikhail's desire to study. The boy graduated from the 7th grade with marks that prompted his father, Oleg Efremov, to send his son to the army. According to the younger Efremov, the service briefly distracted him from his favorite pastime. For the first six months, he honestly served, and after that they began to entrust him with the organization and holding of festive events of the main red dates: the celebration of the October Revolution Day, International Women's Day, May Day.

After receiving a high school diploma, actor Mikhail Efremov entered the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. There, the future talent studied acting. However, immediately after the end of the first year, Mikhail was again drafted into the army. After graduating from the service, Mikhail resumed studying acting at the courses of Vladimir Bogomolov, which he graduated in 1987.

Working with father, or how Mikhail Efremov played at the Moscow Art Theater

Efremov has always been distinguished by uncontrollable energy, inspiring his classmates to exploits in the cinema art. Therefore, immediately after graduation, he headedthe theater studio Sovremenik-2, which was gaining popularity. Together with Efremov, no less famous actors played in Sovremennik - Vysotsky Nikita, Masha Evstigneeva and Slava Innocent (junior). However, the theater group soon broke up. Then the son moved as an actor to the Moscow Art Theater, from the stage of which Mikhail's theatrical career began in due time.

More than 8 years father and son worked on the same stage. Disputes and disagreements, endless conflicts between father and son eventually led to Mikhail's departure from the Moscow Art Theater. At that time, the younger Efremov had roles in the famous performances "Chapaev and Emptiness", "Woe from Wit", "Mice People", "Amadeus", where Mikhail played Mozart, "Women's Games", "Little Scams of the Big City"”,“Duck Hunt”and the well-known famous play“The Seagull”, in which Efremov got the role of Treplev.

Mikhail Efremov: films

Mikhail Efremov. Filmography

Always different, but equally natural acting made almost all the films in which he starred bright, memorable, famous. Therefore, the actor has always been offered many roles by the most iconic directors of Soviet cinema. In 1989, Efremov played the main role in the TV series "The Noble Robber Vladimir Dubrovsky". Two years later, participation in the filming of the social drama "Luke" brought the actor even more popularity. This was followed by a role in the comedy "Male Zigzag", thanks to which even people indifferent to cinema began to recognize Efremov.

In the 90s, Efremov played in many interesting projects: the series "Queen Margot",musical comedy film "Midlife Crisis" (directed by Garik Sukachev), TV series "Chekhov and K". By the way, in the last series, Mikhail worked together with his father. The following roles in the cinema were played by Mikhail Efremov, who had already matured and gained experience. Filmography replenished with new tapes.

However, all these roles pale in comparison with the one that brought Mikhail Efremov just a resounding success. The role of Alexei Zhgut - an officer in the TV series "Border. Taiga romance "- brought Mikhail not only widespread recognition. Alexander Mitta was able to discern in the actor what many directors failed to do - the amazing ability of the actor to get used to the role and even turn the dubious actions of his hero into attractive features. Perhaps this work was especially successful because, as Mikhail himself said more than once, his character in many ways resembled the actor himself.

actor Efremov Mikhail

Famous movie featuring Mikhail Efremov

Mikhail Efremov never really chose the films in which he would play. He always agreed to interesting projects. And after "Borders …" such projects rained down like hail. "The Romanovs. The Crowned Family”, “Kamenskaya”, “Antikiller”, “State Counselor” by Nikita Mikhalkov, “Listener”, “Super Mother-in-Law” - Mikhail Efremov starred in all these films. Films in which he played both main and secondary roles are worthy of attention. He is equally good at comedies and dramas. Suffice it to recall the tape "12" directed by Nikita Mikhalkov. His hero only at the beginning of the tape is a little joking, but at the endgives a speech that fundamentally changes the viewer's attitude towards the hero. A unique acting talent is what Mikhail Efremov possesses. The filmography of the actor is replenished every year with new pictures that reflect his inner state and charisma.

Mikhail Efremov and a new television role

In the film "12" Russian cinema and television saw another Efremov - a man with a subtle soul, able to sympathize and empathize. Therefore, when in 2009 the question arose of who to replace Igor Kvasha, who left the “Wait for me” program for he alth reasons, the producers unequivocally decided to offer the role of the host to Mikhail Efremov, a favorite of the public, a truly kind and empathetic actor. So, from November 30 to this day, the actor Efremov Mikhail is the host of the people's program.

By the way, he is also a member of the KVN jury in the Major League on an ongoing basis, took part in the Poet and Citizen project of the Dozhd TV company, initiated the launch of the Good Lord project together with A. Vasiliev and D. Bykov.

Mikhail Efremov: personal life

The personal life of Mikhail Efremov is no less eventful and rich in events than his creative path. The actor was officially married five times, has six children (all from different marriages). The wives of Mikhail Efremov are generally a separate conversation.

The first wife of Mikhail was actress Lena Golyanova. According to Elena, the famous father - the elder Efremov - did not even know about his son's intentions to marry at such an early age for unknown reasons. The union of classmates did not last long - only a couple of months, and more forpaper than in reality. Mikhail helped Elena by marrying her so that she could finally exchange her apartment.

The second wife of the young heartthrob was a graduate of the philological faculty of Moscow State University Asya Vorobyeva, who worked at the Sovremennik Theater, holding the post of literary editor. In 1988, on May 30, the first-born, Nikita, was born to a young family. Today, Nikita Efremov is no less famous actor of the same Sovremennik. By the way, Efremov's second marriage lasted a little longer - a couple of years.

In 1989, he got married again. This time the bride was the actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, who in 1991 gave birth to her second son, Mikhail, Nikolai. The boy, like his grandfather, father and older brother, became an actor. Fame brought him the role of Nikolka in the film "The White Guard".

After three short marriages, the actor was married twice more. His fourth wife was the actress Ksenia Kachalina, whom the polygamist met on the set of the film novel The Romanovs. Crowned family." Either beautiful outfits, or the voice of that era, but something awakened a wonderful feeling in Mikhail. A dizzying love gave the world a new child - this time the daughter of Anna-Maria. Unfortunately, the marriage, like the previous three, did not last long.

wife of Mikhail Efremov

Efremov's last love

The last wife - the fifth in the list of the elect - was Sofia Kruglikova. Sofia is a well-known sound engineer, she graduated from the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesins. Currently he teaches Moscow students at the Department of Sound Engineering at the Institute of Contemporary Art. AtMikhail and Sophia have three children: two daughters, Vera and Nadezhda, and one son, Boris.

Mikhail Efremov: personal life

Children of Mikhail Efremov

By the will of fate, he is not only a wonderful actor, an interesting person, but also a wonderful father of six children. Loving, proud of his children, yes, this is Mikhail Efremov. Photos filled with tenderness and care that can be seen on social networks are real confirmation of this.

children of Mikhail Efremov

Children of Mikhail Efremov inherited charisma, acting talent, human qualities from their father. All of them are successful actors today, worthy of proudly carrying a famous and truly creative surname.

Mikhail Efremov, whose photo is decorated with many theater posters, is still a popular and sought-after actor in Russian cinema.

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