Money rules the world? Reflections on the topic

Money rules the world? Reflections on the topic
Money rules the world? Reflections on the topic

The crazy run of life, where everyone is trying to snatch their right to happiness, is sometimes interrupted so suddenly that any desire to continue this merciless race disappears. “Money rules the world,” people say. But is it really so? In the continuation of the article, we will analyze in detail this question that concerns many people.

money rules the world or not

Money rules the world: who said?

The point is that there is no definite answer to this question. In fact, this phrase goes back centuries. What person, desperate to get happiness in all possible ways, did not exclaim: “Money rules the world!”? Money does define our lives, but only in part. It all depends on the people who agree with this idea. If humanity were stronger in spirit, it would have been possible to crush the power of the banknote a long time ago, but the problem is that it is convenient for people to support the state of affairs invented by someone. Man created money, he also erected them on the pedestal of omnipotence. So money or power rules the world?

Their own executioners

Money is a small (maybe bloated) god inside each of us: it controls our inner world, manipulating natural or unnatural needs. People themselves recognize the monetary dictatorship and practically devote their lives to the accumulation of pieces of paper. The world of such personalities is narrowed down to the framework of their own "I".

happiness in money?

Trying to fill the inner emptiness, a person begins to desperately row with a shovel of the good of this world. The endless race for career growth, achievements and, of course, banknote circulation, leads to the loss of the meaning of life, because money is a consumable. They come and go, make it possible to arrange comfort in our lives, disappear without a trace, and everything goes in a circle.

"Homo sapiens" or even "homo modernus" - a man-hoarder. There is no more meaning in the life of a modern person than in the life of a squirrel, which is constantly stocked up for the winter. Colds come and go, quietly stealing pieces of our lives. Without having time to look back, we find ourselves in the abyss of a meaningless cycle. And even if we are able to realize the scale of the catastrophe, can we change the course of events? We could, but not alone.

Why does money rule the world? Yes, because we ourselves endowed them with this power. From time immemorial, mankind has been inventing deities who will be responsible for their destinies. Anyone but the person himself. Now the deity of many people is a banknote.

Does everything have a price?

As Chuck Palahniuk said in Fight Club, “People are really willing to sell absolutely anything ifthe price will suit them. These words really make sense.

money rules the world

Sometimes we are ready to prove with foam at the mouth that we will not do something there for the sake of money. But maybe not enough? Of course, not every person will sell their mother for organs, but many can frame another for their own benefit, just look at the "rat race" up and down the career ladder.

Blinkers on the heart

The one who believes that money rules the world is extremely boring and banal, because the world is not only a struggle, but also a joy that can be obtained from other benefits of the planet provided to us absolutely free of charge - air, sun, forests.

We are not here to accumulate we alth, because none of us is eternal. Is there any point in constantly worrying about a future that doesn't exist? In life, it is not even money that comes to the fore, but the things and privileges that we receive at the expense of this money. And even the most enlightened gurus need special equipment, food, help, etc., which they again receive for money. The payment for everything vital created by humanity is extremely simple and understandable, and one can only thank progress for this introduction.

decent pension

But the currency, designed to make life easier for people, has turned into a real idol. We should not be afraid to lose money, because we are their creators. The flow of flows cannot be stopped, and the money will not stagnate for a long time in one place. The circulation of money cannot be stopped. It will be stopped only with the disappearance of people from the face of the planet.It turns out that we do not depend on money, we depend on other people, on the generally accepted foundations of society. Now, if you don't have money, you're a rogue. And this fully reflects the essence of humanity - we evaluate people not according to the inner world, we are guided by money and appearance, which, in turn, determines our financial situation. The vicious circle can be broken only if you make money your assistant, and not a deity. Rational use of funds will lead to rationalization of life. Sometimes you can't look at what people turn their lives into without crying.

Complete denial of money leads to self-destruction of the individual. It is necessary to find a balance between the so-called "idolatry" and the rejection of the "despicable metal". No idea should enslave us, much less make our life unbearable.

rat race

Money rules the world?

Money is essential in everyone's life. But over time comes the understanding that not everything can be bought with money. Moreover, chasing them, we not only lose our precious freedom, but also lose time and he alth, which are not always easy to fix with the help of green papers.

So money rules the world or not? To some extent - yes, but in general, the world is led by elite groups of humanity, which not only have a powerful material potential, but also a serious ideological spirit that penetrates into each member of such communities.

The Right to Happiness

Money, like any idea of ​​mankind, is "patented" by the heritage of mankind. howand in any creation, the rights to them are inherited. This is where difficulties arise for “rootless” people who encroach on a part of their tasty pie. Therefore, those in power usually have great influence and money due to their close position to the strongest of the world. The higher you climb the stairs, the more likely you are to get to the "sun". That's just, making our way upstairs, you should be careful, otherwise, like the legendary Icarus, we can scorch our wings. And then we will not need either power, or money, or recognition, for which everyone goes out of their way.

So money rules the world? No. Human greed and possessiveness rule the world.

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