Soviet and Russian commander Valery Gerasimov: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Soviet and Russian commander Valery Gerasimov: biography, achievements and interesting facts
Soviet and Russian commander Valery Gerasimov: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Currently, the post of Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is Gerasimov Valery Vasilyevich. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is headed by S. K. Shoigu, and since 2012 Gerasimov has been his first deputy.

General of the Army Gerasimov Valery Vasilyevich is rightfully considered an outstanding military leader of modern Russia. He began his military career back in Soviet times. Having received an excellent education, Valery Vasilievich more than once proved himself to be a competent and prudent commander, capable of being responsible for the decisions made. Having extensive experience in military operations and combat operations, he proudly bears the title of a Russian officer.

Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich

Childhood of V. Gerasimov

In 1955, on September 8, Gerasimov Valery Vasilyevich was born in an ordinary working-class family in Kazan, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (now the Republic of Tatarstan). Even in childhood, little Valery decided that he would become a military man. He was especially interested in military service by the stories of his uncle, who, during the war of the USSR against the fascistGermany (1941-1945) was the commander of a tank company. Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich was very fond of the works of Konstantin Simonov, which he read avidly. Already in adulthood, Valery Vasilievich warmly recalls how, with the end of the fourth grade in high school, his father sent his documents to the Suvorov School in the city of Kazan. But it was in that year that all Suvorov schools were transferred to a two-year period of study. This was followed by four long years of waiting, which, admittedly, only increased Valery Vasilyevich's desire to become a real officer.

Study in military educational institutions

In 1973, Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich graduated with honors from the Suvorov School, after which he became a cadet of the Higher Tank Command School in Kazan, which he graduated with a gold medal in 1977. But the desire of the young officer for self-improvement did not end there. In 1987, he also successfully completed his studies at the Military Academy of Armored Forces, which was named after Marshal of the Soviet Union R. Ya. Malinovsky. For achievements and high performance, distinctive organizational skills, V. V. Gerasimov, already in the rank of colonel of the Russian army, in 1995 was sent to the training courses of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, where he also proved to be among the best students.

The formation of a military career in the Soviet era

The future general of the Russian army began military service in the troops of the Northern Group, since 1977 he commanded a tank platoon. In 1987, immediately after completing the courseAcademy of the General Staff, he was sent to serve in the B altic military district. Valery Vasilyevich had to hone his military skills on the territory of military units stationed in Estonia (Tallinn), the Polish People's Republic (now the Republic of Poland).

Military service in the RF Armed Forces

During the change of state system that occurred in 1991, Gerasimov Valery Vasilyevich headed the headquarters and concurrently was the deputy commander of the motorized rifle division of the B altic military district. In 1997, he was transferred to military service in the Moscow Military District and took the post of First Deputy Army Commander.

Valery Vasilievich from March 2003 to April 2005 was chief of staff - first deputy commander of the Far Eastern military district (Khabarovsk). After that, he was transferred to the post of head of the Main Directorate of Combat Training and Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, having worked until the end of 2006.

General Valery Gerasimov

Before being appointed Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Valery Vasilyevich worked as the first deputy commander of the troops of the North Caucasian military district (December 2006 - December 2007), then the troops of the Leningrad military district (December 2007 - February 2009), the troops of the Moscow military district (February 2009 year - December 2010). Until the end of April 2012, he served as Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. Valery Vasilievich commanded the troops of the Central Military District from April to November 2012.

General of the Army Gerasimov Valery Valerievich

In early November 2012, V. V. Gerasimov was appointed Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Participation in military operations in the North Caucasus

Many outstanding Russian military leaders went through a harsh school of life and trials of military operations during the Chechen wars. This fate did not pass and Valery Vasilyevich. From 1993 to 1997 he was commander of a motorized rifle division of the Northwestern Group of Forces. He also served in the North Caucasian Military District from 1998 to 2003. Participated in counter-terrorism operations. Well aware of the most difficult military situation in the North Caucasus, he chose the 58th Army, heading the headquarters. On duty, Valery Vasilievich de alt with the issues of re-staffing the fighting units of the army, organized combat training and provided commanders and ordinary soldiers with the necessary material resources. Soon, Valery Gerasimov was entrusted with the leadership of the operation in the Bamut direction in Chechnya. During the work, the armored group, headed by V.V. Gerasimov, was ambushed.

General Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich Ministry of Defense

The commander and fighters of the detachment were shot almost point-blank from grenade launchers and other small arms. The group returned counterfire until the helicopters arrived. However, they soon managed to prove to the bandits that Russian soldiers do not like to be in debt. About a week later, they lured the militants into their trap: more than tenbandits were destroyed, a large number of small arms were captured. Later, Valery Vasilyevich explained that the preparations for the capture of the militants were carried out carefully, intelligence and artillery coped with the task perfectly. And most importantly, there were no casu alties in this battle. But for the bandits, this operation was a big surprise.

An equally important task for V. V. Gerasimov was the operation in the Argun Gorge to block the Itum-Kale-Shatili road section and part of the state border with Georgia during one of the counter-terrorist operations. At the first stage, the surrounding area was examined, equipment and weapons were delivered. Then the main task was carried out - tactical airborne assault training, training of fighters.

Valery Vasilyevich, as a commander, acquired considerable experience in organizing and conducting military operations in the mountains in the south-west of Chechnya, among the ruins of the town of Sakinzhili, in the city of Komsomolsk, destroying militant formations.

According to colleagues, even in the most difficult situations, Valery Vasilievich did not lose his presence of mind, he was calm, focused and reasonable. During the fighting, he considered the main task not only to destroy the maximum number of militants, but also to reduce the loss of personnel of his army.

Family life

Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich was no less successful in his personal and family life. The general's wife has been his reliable support for many years. A married couple is raising a son.

Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich wife

V.V. Gerasimov's awards

For military merit, loy alty to duty and the Fatherland, General Gerasimov Valery Vasilyevich was awarded many state awards: the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV degree, the Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree, the medal "For Military Valor » I degree, medals in honor of the 60th and 70th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR. He was awarded by the Ministry of Defense with medals "200 Years of the Ministry of Defense", "For Distinction in Military Service" 1st class, "For Impeccable Service" 2nd and 3rd class. In addition, General of the Army V. V. Gerasimov received the International Order of Friendship of Peoples (Republic of Belarus) in 2010, and also has other badges of honor.

Stories of relatives and colleagues about the general

A military man to the marrow of his bones and to the roots of his hair, an experienced commander and a reliable comrade - this is how Valery Vasilievich Gerasimov appears to his colleagues. The biography and awards of the general are a clear confirmation of his great services to the Fatherland. According to the testimony of journalists who worked alongside him during operations in the North Caucasus, he made only the most positive impression. Simple human qualities - modesty, truthfulness, are combined in him along with a businesslike, prudent approach to solving a combat mission, the ability to competently and objectively assess the situation.

As S. K. Shoigu personally noted, Valery Vasilyevich is respected as a person and as a military leader. He went through a difficult life path from a cadet to an army general, has invaluable experience in the General Staff and in real combat conditions. ATworking environment Valery Vasilievich is highly respected, his opinion always has authority. The top military leadership, entrusting him with the execution of any responsible task, was completely sure that V.V. Gerasimov would bring any business to a successful conclusion.

According to one of the military leaders, the qualities possessed by V.V. Gerasimov are characteristic only of highly educated people.

Interesting facts about V. V. Gerasimov

In 2005 Valery Gerasimov was awarded the rank of Colonel General.

From 2009 to 2012, Valery Vasilyevich commanded a parade on Red Square dedicated to the Day of the Victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany.

Since 2012, he has been a member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

Gerasimov Valery Vasilievich biography and awards

In 2013, a book about the Russian general was published by foreign publicists Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn.

The rank of Army General was awarded to Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov in February 2013.

In 2014, in connection with the events that took place in Ukraine and the subsequent change in the course of diplomatic relations of most Western states, General of the Army V.V. Gerasimov entered the sanctions lists of the United States, the European Union, Switzerland and Australia.

life of valery vasilyevich gerasimov

The life of Gerasimov Valery Vasilyevich is a vivid example for new generations of officers and servicemen. Having acquired colossal life experience, faithfully serving the Fatherland, hecontinues to make a significant contribution to strengthening the combat capability of the army, and, therefore, of the entire Russian state.

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