Alexander Chistyakov: happily married to Glucose

Alexander Chistyakov: happily married to Glucose
Alexander Chistyakov: happily married to Glucose

Alexander Chistyakov is the husband of Glucose, Natalia Ionova. Born in January 1973 in St. Petersburg. He is a successful businessman, co-owner of the Ruspetro oil company.

The biography of Alexander Chistyakov began in the city on the Neva, where he spent his childhood and youth. Already at school he showed organizational skills, the exact sciences were best given to him. Good academic performance allowed the young man to enter the Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics at the Faculty of Marketing and Finance. Later he received additional education in economics and finance.


Businessman Alexander Chistyakov managed to work in different positions at different times, he was the head of the Department for Investment Policy at the United Energy Systems of Russia. Then he moved up the career ladder, rose to the board of directors. Conducted active parallel activities for seven years as Deputy General Director of IDGC Holding. Later he was transferred to the position of the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of OJSCFGC UES.

Alexander Chistyakov

For a long time he was suing Elena Baturina (since 2012), the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. The businesswoman filed a lawsuit against Chistyakov, accusing him of embezzling one hundred million euros. Once, an agreement was concluded between businessmen for the construction of commercial real estate in Morocco. The court decided to pay Baturina 4.5 million. However, she decided to drag out the lawsuit, disagreeing with this decision.

Alexander Chistyakov managed to prove himself in creativity. In 2015, he wrote the script and produced the cartoon Savva. Heart of a Warrior. Later he produced the animated film "Baba Yaga" in collaboration with Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Personal life and acquaintance with Glucose

Alexander Chistyakov was already divorced when he met Natalya Ionova. The businessman met the promising singer on board the plane. The girl flew with a concert to Chechnya. Introduced young people Ksenia Sobchak. Glucose at the time of meeting was only 19 years old, Alexander - 32 years old. But the age difference did not stop the lovers, they immediately found a common language, liked each other.

Glucose with spouse

After 2 months of dating, Natalia moved into the house of a businessman. The lovers lived first with the son of a businessman from his first marriage, Alexander Jr.

In mid-June 2006, Glucose and Alexander officially became husband and wife. It is interesting that Natalya herself made a marriage proposal, without waiting for the first step frombeloved, declaring that a girl like her, Chistyakova is nowhere else to be found. Alexander did not argue and presented a ring with the words "I agree".

Happy parents

A year later, the couple became the parents of the girl Lydia. And 4 years later, the youngest daughter, Vera, was born. Parents admit that they bring up girls in strictness, do not indulge, but do not keep them in a tight rein. Natalia and Alexander often travel. On one of the trips, the girl liked the town in Spain - Marbella. Alexander, without hesitation, purchased a luxurious mansion there. Since 2012, the couple often live in their villa on the Mediterranean coast.

Alexander Chistyakov with children

Chistyakov's son from his first marriage lives with his spouses. The boy has a good relationship with Ionova. Repeatedly, he even accompanied the singer on tour and social events.

Alexander took up yoga following the example of his wife, both adhere to vegetarianism, do spiritual practices together, attend Vedic seminars.

What is Alexander Chistyakov doing now?

Before celebrating a decade of marriage, the couple fought incessantly and were already thinking about breaking up. According to Natalya, life ruined their relationship. Mutual reproaches, scandals and claims began. But during the celebration of the anniversary of living together, both realized that there is nothing more valuable and more important than their love. Former feelings managed to be revived.

Alexander Chistyakov

Now the Chistyakov family is exemplary, the spouses have complete mutual understanding and idyll. Aboutfans will learn this from the pages on Instagram, which are run by both Glucose's husband, Alexander Chistyakov, and Natalya herself. Both publish numerous photos on the beach, at social events, on trips. The beautiful daughters of the couple often appear on them.

At the end of 2017, in the litigation between Baturina and Chistyakov, they finally managed to dot the i's. The High Court of London dismissed the businesswoman's claim, considering that the reimbursement of such an amount was not justified.

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