Patty Mallett is the mother of the famous singer

Patty Mallett is the mother of the famous singer
Patty Mallett is the mother of the famous singer

Few people know that the success of the young American singer Justin Bieber contributed to his mother. Patty Mallett not only supported her son in every possible way, but she herself filmed his songs on camera and posted them on the Internet. And therefore, we can say with confidence that Justin owes a lot to his mother. But who exactly this woman was and what her fate was, few know.

Patty Mallett Biography

Patty Mallett: biography

Not much is known about Mallett's early years, but some tragic events have come to light since the publication of her book. Patty hardly knew her father, and then he died when she was still a child. A dysfunctional mother and a questionable environment influenced Patty to take drugs, but, fortunately, this did not turn into an addiction. As a child, she, like many children, dreamed of a career in television, but these dreams were not destined to come true.

Patty got pregnant at the age of seventeen and decided to keep the baby. Jeremy Bieber and she decided not to marry. Patty later admitted thateverything was to blame for the betrayal of the father of the child, and she considered it necessary not to connect her life with such a person. And so, Patty became a single mother, having fallen into a difficult financial situation.

A young girl with a baby in her arms, whom she named Justine, lived on welfare and often did not have enough money for the most basic things. Jeremy Bieber sometimes showed up at her apartment, located in one of the most disadvantaged areas of the city, and spent time with his son, but there was little financial assistance from him.

Patty's son was an active child from childhood, and she supported him in every possible way, despite the prevailing poverty. Justin was fond of various sports and music. He, like many boys, played football and hockey. And already as a teenager, he became much taller than his mother, and Patty Mallett has a fairly average height.

And since childhood, Patty saw in him a talent for singing. Thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, Patty, without hesitation, began to record the songs that Justin performed on camera and put them on the Internet. Initially, she did not think that the videos with the songs would even get a thousand views, but they gained millions, and soon the whole world began to follow Justin Bieber. This is how Patty gave a very important boost to her son's career.

Patty Mallett and Justin

Book of Life

When Justin Bieber had already become a popular singer, known throughout the world, Patty decided to try herself in various fields that were previously inaccessible to her. She wrote a book. And not just a book, but a book about his son. PopularityJustina allowed Patty's book, where she talked about her difficult years as a single mother, to enter the bestseller list in 2012. And Patty Mallett herself received a significant fee.

Patty Mallett height

Patty - Producer

The popularity of Justin Bieber has reached unprecedented heights. And it was at that moment that a decision was made to shoot a film that would show the life and work of the young singer. Justin insisted that Patty be one of the producers and help the film see the light of day.

Between Justin and Patty Malette is still a warm relationship, despite the busy schedule of the singer. They chat warmly on social media and spend time together.

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