Karina Kasparyants - Russian video blogger

Karina Kasparyants - Russian video blogger
Karina Kasparyants - Russian video blogger

Karina Kasparyants is a popular Russian video blogger. At such a young age (21 years old), the girl has already achieved a lot, not only as a blogger, but also as an actress. She is the idol of many teenagers and is not going to stop there.

Karina Kasparyants: biography

The future popular media personality was born in the small town of Aktau. Karina is Armenian by nationality, but the girl has never lived in Armenia. The family did not live long in Kazakhstan and soon moved to Moscow. In the Russian capital, there were more prospects not only for Kasparyants' parents, but also for herself. As a child, Karina did not show interest in various creative speci alties, she was always interested only in a he althy lifestyle and sports. The girl was fond of various sports, but she never did anything professionally.

Karina Kasparyants - Russian video blogger

Thanks to her friendship with many popular bloggers, in high school, Karina also began to develop her blog, although initially she was significantly behind her famous friends, but despite the difficulties, she continued to work on it.

After high school, KarinaKasparyants, like her other peers, entered the university. Her choice fell on one of the best higher educational institutions in the country - RANEPA. Despite the fact that at that time Karina had already started blogging, she chose the speci alty "international business".

Friendship with Yulia Pushman

Initially, everyone became interested in Karina when she began to appear frequently in the video of the popular blogger Yulia Pushman. At that time, Yulia had already taken place as a blogger and model, so her popularity had a significant impact on the promotion of Karina's image. The girls filmed various entertaining videos together, collecting a large number of views. Thanks to this, Karina's personal channel and her career began to develop.

Karina Kasparyants started making videos herself, talking about her studies, travels and cosmetics. Many became interested in her content, and the girl quickly gained a large number of subscribers. Now she is a worthy competitor to her famous friend.

Karina Kasparyants with a friend

Karina - actress

In 2016, it became known that the popular director Timur Bekmambetov would make a film about bloggers. Karina Kasparyants was announced as one of the actresses. The company in the film was made up of other famous bloggers, including her friend Yulia Pushman. The girl liked the filming process, and in the same year she received an offer to star in the film "Christmas Trees", which Karina gladly agreed to.

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