Jacinda Barrett - model and actress

Jacinda Barrett - model and actress
Jacinda Barrett - model and actress

Jacinda Barrett became famous for starring in the popular film about Bridget Jones. Despite the fact that the girl did not play a major role there, this did not prevent her from attracting the attention of Hollywood directors. Barrett starred in other popular projects that made her famous around the world, and showed that she is able to try on completely different roles.


Jacinda was born in Brisbane, a city in western Australia. She lived in the most ordinary family, where the head of the family worked as a firefighter. As a teenager, Barrett began to get involved in the modeling business and in 1988 won the Fashion Model Dolly competition. The sixteen-year-old girl was still in school, but after the competition she was already offered a job in Europe. Despite a successful modeling career, Jacinda began to get involved in acting.

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She debuted in 1995. Jacinda Barrett played herself in The Real World: London, and from that moment beganher career as an actress. The girl understood that in order to successfully move up the career ladder, she needed to constantly improve, so she began to attend the British-American Drama Academy, located in Oxford. For two years, Barrett worked hard and attended classes until luck smiled at her. She was offered to star in the film Campfire Tales.

Jacinda did not abandon her modeling career and periodically starred for catalogs and magazines. So in 1998, when her acting career was not yet so successful, the girl starred for Maxim magazine. There was an article on various television series on the spread, but it was Jacinda's photographs that prompted the producers to launch a new project - a soap opera called Wind on Water. Despite the fact that the show was closed after the first season, this fact in the biography of the actress is very important.

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Private life

The personal life of a young actress has never attracted the close attention of journalists. But it was known that Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht, who is also an actor, were in a relationship for quite some time, after which they got married in 2004. Three years later, the couple had a daughter, Satin, and seven years later, a son, Luka. Jacinda is happily married, but does not forget about her career and her hobbies. One of the hobbies of the actress is skydiving.


Jacinda Barrett has starred in films such as Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Poseidon and New York, I Love You. Her colleagues in different years were suchpopular actors like Orlando Bloom, Colin Firth and Kurt Russell.

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