St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation - the spiritual revival of Russia

St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation - the spiritual revival of Russia
St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation - the spiritual revival of Russia

In Russia there are many foundations and public organizations that solve various problems. Each of them has its own niche. Some help orphans, others help the disabled, others help the homeless or endangered animals. And the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called is engaged in the revival of Orthodoxy and spirituality.


In 1992, the country was on the verge of collapse. Everything collapsed: way of life, education, medicine. People looked to the future with confusion. It was then that the foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called was formed, the main task of which was the revival of spirituality. At that difficult time in all respects, there were people who helped restore churches, return shrines. They proved that religion is not an opium for the people, faith is the source of a new life, full of light and hope.

Andrew the First-Called Foundation


One of the main activities carried out by the St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation is the bringing of the Holy Fire from the Easter service in Jerusalem to the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church. Alsothe organization is engaged in the return of the great Orthodox shrines.

St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation carried out the transportation of the belt of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the cities of Russia and the CIS. This great shrine is kept in a monastery on Mount Athos, and thousands of pilgrims rush there to ask the Mother of God for intercession. The precious casket rarely leaves the monastery and Greece. Therefore, the fact that the belt was brought to Russia can be regarded as a miracle. Thousands of believers came to bow to the miraculous shrine, to venerate the belt woven two millennia ago by the Virgin Mary herself for her son.

Andrew Pervozvanny fund

But this is not the only direction that the organization is engaged in. Among other things, the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called organizes medical expeditions to remote areas of the Kuril Islands. Thanks to this, residents of the most remote corner of the country can receive qualified medical care on the spot without leaving the regional center.

Programs and awards

One of the first who was called by Jesus as a disciple and who responded to the call was Andrew the First-Called. The Holy Apostle Foundation helps people find their way to God. One of the foundation's main programs is "Ask for Peace for Jerusalem". Its goal is to unite the Orthodox of all countries for the sake of peace on Earth.

Chairman of the Andrew the First-Called Foundation

St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation stands up for the revival of spirituality, so it helps mothers who refuse to have an abortion. This work is being done through the Sanctity of Motherhood program.

Eat andother projects implemented by the foundation. These are exhibitions that help to attract the attention of the population to the problems of Orthodoxy, the revival of churches and monasteries, and the holding of conferences and festivals. Many charitable events and humanitarian programs are organized that enable believers to help those who find themselves in difficult life situations. People who help in this and other work are rewarded. The leadership established the annual Faith and Loy alty Award.

Andrew the First-Called Foundation

Holy Fire

The organization's annual honorary mission is to bring the Holy Fire. This process is very complex and requires special preparation. Despite the fact that this ritual has been carried out for many years, each time new difficulties and difficulties arise on the path of pilgrims. The chairman of the St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation, Vladimir Yakunin, personally heads this noble mission.

Wonderful Fire

The descent of the Holy Fire is a miracle performed during the Easter service. In the marble chapel of Kuvuklia, which is located above the cave in which Christ was buried, all the lamps are extinguished in advance. The Patriarch of Jerusalem, together with priests of high ranks, offer up a prayer to the Lord. Sometimes this action lasts only a few minutes, and sometimes it drags on for long hours, but believers are reverently waiting for a miracle. The Holy Fathers say that if the Holy Fire does not descend, it will be a harbinger of the end of the world. Therefore, everyone is waiting with prayer and trembling when a miracle will happen. And suddenly, in the midst of the darkness, a lampada spontaneously ignites and33 candles, symbolizing the years of the earthly life of Christ. At this moment, a reverent rumble echoes through the temple. From the candles of the patriarch, believers light their candles.

Andrew the First-Called Holy Fire Foundation

The Holy Fire Foundation delivers the Holy Fire in a special capsule, similar to the one in which the Olympic flame is transported. A special flight delivers valuable cargo to Moscow for the Easter service. This fire does not burn in the first minutes; it is not uncommon for the sick to be healed from it.

Faith is what unites people, makes them nobler and kinder.

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