Italian footballer and coach Massimo Carrera: biography, sports career and personal life

Italian footballer and coach Massimo Carrera: biography, sports career and personal life
Italian footballer and coach Massimo Carrera: biography, sports career and personal life

Massimo Carrera is a famous Italian football player and coach. As a player, he is remembered for playing for Bari, Juventus and Atalanta. Now he is the head coach of the current champion of Russia - Spartak Moscow.

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Massimo Carrera was born in April 1964 in the small Italian town of Sesto San Giovanni. He started playing football at the age of six, and a few years later he decided on his role - he became a defender.

According to Carrera himself, he was interested in coaching since childhood, so he always tried to learn something new from each mentor.

Beginning of professional career

The first professional club for footballer Massimo Carrera was Pro Sesto, playing in one of the lower Italian divisions. Here he spent a year, after which he moved to Russi, and in 1984 the defender moved to Piedmont, where he played for Alessandria.

In the 1985/86 seasonMassimo Carrera made his debut in Serie B, Italy's second most prestigious football division. Here he spent 19 fights and scored one goal. The young defender's excellent play attracted attention from other clubs, so at the end of the season he moved to the south of Italy - to Bari.

Club career

Playing for the local team of the same name, Massimo Carrera helped her break into Serie A for the first time in a long time. The defender was soon chosen as the captain, and a few years later he became a real legend of Bari. He spent 5 great seasons here, played in 156 matches in which he scored 4 goals.

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In 1991, Massimo Carrera realized his childhood dream - he became a player in Turin "Juventus". The period spent in the "Bianco Nerri" under the leadership of the legendary Giovanni Trapattoni, was the high point of the football player.

As a Juventus player, Carrera has collected almost every possible European club trophy: he became the champion of the country, the owner of the Italian Cup and Super Cup, won the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

In 1996, due to strong competition for a place in the first team, Massimo said goodbye to the Turin team. In Juventus, for 5 seasons, he played in 114 matches and scored 1 goal.

The next club for Massimo Carrera was Atalanta. Here he spent the next 7 seasons. During this time, Carrera became not only the captain of the team, but also such a popular person in Bergamo that in hishonor even wrote songs.

For Atalanta, the defender played 207 matches and scored 7 goals. After that, there was a good season spent at Napoli, and then Serie B clubs Treviso and Pro Vercelli. In 2008, the 44-year-old retired from playing.

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As part of the Italian national team, Massimo Carrera was not in demand due to the huge competition. For his country, he played only in one friendly match against San Marino, after which he was not called up.

Start coaching

Starting in 2009, Massimo Carrera continued his activities at Juventus. He became the first assistant to the legendary former Bianco Neri player Antonio Conte. Carrera was engaged in the training process of the defenders, and soon became the main adviser and best friend of the coach of the "Old Lady".

In 2011 there was an extremely unpleasant incident for Massimo. He nearly went to jail on a murder charge. The fact is that on New Year's Eve a car driven by a drunk driver crashed into a car in which there were two girls. As a result of the collision, their car with extinguished headlights remained on an unlit section of the road. Carrera did not see this car and crashed into it at full speed. As a result of the blow, both girls were killed, and Massimo almost received a prison sentence for a double murder. Fortunately for him, the lawyers were able to prove that Carrera could not do anything in this situation, so he was completelyacquitted.

When Conte was suspended for match-fixing in 2012, Massimo replaced him as a non-coach. And he did it very well, winning the Italian Super Cup.

In 2014, Conte was appointed head coach of the Italian national team. Massimo Carrera followed him. Here he spent two years, until Conte went to work in London's Chelsea. But there was no place for Carrera, so he began an independent career.

Triumph at Spartak

In 2016, the Italian specialist received an offer from the coach of the Moscow "Spartak" Dmitry Alenichev to become a coach of the defensive line. Without hesitation, Massimo Carrera accepted the invitation. So he ended up in Russia. However, soon, Alenichev was dismissed from his post after a disastrous performance in the Europa League. After some hesitation, the leadership of the Moscow team appointed Massimo Carrera as the head coach of Spartak.

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Despite the skepticism on the part of many experts and ordinary fans, the Italian mentor quickly silenced all pessimists. He started with a confident victory in the match against Krasnodar, and then his wards did not lose points for three more fights in a row. Already by the middle of the season, Spartak fans believed that the club would be able to really compete for the championship title again for the first time since 2001.

And Massimo Carrera didn't let them down. "Spartak" confidently won the championship of Russia, and then won the match for the Super Cupcountries. In addition, the "red-white" got the right to play in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

Private life

After moving to Russia, the Massio Carrera family began to be under close scrutiny from the paparazzi. But, to their great regret, they did not notice any scandalous facts.

Massimo Carrera's wife

The Italian coach of Spartak is a caring family man and a loving father. With his wife, Massimo Carrera, they have two daughters, Francesca and Martina.

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