Vyacheslav Leibman: biography, family, photo

Vyacheslav Leibman: biography, family, photo
Vyacheslav Leibman: biography, family, photo

The personality of Vyacheslav Leibman is not completely open to the world, but this is not surprising, because few people would like to put on public display all their steps that led to career growth and success. And about what could not hide under the veil of secrecy, as for this handsome and successful businessman, about the bright moments of his biography and life in general, the story will now be about that.

Vyacheslav Leibman

Biography Facts

Vyacheslav Leibman was born in the city of St. Petersburg, then called Leningrad, in 1970 in a beautiful autumn season - September 17th. His mother, Yaroshevskaya Raisa Ivanovna, a geologist by education and profession, went on expeditionary working tours every summer. The boy's father is Alexander Yakovlevich Leibman, a front-line soldier, a native of the northern capital and a communications engineer by training. During the war (1941-1945), Alexander Yakovlevich had a chance to command the Katyusha battery. Well, in peacetime, Vyacheslav's father worked as the head of one of the Leningrad construction and installation departments. Vyacheslav's childhood passed in St. Petersburg, and here he went to school.

Leibman VyacheslavAleksandrovich: biography continues

After graduating from school, Vyacheslav entered the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. The desire to follow in the footsteps of his father and get a technical profession, probably, was not what the soul of a young man really lay in, and therefore, after studying for only 2 years, Vyacheslav moved from one educational institution to another. His studies now continued at the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. The same time was marked by the accomplishment of his first steps in business.

The Leibman family. Brothers

Father Vyacheslav Alexander Yakovlevich has 4 sons: from his first marriage (Eugene and Vladimir) and from the second (Yakov and Vyacheslav). Thanks to the correct approach of the boys' parents, the brothers, despite a very decent age difference (between the elder Evgeny and the younger Slava - 20 years old), are very friendly and even as adults maintain warm family relationships that have grown into a family business. ECO Phoenix Holding, which the brothers have owned and operated jointly for many years, has become a family business.

Vyacheslav Leibman, whose biography continued with a new chapter (marrying Svetlana Polushina and working as a broker at the Kaliningrad Commodity and Stock Exchange in 1991), does not really like to remember this time. Perhaps because the Future of Trade enterprise was headed by his elder brother Yakov and, since it was a joint company with ECO Phoenix, which was engaged in intermediary operations, the place of the broker was allegedly bought by Vyacheslav or provided by blatant blatant. But it's also possible that it's just gossip orsomeone's assumptions, because by education, Leibman Jr. had no less chances than others to get this position, especially since the guy had a desire to get acquainted with the trading and brokerage business in practice.

Leibman Vyacheslav Alexandrovich

Family business

Vyacheslav worked for his brother at Future of Trade for a short time. Already at the end of 1992, with his wife Svetlana, they organized their own company, which they called Byte. The new firm had approximately the same essence of activity as that of the brother's company. And this is understandable, since for those times trade became the main engine of progress, any other business in the 90s could simply not survive. But now no one could reproach the owner of his own company that he got the place here just like that.

All profits from the work of Byte LLP were put into circulation again. And this had to be done more than once for the growth of the company, which was headed by Vyacheslav Leibman. His family then did not live particularly richly, but the couple understood that for some time they would have to stay with tightened belts. They rented a small apartment in the St. Petersburg district of Kupchino. The time of initial savings ended only in 1994.

New project

The time of collecting a worthy initial capital passed when in 1994 Vyacheslav Leibman and his brother Evgeny created CJSC "Phoenix-Petrotrading". This company laid the foundation for the current family business "ECO Phoenix Holding", in which Vyacheslav's ex-wife Svetlana still works as the chief accountant. History of creationPetrotrading has become something of a family tradition for the brothers due to an unusual turn of events.

Vyacheslav Leibman biography

Starting a business

According to the “family legend”, brother Eugene, who at that time worked as a ship mechanic on a ship of the B altic Shipping Company, arrived home from another long-distance voyage. Sailor life had already slightly fed up Yevgeny or, perhaps, a little tired, and he was increasingly visited by thoughts about whether to switch to land activities. Of course, the sailor was very attracted to business, but he also wanted him to somehow still be connected with the sea, since it was beyond his strength to completely abandon the business in which he had worked for at least 20 years.

The brothers found the way out. They came up with a plan and set about implementing a new business, using Evgeny's connections and the resources that Svetlana and Vyacheslav Leibman accumulated, whose biography has moved to a new round. Having rented a dry-cargo ship of the "river-sea" category, the brothers organized the export of timber from Russia to Sweden. Considering that at that time the infrastructure of the port in St. Petersburg was far from being in the best condition, the brothers had to take care of refueling the dry-cargo ship with fuel to ensure trouble-free transportation.

Success didn't quite come from where expected

Other carriers seemed to have constant intractable problems with refueling their ships. On the basis of their capacities, the brothers did their best to help their colleagues by providing bunkering services at their request. According to the results of the financial balance for the first quarter, interesting facts were revealed: timber exports(their main activity) turned out to be unprofitable, but the side services of bunkering, oddly enough, not only turned into a profit, but also recouped losses from the timber trade. Quickly finding their bearings, the brothers Evgeny and Vyacheslav Leibman immediately retrained as a bunkering company "Phoenix-Petrotrading".

Leibman Vyacheslav Alexandrovich biography

Expanding the family business

The enterprise went on expansion by pulling up partners, but not taken from the outside, but by joining the other brothers - Yakov and Vladimir. The business continued to be family owned. This allowed the brothers to acquire fuel terminals, and then a tanker fleet. After the opening of a network of additional divisions, activities even extended to Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

One of the problems that those involved in the bunkering business have to deal with is the stringent environmental requirements. And then the brothers found an interesting way out. They created an additional company based on their own company, whose specialization was eco-service, namely the purification of oily waters and the elimination of oil spills.

The progress of the family business and the personality of Vyacheslav against this background

The brothers' well-established business allowed them to expand their sphere of influence. Phoenix-based subsidiaries covered areas such as furniture production, hotel construction, travel agencies and media. As for the plans for media projects, only one person from this group could start building and implementing them.family, of course, none other than Leibman Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich.

As the brothers themselves admit, Vyacheslav stands out among them with his dynamism and breadth of views. Recognizing him as the most promising in the family, the brothers are not surprised by new ideas, the implementation of which the youngest among them decides to undertake. Seniors, by virtue of their nature, tend to stick to the already time-tested and well-established business. But for Vyacheslav, the conquered peak is the final result and a sign that it is time to conquer a new one. It is boring for him to work in a well-functioning production, where everything is already clear and his organizational ideas have already been put into practice. Vyacheslav's brain requires activity, solving new problems and puzzles.

What connects Vyacheslav Leibman with Ksenia Sobchak

This is an old story that got into the pages of the press, was that Vyacheslav and Ksenia had a serious relationship. At that time, Leibman was already vice president of ECO-Holding, which was engaged in oil transshipment. And Xenia could not make a choice between two rich men. There were quarrels on this occasion, as a result of which Vyacheslav Leibman and Ksenia Sobchak either parted, then reconciled again and converged again. Ksenia lived in Vyacheslav's apartment, located on Frunzenskaya Embankment. Vyacheslav spoiled the girl with gifts, and once on the day of reconciliation he even bought her a brand new Mercedes.

Vyacheslav Leibman and Sobchak


Ksenia herself became known to a particularly wide range of the public after her statement to the police aboutrobbery of the same apartment on Frunzenskaya. The very large amount announced by Ksenia in the total amount of stolen goods caused a lot of questions and assumptions from the press. As a result, her mother L. Narusova, as well as Vyacheslav and Ksyusha's fans, whom she had already acquired by that time, had to stand up to protect the girl. But Vyacheslav Leibman and Sobchak broke up for a different reason. But that's just a completely different story. When Ksenia began to think about how to seriously connect her life with Vyacheslav, one appeared that destroyed their relationship. This Ksenia could not forgive the lovebird, she promised that she would not get this man either.

New girlfriend

Many are interested in what is the essence of the conflict between Ksenia Sobchak and Anastasia Volochkova. And the reason for this was Vyacheslav Leibman. Xenia's mother herself introduced her daughter to Nastya Volochkova, and if she had known in advance how all this would turn out, she would hardly have done it. And then she just wanted her daughter, having a refined, well-mannered and well-mannered Nastya as a friend, to adopt a sweet girlish coquetry and, perhaps, even become a little like a Turgenev young lady. But all people are different, one cannot fit them into one pattern. Ksenia had her pros and cons, and she hated being like someone else. But Vyacheslav Leibman almost immediately switched to the beautiful and easy-to-communicate Nastya.

Vyacheslav Leibman photo

Annoying lessons

It is very possible to understand Xenia's resentment. Double betrayal by a man and a newly minted girlfriendshocked and pissed off the girl. Maybe if Vyacheslav Leibman and Volochkova tried to solve the situation differently, talk, explain, talk about a sudden feeling, then everyone could disperse in a good way, but, alas, everything turned out as it happened. Ksenia began to take revenge, and wherever the pair of Leibman and Volochkova appeared, Ksenia also turned out to be there, who always poured Nastya with wine or something else.

Tired of the inability to go out together without falling under the next antics of Xenia, Volochkova herself invited the guy to leave. Vyacheslav agreed.

Vyacheslav Leibman and Ksenia Sobchak

New Heights

It is possible that the above story with the girls made Vyacheslav think of mastering a new niche, entering the media market. How much the press can influence the opinion of people, Vyacheslav Leibman, photos and notes about which began to appear on the pages of newspapers, experienced for himself. For an active and educated businessman, this task is interesting, fresh and relevant. Now Vyacheslav is married, he has a son. The business tycoon enjoys hunting, sports and travel.

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