Yusuf Alekperov: biography, personal life, photo

Yusuf Alekperov: biography, personal life, photo
Yusuf Alekperov: biography, personal life, photo

Rich and powerful people never go unnoticed by the press, especially if the dynasty continues to develop. Oil tycoon Vagit Alekperov is no longer as interesting to reporters as his only son and heir, Yusuf. The young man is only 27 years old, but he no longer leaves the pages of the press, his enviable position in society, a collection of cool cars and, of course, marital status are being discussed. Today we offer to get acquainted with the life and work of the heir to the throne of the Lukoil company.

Yusuf Alekperov: biography

Yusuf's parents are quite we althy people, and at the time of his son's birth, his father, an ethnic Azerbaijani, achieved certain heights in the oil and gas industry, becoming the USSR Deputy Minister in this area. Vagit Alekperov married a Russian woman, and in 1990, on June 20, the main event of life took place in a happy family - the birth of a son.

Alekperov Yusuf Vagitovich is a native Muscovite. As a child, he did not know the need for anything, his parents did everything so that his son had everything he wanted. It was not difficult to do this, since Vagit Alekperov created and headed the giant oil concern"Lukoil", when the child was only two years old.

Yusuf Alekperov


Of course, there could be no disputes about Yusuf's future profession. After completing his studies at a secondary school, Alekperov Jr. became a student at the Russian State University of Gas and Oil. The guy had to join the family business, continue and develop it, while studying, he sought to learn as much as possible about his future work. In 2012, Yusuf Vagitovich graduated from a higher educational institution and became a certified engineer for the operation and development of black gold deposits.

Not so long ago, Yusuf Alekperov shared on Instagram with friends a photo of another diploma - this time he studied management and economics.

Yusuf Alekperov photo


When his son graduated from high school, Vagit Alekperov immediately took up his employment and sent him to work in Siberia. Thus, at the age of 22, Yusuf Alekperov became an employee of his father's enterprise, but did not take a comfortable chair in the office among the board of directors, but went to development as a simple mining operator, after some time of hard work he was promoted to a process engineer.

All the time he worked in Western Siberia, the heir to the king of Lukoil lived in Kogalym, and, as the locals say, no one had such a luxurious Mercedes. By 2015, Yusuf Alekperov was able to change his place of residence and went to mine diamonds in Arkhangelsk, where Lukoil hasan enterprise working in this direction.

Many are interested in why Vagit Alekperov did not make a manager out of his son. The oil tycoon answered this question back in 2013, when in an interview he announced that only an employee who had worked in the company for at least ten years could become the head of a small enterprise. To what extent this law applies to his son, we do not yet know.

Alekperov Yusuf Vagitovich

What happens next?

At the moment, Yusuf Alekperov, whose photo can be seen in this article, owns only 0.13 percent of the shares of his father's enterprise. Vagit Alekperov took care of his enterprise, its prosperity and longevity in advance. In the television program "Big Watch" he said that there was one heir in the will, and that was his son. But the block of shares is indivisible, and Yusuf will not be able to sell it, even a small share. Thus, the stability of the company and its owner is already destined.

Yusuf Alekperov and his girlfriend


A year ago, Alekperov Jr. was considered one of the most enviable suitors. Many girls dreamed of marrying the only heir of one of the owners of the Lukoil company, but not all dreams are destined to come true. In April 2016, Yusuf Vagitovich posted on Instagram the news that he had finally found his one and only, and even married her. From April to May, Yusuf Alekperov and his girlfriend traveled around Spain and posted joint photos, which show that theytruly happy. Alekperov's fiancee is called Alisa Kolesnikova, she is a very beautiful girl, but apart from her date of birth, nothing is known about her.

On March 22 last year, Yusuf Vagitovich shared a photo on the Web, which showed a huge bouquet, where the flowers were arranged in the form of his wife's name. It became clear to everyone that this was an addition to a birthday present.

The newly-born couple can be understood in the sense that they do not spread much about their lives, so nothing is known about Alice. Surely the girl has a lot of spiteful critics, and Yusuf Alekperov is trying his best to protect her from undue attention.

You can find out that the couple is happy from Instagram. Fresh photos of Yusuf, his wife and friends are consistently posted there. He does not get tired of confessing his love to a girl in the descriptions of his personal profile.

Personal interests

Yusuf Alekperov, like a real man, has a passion for cars. There are expensive foreign cars in his fleet, including a Mercedes, which costs fourteen million in the basic configuration alone. There are cars that are tuned and brought to the ideal in a car studio immediately after purchase.

Yusuf Vagitovich admits that he loves speed, fast off-road driving. However, despite his dangerous passion, this man has never been involved in any scandals related to speeding, accidents and other sins.

Yusuf Alekperov biography


Yusuf is the son of one of the richest people not onlyRussia (sixth place in Forbes in 2017), but also in the world (74th place in Forbes in 2017), his fortune is estimated at 14.5 billion dollars. Despite his capital, Vagit Yusufovich (his son's name was given in honor of Vagit Alekperov's father) continues to buy Lukoil shares. Perhaps soon the family fortune will increase, and this is Yusuf's future money.

This guy is a representative of the so-called golden youth, but brought up in strictness. From childhood, he was taught to be responsible for his misdeeds, to rely only on himself, his own competence and intelligence. This explains the fact that Yusuf Vagitovich is not yet one of the leaders, but works in his father's company on general terms. Excellent upbringing explains his calm disposition, restraint in behavior, lack of ostentatious luxury. He leads a measured life, studies a lot and works for the prosperity of the company.

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