Jerry Hall: biography, photo, children

Jerry Hall: biography, photo, children
Jerry Hall: biography, photo, children

Jerry Hall is an American woman known worldwide as a supermodel, actress, ex-wife of rock idol Mick Jagger. Having celebrated her 59th birthday, this amazing woman who gave birth to four children remains a beauty. The star, who has gone through many difficulties, continues to live an active life, is going to marry again and refuses the help of plastic surgeons, preferring to grow old naturally. What curious facts are known about her past and present?

Jerry Hall: childhood years

The celebrity is from Texas, where she was born in 1956. The Jerry Hall family did not belong to the category of prosperous, it was large (five daughters). The father of the child suffered from alcoholism, regularly practiced domestic violence. The mother, who had to take care of five children, could not get a permanent job, so she had to endure the bullying of her husband.

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Throughout childhood salvationfor Jerry Hall remained glossy magazines. She leafed through them to the holes, admired the beautiful fashion models and dreamed of a career in fashion. After graduating from school, she decided to leave the United States, away from her cruel father, to move to France. Having fulfilled her intention, the girl set herself the goal of achieving fame as a fashion model. Fortunately, external data allowed this, since with a height of 183 cm, the young lady in those years weighed only 55 kg.

Modeling career

Caught up in a foreign country, then an unknown girl settled in a hostel. Jerry Hall's path to a modeling career did not turn out to be long and difficult due to her spectacular appearance and figure corresponding to the most strict parameters. A scout of a famous agency discovered the future celebrity on the beach, where she was working on her tan. The beauty immediately received an invitation to attend the casting.

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Hall had to wait no more than three years for real glory. In 1975, her photograph graced the album cover of the then-popular Roxy Music band. The leader of the group liked her so much that he gave her the lead role in the new video. Since then, because of work, there was no time to rest. Jerry Hall's income in his youth amounted to over $ 1,000 a day. She was persuaded to act in film by representatives of the most famous glossy publications, among which were Cosmopolitan, Vogue.

Other achievements

Growing up Jerry understood that a modeling career is also not eternal, like youth. Therefore, when she was offered to try herself as an actress, the famous Americandid not refuse. Hall played her first roles in such famous films as "Princess Karabu", "Batman". Of course, they were not the main ones, but they allowed the model to penetrate the cinema world. In total, the ex-wife of Jagger has more than 20 works in films and TV shows. The projects "Married with children", "Hotel Babylon" brought her the greatest fame.

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What did Jerry Hall, whose photo in different age periods can be seen in this article, do, in addition to filming a movie? Fans of the model will be able to find out the most interesting information about her life thanks to her own autobiographical story, called Tall Tales. The theatrical sphere did not go unnoticed by this active woman. A brilliant debut for her was the production of "Collet", where she was entrusted with the role of the mistress of a young fashion model.

Jerry Hall also managed to be a TV presenter. Her most famous project was released in 2005. We are talking about the Kept show, where a date with her was a kind of prize for single men who fought for him.

Private life

The star's first husband was musician Bryan Ferry, whom she agreed to marry in 1975. However, the marriage quickly fell apart. According to gossip, Jerry left her husband for Mick Jagger, who at one of the fashion parties charmed her with a charming smile and the ability to recite poetry. For the sake of a new passion, the rock musician also divorced his wife Bianca.

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The marriage of lovers took place only in1990, since Jagger did not want to enter into a formal union for a long time. The relationship of the star couple all these years was not simple, they survived several breaks associated with Mick's betrayals and reunions. They got married after the birth of their son and daughter. After the wedding, two more children were born in the family.

Family happiness did not last long. Jerry Hall decided to break up when she found out about the pregnancy of her husband's next mistress. The dissolution of the marriage took place in 1999.

Children of Hall and Jagger

The supermodel and rock musician has 4 common children: Elizabeth, James, Georgia and Gabriel. The girls followed in the footsteps of their mother, participate in fashion shows and appear on the covers of glossy magazines. Elizabeth achieved the greatest success by signing a contract with the Lankom brand, replacing Uma Thurman as the face of the company. Son James became an actor, so far he has only episodic roles.

And that's not all there is to tell about Jerry Hall. Children play an important role in her life, but she does not forget about her happiness. In 2015, the supermodel began an affair with billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the couple recently announced their intention to marry.

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