City of St. Petersburg, Admir alteisky district: MFC

City of St. Petersburg, Admir alteisky district: MFC
City of St. Petersburg, Admir alteisky district: MFC

The state structure serving the Admir alteisky district, the MFC, provides assistance to the population. In each window of the organization you can get qualified advice on any issues in the social sphere. Through government representatives, you can leave applications for a policy, a replacement passport. Support is also provided for activating website accounts

General information

The public service serves not only the Admir alteisky district. The MFC is also interesting for other citizens of the city of St. Petersburg in that in one window of the unit you can get the necessary certificates and extracts on real estate, apply for certificates of a pension account, view existing fines. Multifunctional centers help to register several objects at once in the property by pre-ordered registration of the transaction in one window.

admir alteisky district mfc

The service serving the Admir alteisky district, MFC, has its own courier office that helps citizens deliver documentation for processing transactions. Supports the work of the center electronic version of the automated information system created and controlledexecutive bodies of municipal government.

What services can I get at the center?

The state structure serving the Admir alteysky district, the MFC, attracts people with its extensive list of services provided. They include the possibility of obtaining a cadastral passport, contacting the USRR, tax, traffic police databases and much more.

address of the MFC of the Admir alteisky district

What other services can you get:

  • Through the MFC, communication is carried out with almost all authorities. The appeal can be transferred on the spot or receive a response with a notification by phone.
  • Specialists of the service help to apply for permission for earthworks in the city of St. Petersburg, deal with issues of improving living conditions.
  • At the request of citizens, communication with state authorities is carried out. Full details of the progress of the review process are available upon request.

Address of the MFC Admir alteisky district: St. Petersburg, st. Sadovaya 55-57, index 190068.

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