Yuri Dud: biography and personal life of a journalist

Yuri Dud: biography and personal life of a journalist
Yuri Dud: biography and personal life of a journalist

Recently, many Internet users are interested in the biography of Yuri Dudya. It is not surprising: this guy managed to become one of the top Runet video bloggers in a short period of time, each video of which is watched by millions of people. It’s worth saying right away that finding any information related to the biography of Yuri Dudya is quite difficult, since he tries not to talk about his personal life once again. Anyway, we managed to get some interesting facts that die-hard fans of this vlogger will surely want to know.

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Yuri Dud. Who is this?

Yuri Dud is a well-known sports journalist, editor-in-chief of the popular website Sports.ru, and more recently a YouTube blogger specializing in various interviews with celebrities. Yuri reached the peak of his popularity precisely thanks to the Vdud show, which he releases on the YouTube video resource.


Let's go directly to the biography. Journalist Yuri Dud was born on October 11, 1986 in the German city of Potsdam. Then this city was part of the German Democratic Republic. Despite the place of birth, Yuri by nationality isUkrainian, which surprises many of his fans who are interested in his biography. Yuri Dud's parents were forced to move to the Russian Federation in the early 90s.

The future journalist began to experience love for sports in his youth, when he studied at a Moscow school. It was then that Yuri became very interested in football and firmly decided that he would connect his life with him. Unfortunately or fortunately, Dudya's football career did not work out, because he suffered from bronchial asthma. Nevertheless, the love of football did not disappear anywhere, and Yuri began to write notes on the subject of sports. In this area, he managed to achieve some success, and already at school age he began writing articles for several publications, including Izvestia and Segodnya.

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There is not much to say about this part of Yuri Dudya's biography. After graduating from school, he began to receive a journalistic education at Moscow State University. He officially graduated in 2008.

Work in official media

In 2007, Dudya was hired by the popular sports publication PRO Sport.

2011 was a landmark year in the biography of Yuri Dudya, because it was during this time period that an unprecedented leap took place in his professional journalistic career. In 2011, he began working on the NTV + TV channel, participating in the radio broadcasts of the City-FM station, acting on an ongoing basis in the program Headbutt on the Russia 2 channel, and alsocooperate with the Sports.ru resource, where he works to this day.

2015 was marked by a new addition to Dud's journalistic achievements. This year he began to host the TV show "Cult Tour" on the channel "Match TV".

In 2016, Yuri received the title of Person of the Year from the famous glossy magazine GQ.

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Vlogging career

February 7, 2017, there was another turning point in Dud's career. On this day, the official debut of his Internet show called "Vdud".

"Vdud" is Yuri's original project, in which he communicates with various celebrities. It can be both people who are personally interesting to him, and the stars that the subscribers of his channel wanted to see. The activities of the invited guests can be completely different: there were politicians, video bloggers, musicians, and many other interesting personalities in Dud's program. The main feature of this show is the almost complete lack of censorship. The guests of the program can well afford to say some kind of swear word, while not being afraid that it will be stuttered or cut out during the editing of the release.

Another feature of the show is the host's unusual questions. Yuri tries to avoid frankly boring journalistic clichés and sometimes asks very tricky and provocative questions to his guests, which are far from always possible to answer the first time. Such provocations quite often develop into interesting and lively discussions, whichattract the attention of many visitors to YouTube video hosting.

The "Vdud" program can deservedly be called the peak of Yuri Dud's career. If before its release he was known mainly among sports fans (especially among football fans), now every second advanced Internet user who is interested in modern trends knows his name.

The most important thing is that the popularity of "Vdud" does not fall at all, but, on the contrary, only increases exponentially. The views of each video exceed one million, and more and more people subscribe to the channel every day. In addition, Yuri can be called the pioneer of the interview genre on YouTube. It was after the release of his show that similar programs began to appear in which some presenter communicates with famous personalities.

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Biography of Yuri Dudya: personal life

As mentioned earlier, Yuri Dud is one of those people who do not like to spread information about their personal lives. But nevertheless, we still know some facts, and you will learn about them below.

When it comes to the biography of Yuri Dudya, the wife of this journalist interests everyone the most. This may surprise someone, but Yuri is a really married person. In addition, he even has two children. Dudya's wife's name is Olga, and the kids are Alena and Danil. In honor of his son, he even got a tattoo on his right arm.

Interesting facts

  1. The authenticity of the surname "Dud" is one of the topics that is morejust interested in fans of Yuri, studying his biography. The father of Yuri Dud really had the surname Dud, so she is not a creative pseudonym of the journalist.
  2. Approximately 20,000 Russian rubles are spent on filming one episode of the Vdud show.
  3. The introductory song for the program was performed by the well-known network musical group "Khleb".
  4. Yury's favorite genre of music is punk rock. The popular journalist is a frequenter of various festivals and rock concerts.
  5. Since the debut of the "Vdud" program, more than 30 episodes have been released, in which visitors were only males. At the end of October 2017, a woman finally came to the show, namely Ksenia Sobchak. The TV presenter spoke about her attitude towards certain politicians, and also shared the details of her presidential program.
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Dudya's earnings

"How much do you earn?" - this question is heard so often in Yuri's program that he, in fact, has become his integral feature, without which the show would simply be inferior.

But how much does Yuri Dud himself earn? For a long time, the presenter tried to avoid this question, but at some point he decided to answer it. According to the journalist himself, his earnings from all his creative activities range from half a million to a million Russian rubles. Whether this information is reliable or not is up to you.

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As you can see, the biography of Yuri Dudya was full ofvarious interesting and significant events. The work of this video blogger can be treated differently. Someone likes his work, someone, on the contrary, annoys her, but the fact remains: Yuri Dud is one of the most sought-after journalists and video bloggers today, and each episode of his show breaks all records for views.

You were given information about the most unusual and outrageous interviewer in the Russian media space. We hope that from this article you have learned many interesting facts that you did not know before.

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