Museums of Elabuga and its outstanding personalities

Museums of Elabuga and its outstanding personalities
Museums of Elabuga and its outstanding personalities

Yelabuga is an old merchant town with a thousand-year history. The name of this place is associated with the names of such prominent artists as landscape painter Ivan Shishkin and poetess Marina Tsvetaeva. In their honor, memorial complexes have been created in the city, where anyone can get acquainted with the history of their life.

What other museums in Yelabuga would be interesting to visit?

Museum of famous artist

In Elabuga there is a one-of-a-kind house-museum dedicated to the Russian artist I. I. Shishkin. In it, the future painter spent his childhood and youth, it was here that his rich creative path began. This place is interesting not only for its famous resident, but also for its interior, which reflected the atmosphere of the Russian merchants of that time.

View of Elabuga Shishkin

The Shishkin Museum in Yelabuga is a two-story house located in the historical center of the city near the Toyma River. The first floor is represented by a series of rooms: a large and small living room, the study of the artist's father, a dining room and a buffet. In the large living room solemnlyreceived guests, and the small living room served as a gathering place for the large family of the painter. The exposition of the second floor is an exhibition of the artist's paintings, his bedroom and workshop. Here you can not only see the original paintings and graphic works of the artist, but also plunge into the atmosphere of the life of the great master.

Not far from the house-museum in Yelabuga, the world's only monument to Shishkin is installed. The monument is located on a small hill, from where the painter seems to admire the father's house and the beauty of his native places, which he displayed in his paintings.

Monument to Shishkin in Yelabuga

Additional information

This museum in Yelabuga is located on Naberezhnaya Street 12. It is open from 9 am to 6 pm all days except Monday. The entrance ticket costs 200 rubles.

Melancholy Poet's Memorial Complex

M. I. Tsvetaeva lived in Yelabuga with her son in the summer of 1941. In memory of her, a memorial complex was created, which consists of several interesting places:

  • Memorial Square, where the bronze bust of the writer was placed.
  • Literary Museum in her honor.
  • The Silver Age Library, which contains the works of many figures of that era.
  • Intercession Church, where every year on August 31, on the day of the death and memory of Marina Tsvetaeva, a memorial service is served.
  • Peter and Paul cemetery, where the poetess is buried.
  • Portomoynya Museum - Tsvetaeva most likely came here for clean artesian water.

House of Memory

Bronze bust of Tsvetaeva in Yelabuga

Tsvetaeva lived in the house of the Brodelshchikov family for only 12 days, but now all fans of her work know about this place. Today, the atmosphere of those days is reproduced with maximum accuracy. In addition to household items of the owners of the house, in one of the rooms there are unpacked suitcases of the poetess with her beret on them. Her knitted plaid lies casually on the sofa. One gets the impression that it is August 1941, and the recently arrived roommate is about to return to sort out her things.

A writer's notebook occupies a special place in the museum's exposition. She was found after the tragic death of Tsvetaeva. On August 31, she committed suicide in this house.

How to get there

The Museum in Yelabuga is located at Malaya Pokrovskaya, 20. It is also open from 9 am to 6 pm.

Museum of the Heroine of the Patriotic War

Nadezhda Durova photo

Nadezhda Durova, a participant in the Patriotic War of 1812, a famous female cavalryman, lived in Yelabuga for 30 years. She was an outstanding personality of her era, as well as a writer whose work was appreciated by such masters of their craft as Pushkin and Belinsky.

The atmosphere of a brilliant and heroic era has been preserved in the house. The exposition is represented by five halls, each of which reflects a certain stage in the life of an amazing woman. Here you can get acquainted with the childhood years of Durova's life, with the military period, as well as with the literary, or Yelabuga. Unfortunately, the heroine's memorabilia waslost, but visitors can look at samples of her uniforms, as well as unique correspondence with Pushkin and excerpts from her Notes.

Finding the museum

House of Memory of Nadezhda Durova is located at Moskovskaya, 123. Opening hours: from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday is a day off.

Local history complex

Yelabuga photo

The complex combines several museums of Yelabuga at once: the Museum of Urban History, the Traktir Museum, the Exhibition Hall and interactive workshops. It is located in the merchant's house of A.F. Nikolaev and in the shopping malls built in the middle of the 19th century.

Here visitors can learn more about the long history of Yelabuga and Russian taverns, try national dishes, look at works of art of various genres, as well as watch the work of skilled artisans, even try their hand at needlework.

Location of the complex

Museums are located on Kazanskaya Street 26. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00.

Other interesting places in the city

Ancient Yelabuga photo

All museums of the city are united in the state museum-reserve of Yelabuga. It also includes other fascinating places:

  • Museum of County Medicine named after V. M. Bekhterev.
  • Museum of Yelabuga merchants.
  • Yelabuzhskoye settlement, located near the city.

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