Is a serious person happy?

Is a serious person happy?
Is a serious person happy?

Hundreds of pages, articles, books have been written about the dangers of eternal worry and the benefits of laughter. However, we remain convinced that only a serious person can be successful. The one who walks in a classic suit is always neat, wears glasses, drives an expensive foreign car, is never late and does not play the fool. However, is it really so? What is the harm of exceptional severity?

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First of all, let's define what we mean by this quality. A serious person does not neglect anything - neither important things, nor principles, nor trifles. He is sure that everything in life has a meaning, purpose and a certain value. He is sure that everything can be kept under control, and an accident can only happen during a natural disaster. He does not like to waste precious minutes on trifles. Time is money. A serious person is distrustful, he checks and controls not only himself, but also others. He rarely relaxes, because he believes that he must always be ready. He usually has a high level of anxiety. However, is the seriousHuman? That's the problem, that he does not know how to stop and enjoy success. He is most often demanding, and any result does not satisfy him, because "it could have been done better." No, of course, you cannot completely discount a responsible attitude to life.

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However, for loved ones, a very serious person is most often a punishment. It combines pessimism, fatalism and hyperresponsibility syndrome. Therefore, such people are prone to various diseases, primarily of the cardiovascular system, as well as the gastrointestinal tract.

How to help such people? They should learn to relax and rest. And do it without guilt, without constant control of the situation. All kinds of auto-training and psychological seminars help to learn to treat life with great confidence and optimism. Laughter therapy can also play a good role. Of course, a serious young man, aiming for a great future, would consider it foolish to waste time watching comedies or just having fun.

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But it is important to understand that you cannot take the whole burden of responsibility for yourself and others, for all the things that need to be done. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow for a while. A lot of strength and energy is taken away from us by something that does not really depend on our will. A sense of humor in any situation is a better helper than hypertrophied responsibility. Even more: if the desire to succeed at all costs is too great, it cansuppress all creative impulses, paralyze energy.

A person who is focused on results forgets about the process itself. He neglects the simple worldly joys and pleasures. So, having reached the top of the mountain, with a high probability he will not be able to rejoice at this success either. After all, all the energy was spent on achieving the goal. After him, devastation may come, which often turns into depression. Otherwise, it is called burnout syndrome. It is worth constantly reminding yourself that you cannot redo all the affairs, you cannot earn all the money, and life is one and only. And learn to experience pleasure.

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