Alla Levushkina, surgeon: biography, achievements and interesting facts

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Alla Levushkina, surgeon: biography, achievements and interesting facts
Alla Levushkina, surgeon: biography, achievements and interesting facts

Alla Levushkina is a surgeon. Her date of birth is 1928! This heroic woman with a big heart is so dedicated to her profession that she still performs surgeries to this day. Queues always line up at her office.

Briefly about the heroine of the article

Just think about it: Alla Levushkina is an 87-year-old surgeon, and a practicing one! She is a laureate of the highest standard award for a doctor - "Vocation". Needless to say, when she was presented with an award, a huge hall, which could not accommodate everyone, applauded her while standing?

alla levushkina surgeon
alla levushkina surgeon

And the modest surgeon Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina treated what was happening with indescribable calmness. After all, how else? The task of a doctor is to treat people well and only in this way. A sense of humor and inexhaustible optimism help in this hard work.

Before college

Alla's father worked as a forester in the Meshchersky forests.

Alla Levushkina is a surgeon from Ryazan. Her mother at one time worked as a school teacher. She received her education before the revolution, and the changes in the country, especially the new ideology, were alien to her. Alla Levushkina (surgeon) recalled that her mother had to change her qualifications: she becamefinance worker.

Alla Levushkina (surgeon) had an older brother, whose name was Anatoly (he worked in the field of poetry).

Out of her entire family, only her aunt was a doctor, but even she did not influence the choice of the girl's profession.

Alla Levushkina (an 87-year-old surgeon from Ryazan) loved to read as a child. Once she came across the work of Vikenty Vikentievich Veresaev “Notes of a Doctor”. After reading the book, she realized that she had to become a doctor. Her decision was also greatly influenced by other authors who studied to be a doctor, but preferred the writing field - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov.

Note that the biography of the surgeon Alla Levushkina could be completely different - a little earlier, the girl really wanted to become a famous geologist. Fortunately for all medicine, the magical world of rocks never opened up to her.

While studying

In 1946, Alla Levushkina (an 87-year-old surgeon from Ryazan, as we know, and at that time a seventeen-year-old girl) enters the Second Moscow Institute named after Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (formerly named after Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov). A year earlier, she failed to become a student. Alla had to work this time in a pedagogical educational institution in her native Ryazan.

alla levushkina biography
alla levushkina biography

Education in the post-war years was quite difficult. The winters were cold, and there was often not enough money for food. Often had to make a difficult choice between paying the fare and buying a cake. For traveling without a ticket, I even had to visit the local police station. But the duty officer treated the situation with understanding and let the students go to study the most complex sciences.

Surviving alone in the hostel was almost impossible. The students were friendly and always shared "treasures", which were sometimes sent by parents and relatives. Everyone was happy with our usual potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers. A true celebration was the appearance within the walls of the hostel of meat - pork, beef, or fish of any kind.

Alla Levushkina, a surgeon with great experience, knows firsthand how you can cook several different dishes for several days from just one skinny chicken carcass.

The learning process was very intense and interesting, because the lectures were given by doctors who have been saving people on the military fields over the past few years. The teachers' instructions, based on real experience, helped. Alla Levushkina (her biography cannot be described in a few sentences on one page) is now glad of this fact, because she was ready for almost any situation immediately after graduation.

First years after graduation

Levushkina Alla Ilyinichna, a surgeon whose biography will continue to reveal facts worthy of respect to us, continues her studies in distant Tuva. The republic had just joined the Soviet Union, and a Russian person in those parts was quite rare.

A promising graduate was expected to have a brilliant career in the capital, but she turned down Boris Petrovsky himself, the future Minister of He alth.

levushkina alla ilyinichna surgeon biography
levushkina alla ilyinichna surgeon biography

Alla remembered her thirst for adventure and travel, and the measured metropolitan life the young doctor chose an unknown land for her. This was her distribution.

Romance in a distant land was more than enough. The young specialist was sent to the most distant settlements. There were no roads, and often had to get on horses, which the doctor was very fond of. Already in those years, just starting her medical practice, Alla Levushkina was a surgeon who could confidently perform complex operations, not to mention the “standard” ones to remove a hernia or appendicitis.

Further work

After five years, Alla returns to her native Ryazan. And again, her life is connected with adventure and travel. As a specialist, she was attached to the air ambulance.

The total experience of raids on helicopters and aircraft of various models exceeded thirty years. The pilots joked that she herself could take the helm and receive badges for seniority and flying hours.

Here is such a versatile personality Alla Levushkina. The biography of a strong woman is full of interesting stories, which have accumulated a lot over the years. The most memorable were landing in a beautiful clearing to pick flowers, and literally jumping into an ambulance over the heads of the wolves.

Levushkina Alla Ilyinichna is a surgeon whose biography was associated with daily flights. But she was very pleased with her work. Most importantly, she was able to constantly communicate with new people and personally knew all the doctors in the area.

The generalist surgeon is not very willing to talk about what time to bringthe patient was often not enough to go to the hospital, and operations had to be carried out in a barn, stable, even in an open field in the rain. The layman does not understand how great the risk is in this case. But it is all the more pleasant to receive flowers from a rescued and fully recovered patient who meets his savior after a while with the most sincere words of gratitude.

New line of work

In the early sixties, there was not a single proctologist in the entire Ryazan region. The work is not prestigious, difficult, very painstaking, and there were simply no people willing to go to study at the courses. Except, of course, Alla Ilyinichna!

Getting into training did not work right away. Due to the illness of her mother, Alla was forced to refuse a tempting offer. What was her surprise when, after a while, she found out that there were simply no people willing to study in the entire region!

It was an opportunity that was impossible to miss. Many dissuaded the girl, believing that this direction of medicine was not for her. The decisive factor was the conviction of one of his colleagues, who said that the height of 152 centimeters for a doctor is simply ideal for interventions of this kind.

The main achievement, according to Alla herself, is that many patients who were considered hopeless lived a happy life for another 20-30 years after the operation. That's why it was worth going into the profession.

Modern medicine greatly facilitates the work of a doctor with sophisticated equipment and a significant number of instruments.

alla levushkina 87 year old surgeon fromRyazan
alla levushkina 87 year old surgeon fromRyazan

Fifty years ago, doctors performed operations almost by touch. It was truly complex and precious work.

Almost seventy years of experience

In the last year alone, Alla Ilyinichna personally performed more than a hundred operations. On average, one intervention every four days.

The doctor notes that proctology is a very sensitive issue, and many people put off going to the doctor until the last minute.

Thus, situations are provoked in which it is no longer possible to get by with medication alone. Advanced cases, and especially oncological ones, require urgent surgical intervention. Zero deaths over the past year eloquently shows how great the genius of this kind and very responsible woman is.

biography of the surgeon alla levushkina
biography of the surgeon alla levushkina

Despite her age, Alla Ilyinichna devotes herself to medicine four days a week. This is not an office job filling out cards. The woman actively accepts patients who line up to her office from the very early morning, and then performs operations with her own hands. She has a kind word for everyone, regardless of gender, age, marital status or illness.

People's love

Even before the presentation of the honorary award, the doctor was actively recognized on the streets by former patients, their children, friends and relatives. Many smile affably, give flowers, express words of gratitude. Not without strong hugs and kisses.

surgeon levushkina alla ilyinichna
surgeon levushkina alla ilyinichna

Once a former patientdid not calculate and squeezed Alla Ilyinichna with such force that the doctor herself had to turn to colleagues about the aching pain in her side - these were three broken ribs. But the doctor cannot hold a grudge against people because of his kindness, and therefore she has long forgiven her negligent boyfriend for a spontaneous surge of emotions.

Attitude towards today's medical students and universities

Alla Ilyinichna is extremely concerned about the attitude of students to study and medical practice as such. A woman sadly says that for many yesterday's students, the primary desire is to earn money, and not to help people. All applicants should think about the fact that a doctor is first of all a vocation, round-the-clock work on oneself, constant self-education and advanced training, as well as a great sense of compassion. You need to love people very much to decide to become a doctor.

Attitude towards medical examination

Alla Ilyinichna is sincerely perplexed about the fact that the medical examination is now treated extremely formally, more like a formal reply than a real opportunity to identify the problem.

alla levushkina surgeon from ryazan
alla levushkina surgeon from ryazan

Despite the enormous possibilities of modern medicine, there are a lot of neglected diseases precisely because of the negligent attitude to he alth on the part of both patients and their employers. An experienced doctor encourages everyone to do a timely examination and fix problems at the stage when it is most easy to do.

Recognized genius

For almost seventy years of work experience, AllaIlyinichna never aspired to awards, promotions and leadership positions. Only for a short time she became the head of the proctology department, but she gladly transferred this position to younger and more ambitious colleagues. Filling out a pile of paperwork seems like a waste of time to her, which could have diagnosed a hidden disease.

The big award didn't come as much of a surprise. The Doctor took the news philosophically. The only thing Alla Ilyinichna was worried about was how she, so tiny and fragile, could carry away a huge figurine and a heavy folder.

Fortunately, there were enough people willing to help the honored specialist. Good people helped a good person. As, however, and always.


Helping people is not the only vocation of Alla Ilyinichna. The content of a courageous woman is a lot of animals - cats, dogs. Of course, everyone is picked up on the streets. Hungry, cold, sick. Only thanks to caring hands can they still enjoy the white light.

Alla Ilyinichna also takes care of the birds. The birds have already memorized the location of the windows of the famous surgeon and are looking forward to the onset of lunchtime.

Of course, tomorrow is a new working day! What kind of pension can there be when there is still so much work?!