Alexandra Kabaeva: career, personal life and interesting facts

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Alexandra Kabaeva: career, personal life and interesting facts
Alexandra Kabaeva: career, personal life and interesting facts

Alexandra Kabaeva (real name Alina Kabaeva) is a model, dancer and popular blogger on the Internet. Participant of popular clips and photo sessions. Since 2016, the wife of the famous Thai boxer Alexander Lipovoy.

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Alexandra was born on May 12, 1993 in a small town - Nizhny Tagil. Sasha's parents are simple workers. She also has a sister, Karina, who is 7 years younger and just finished school.

As a child, she was very fond of dancing, so her parents sent her to a dance club. The girl studied at a regular school for one fours and fives. Therefore, many believed that she would continue her studies at a higher educational institution. However, this was not destined to come true. Alexandra Kabaeva was categorically against entering and wasting five years at the institute.

At the same time, since childhood, she dreamed of conquering Moscow, of being completely independent of her parents. However, later she admitted that for a long time she did not dare to tell her parents about this, she thought that they would be against her leaving the city. Immediately after the prom, she told her parents about her plans, they were notagainst her free swimming.

Mystery of the name

Model Alexandra Kabaeva

Only a few people know that Alexandra Kabaeva was not always Sasha. Her parents named her Alina. However, she admits that she always did not like this name, so at school and on the street she asked to be called Sasha. When asked why she does not change her name in her passport, she replies that the choice of the parents who named her that is important to her. Therefore, she is not going to change her name officially.

The beginning of the creative path

When Sasha arrived in Moscow, she did not immediately become popular. At first she had to work as a dancer in one of the Moscow clubs. Thanks to this, she saved up for her first car.

Career in the modeling business did not start immediately. At first she starred for not very popular magazines. Serious work began in 2015, when Evgeny Gavrilov noticed it. After that, she decided to open her own channel on YouTube, called "Happy Boar". Today it is very popular among video hosting users.

Also, Alexandra Kabaeva maintains pages in various social networks. The most popular account is on Instagram, where she has more than 500 thousand subscribers, including both Russian and foreign users.

Private life

Kabaeva in a wedding dress with a sister

Often, Sasha was credited with novels with famous artists and video bloggers. However, only one of them was confirmed: an affair with Alexander Lipov,who later became her husband.

Sasha has a big age difference with her husband. However, as she herself says, this does not interfere with their relationship. A happy marriage is confirmed by numerous joint photos of Alexandra Kabaeva and her husband on social networks. The couple plans to have a baby soon.

Tattoos and plastic surgery

Probably, it's no secret to anyone that Kabaeva has done several plastic surgeries. She enlarged her breasts, corrected the shape of her nose and made plump lips. The model spoke about this more than once in her video blog.

Also, Sasha is the owner of several tattoos that make her unusual appearance even more spectacular.

Kabaeva with her husband

Interesting facts from the biography of Alexandra Kabaeva

Sasha has a luxurious figure - 88-58-96. In addition, she has a model height of 180 cm.

Due to dance lessons as a child, she moves very well. This is what made her work for SohoRooms.

The girl was credited with novels with Timati, Evgeny Gavrilov, Amiran Sardarov and other Russian stars.

Sasha's first car is a Mercedes. Notably, she was stripped of her driving license in 2016.

Alexandra Kabaeva is often invited by famous video bloggers and artists to participate in photo shoots and videos. Among them are "Black Star Mafia", Timati, Ksenia Borodina and others.

The model is actively involved in charity work. She often visits animal shelters and orphanages.

Kabaeva with her husband Alexander

Kabaeva's favorite animals are husky dogs. So she recently got herself a four-legged friend of this breed, who often becomes the hero of her blog and Instagram posts.

The girl is also very fond of pandas. As she herself admitted, she would not mind getting one bear as a pet. For this reason, every holiday, relatives try to please her with plush pandas, of which she has already accumulated several dozen.

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