Maxim Kononenko, journalist: biography, career

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Maxim Kononenko, journalist: biography, career
Maxim Kononenko, journalist: biography, career

Journalist Maxim Kononenko (Vesti FM) is known for his scandalous statements and views. His biography is full of contradictions and unconfirmed facts, he creates a wide variety of myths and legends around himself in order to shock the public. We will tell you authentically about how Maxim Kononenko lives, whose biography raises many questions from the general public.

Early period

Future journalist Maxim Kononenko was born on March 13, 1971 in the far northern city of Apatity. Nothing is known about his childhood. The journalist himself offers the public conflicting information about his origins. According to one version, his grandfather's name was Moses, and his last name was Ivanov. At the same time, Kononenko categorically denies his Jewish origin. He claims that his family originates from the Don Cossacks and Old Believers. According to another version, his distant relative was the hero of the civil war, the White Guard Sergei Markov, this information was documented refuted. According to the third versionKononenko claims to be a Martian by nationality.

All this information is given out in order to fill the fog and hide the true picture of reality. It is authentically known that Maxim lived in Apatity until 1988, and after that he moved to Moscow, with which his whole subsequent life is connected.

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Upon arrival in Moscow Kononenko Maksim goes to study at the Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation. Later, he studied for two more years at the Maxim Gorky Literary Institute. Kononenko successfully applied both educations in his professional activities.

Beginning of a professional path

While still studying at MIREA, Kononenko got a job at the InterEVM company, then moved to the computer department of the Steepler company. Before graduating from the Institute of Radio Engineering, he managed to work in his future speci alty in several companies.

In 1996, he went to work for the IT company ParaGraph. This is a famous Russian company created by Russian scientists during the times of general diversification. Her portfolio included contracts with such giants as Apple, Microsoft, Disney. Later, Maxim moves to ParallelGraphics. This enterprise was created on the basis of the ParaGraph company. The firm was engaged in three-dimensional graphics, Internet technologies, on its account, cooperation with the Boeing company, with European and Russian space services. Kononenko worked in this enterprise for more than 10 years as a lead programmer.

By virtue of itsspeci alty Maxim was well versed in the peculiarities of Internet communications, so Kononenko decided to connect his future activities with the network, but he did not want to be only a programmer, although he did it brilliantly. In 2000, the network competition ROTOR (Russian Online TOR) awarded him the title of "Programmer of the Year" and "Person of the Year".

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Journalist career

In parallel with her work as a programmer, Kononenko conducts her own review of Russian popular music "Russian POP" on the Internet. This review attracted a huge number of readers. Writing activity greatly attracted Kononenko, it was not in vain that he studied at the Literary Institute. In 1995, Maxim takes part in the network competition of writers "Tenet" with the story "Tango" and wins it. Since 200, he has been writing his own column on the website. In 2001, he was invited to the newly opened edition of the "Newspaper" to maintain a page about pop music.

Having found his second calling, Kononenko with incredible activity began to participate in a wide variety of projects, their list is very long. For some time he worked as the editor-in-chief of the Bourgeois Journal and the newspaper Re: Aktsiya, he also created his own newspaper Idiot.Ru and worked as an author and technical editor in it. Later, Maxim Vitalievich begins cooperation with Vesti FM radio. First, he leads the heading "Replica" there. Later it was transformed into "Maxim Kononenko's View". In this program, he expresses his opinion about various events. His position is almost alwaysprovocative and unorthodox. Work on the radio "Vesti FM" brought the journalist fame among a wider audience, because earlier he was more popular on the Internet.

In 2005, Kononenko comes to television. He becomes co-host of Gleb Pavlovsky in the Real Politics program on NTV. In 2009, on the same channel, he opens his own program "Collection of Nonsense".

Since 2016, Maxim Kononenko, a journalist with a controversial reputation, has been a columnist for the Novosti news agency and RT in Russian.

Kononenko has several published books. Stories about Vladimir Vladimirovich were published as a separate publication, and works in the genres of science fiction, humorous prose and alternative history were also published.

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Internet projects

Even in his first year at MIREA, Maksim Kononenko started his own pages on the Internet under the nickname Parker, in honor of the pen given to him by his girlfriend. So Maksim entered the history of Runet as "Mr. Parker". It is not in vain that he is called the pioneer of the Russian Internet, as he was one of the first to participate in many Internet projects.

In 1995, Maxim opens his first site "Mr. Parker's Crazy House". On it, he published many copyright materials, including his own music review.

He is known for his humorous projects, Kill Pushkin. Since 2002, Kononenko has been running a very famous website “Vladimir Vladimirovich. ru”, where he published fictitious parody stories from the life of Putin.The site stopped adding content in 2014.

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Great fame Kononenko brought a page in the "LiveJournal". A distinctive feature of Kononenko's texts was the large presence of obscene language and the defiant position of the author. Several times Maxim Vitalyevich's page was blocked by the LiveJournal administration, the reason was calls for doghanism and an attack on Great Britain. The journalist closed his blog and began to post his texts on the site named after himself.

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Private life

Maxim Kononenko doesn't like to talk about his private life. It is known that he was married to a girl named Catherine, an architect by profession. She was doing a project for a house that a journalist was going to build in 2005. The couple has a son named Gleb. Not so long ago, Kononenko was outraged on the Web that his son had to learn the text of the anthem of the Russian Federation, which the journalist categorically did not like. Nothing is reliably known about the existence of other children with Maxim Vitalyevich, as well as whether the spouses continue to live together.

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Interesting facts

Maxim Kononenko is a scandalous and outrageous personality, many high-profile stories are associated with him. On the Web, he is known for his politically incorrect and obscene statements. So, Kononenko called for the inclusion of Ukraine and Belarus in Russia. After the death of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, he is on his websiteannounced an obituary competition. With all this, Kononenko is an active philanthropist, he holds campaigns to raise money for sick children.

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