Obama's Nobel Prize: reasons, preconditions

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Obama's Nobel Prize: reasons, preconditions
Obama's Nobel Prize: reasons, preconditions

The Nobel Prize is a very prestigious award. And to obtain it, a person must work hard for the benefit of science and the world. In 2009, the jury awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama. For what? We will analyze in this article.

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What did Obama get the Nobel Prize for?

Barack Obama became President of the United States in 2009. Then he was awarded the Nobel Prize. He was nominated for it "For the great efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." That was the verdict of the election commission.

It is noteworthy that it passes a strict selection and is top secret. There are about three thousand jury members, if you can call them that, for each nomination. And many of these influencers in 2009 considered Barack Obama a suitable candidate for the award. And this opinion is quite fair, because the American president has made many positive steps.

Domestic policy

Election of BarackObama as president came as a shock to many citizens of the US and other states. For the first time in the history of America, it was led by a black man. With interest they watched the actions of one of the most powerful people in the world. And his policy was aimed at humanism.

Barack Obama already at the beginning of his career took care of the growth of his prestige. On January 22, 2009 (on the second day of his reign), he issued a decree closing the prison for suspected terrorists. Obama's Nobel Prize was awarded in part for this act. This prison was located at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay, it had a reputation for being a terrible place in which prisoners were treated with amazing cruelty. It is worth mentioning that despite the presidential decree, the prison was not closed. Only four years later some of the prisoners left it. However, this move was still very human.

Jail at Guantanamo Bay

The 2008 crisis hit the world's hegemon, the United States, the hardest. Barack Obama, having come to power, first of all began to eliminate its consequences. He created a new bill: 819 billion US dollars were to generate economic growth, and create a huge number of jobs (about 4 million) in a few years. Part of the funds was planned to be spent on improving education, he althcare and energy. Thus, Barack Obama tried to save the US from the crisis. And the states could save the rest of the world.

Barack Obama is a public figure. And already on the ninth of February, he held the first press conference, at which he answered many questions,public interest.

Foreign policy

The Nobel Prize for Obama was given for his significant contribution to conflict resolution around the world. In his election campaign, he said that he was going to withdraw troops from Iraq, as well as start negotiations with Iran. He kept many of his campaign promises. The policy aimed at such a stabilization of the world situation became a good reason for the approval of his candidacy by the Nobel Prize jury.

US flag

However, US troops have not been withdrawn from Afghanistan. Moreover, in the same 2009, 17,000 new military personnel were added there. To be fair, it should be noted that the situation in Afghanistan is very confusing, and therefore this step cannot be regarded as unambiguously negative. Moreover, agreements were signed with Russia that allowed America to supply military supplies through its territory.

Obama's own reaction to receiving the award

According to the US leader, the Nobel Prize was awarded to him completely in vain. Considerable emphasis was placed on the promises of the first black president to reduce the nuclear arsenal and settle as many military conflicts as possible. It is noteworthy that the Nobel Prize for Obama, as head of state, is not exceptional. He is the third president to receive such an award (after Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson)

Nobel Prize

Is everything going smoothly?

Of course, everyone can make many promises. Obama was given the Nobel Prize in many ways for them. and how aboutdoing what has been said? Here everything is somewhat more complicated, we will analyze in more detail. It is worth making a remark that only a small part of the first presidential term is considered, because we are discussing only the Nobel Prize, and not the whole policy of Barack Obama.

Conflicts in Asia (in particular, in Iraq and Afghanistan) were the cornerstone of the president's campaign promises. In fact, everything was not so. Obama made promises to end the war in Iraq immediately after his inauguration as president. In fact, having taken a leading position, he made the statement that the end of the conflict is expected in 18 months. The Guantanamo prison, where the prisoners were treated simply disgustingly, was also not closed. Although Barack Obama vociferously promised that he would do so soon.

One of the main aspects of foreign policy is the conflict in Afghanistan. The promise to end the war is at odds with the reality. During 2009 alone, Barack Obama sent military reinforcements to Afghanistan several times. And at the time of 2009, the number of American soldiers in this country reached one hundred thousand people. For comparison, the number of troops of the Soviet Union in the war with Afghanistan was 109 thousand. So Barack Obama isn't much of a humanist after all?

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