How to draw breast milk correctly: instructions, photos of dressing

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How to draw breast milk correctly: instructions, photos of dressing
How to draw breast milk correctly: instructions, photos of dressing

To stop lactation and prevent milk from entering the breast, women resort to tugging. This is quite dangerous for the body, so you should carefully weigh the pros and cons, carefully study the technology of pulling and photos.

How to draw breast milk? Methods

How can you draw breast milk?

After childbirth, many women refuse to feed their baby for various reasons. But it takes a lot of effort to stop milk production.

The first method is when the baby is taken to close relatives. This period should be two or three days. At this time, the baby should not contact the mother. This is a lot of stress for a newborn, because without feeding, he loses contact with his mother.

The second method is the pulling of the mammary glands, in order to reduce the flow of milk. Using this method, you can refuse lactation at home in just three days. But as practice shows, the gland stops producing milk somewhere on the 3rdweek.

Factors affecting breast tightening

Sooner or later, the baby must be weaned from natural feeding. But if the mother is still actively lactating, then you should think about how to draw breast milk (a photo of the dressing will be presented below in the article). If you approach this issue prudently, then it can be solved completely without harm to the body already in the third week. But there are a number of factors for pulling the mammary glands, which do not depend on the desire of the woman:

  1. AIDS or HIV. These diseases are transmitted during feeding to the baby.
  2. Tuberculosis of an open form (with an inactive form, lactation is continued).
  3. Acute and chronic renal and liver failure.
  4. Anemia.
  5. Problems with the cardiovascular system.
  6. Take any medication that is absorbed into milk.
Drag breast milk

If for some reason a woman needs to take medications, then her doctor should prescribe analogues that will not harm the baby during lactation.

Features of the procedure

How to tighten the mammary glands so that milk is gone? According to doctors, the breast tightening procedure does not have a very favorable effect on the woman's body and can cause discomfort. However, this is practically the only way when you can stop milk production in a short time. It should be noted that such manipulation will not reduce the volume and size of the breast. She won't stop right away either.the flow of milk, this will take some time. The secret of the procedure lies in the fact that during the ligation, the ducts are blocked, and the milk cannot move freely through the mammary gland. After a couple of hours, the woman feels that her breasts are no longer filled so much and the ducts become less active. The patient experiences discomfort, chest pressure and stiffness.


Before you draw breast milk, you should prepare the body to get a faster result:

  1. Abstain from foods that stimulate milk production (halvah, walnuts).
  2. Use special teas and infusions.
  3. Completely express breast before pulling.
  4. Use a long cotton cloth, terry towel or elastic bandage.

Which is better to use?

How to properly draw breast milk

What is the best way to draw breast milk in the mammary gland? Various accessories are used to stop lactation by dragging. The most popular is an elastic bandage and a piece of long fabric (diaper). Compression elastic bandage is sold in ordinary pharmacies. The price of the bandage depends on the length and width of the product. In some types, Velcro or a fastener is provided for convenient fixation of the bandage. The larger the chest, the wider you need to buy a bandage. The fabric should be soft and cotton. Its size is also determined by the size of the breast. A big plus is that you can take a cloth or a diaper (sheet) from home and there are no additional costs.needed.

Doing the right procedure

How to properly drag breast milk (photo of the dressing is presented below) without negative consequences? There is a special technique for this. How to draw breast milk? This manipulation is difficult to perform alone, so a doctor or nurse will be the best assistant. In this case, you can be sure that the dragging is done correctly.

  1. They take the selected material and begin to tightly fit the chest, completely affecting the ribs and armpits.
  2. Tie the ends tightly into a knot, which should be located in the area of ​​​​the shoulder blades.
  3. The bandage should fit snugly, but not bring pain and a feeling of swelling. Do not expect a quick result after dressing. Sometimes after 3-4 months, when you press the nipples, droplets of milk may be released. The bandage is recommended to be worn for three hours a day and a night. I do this until the amount of milk becomes significantly less and the woman does not feel that the mammary glands no longer swell.
How to properly draw breast milk

Misconceptions about breast tugging

We have already figured out how to properly draw breast milk. Note that there are various myths about this manipulation, because of which women make gross mistakes, thereby harming themselves and their child.

  1. Myth 1. When a woman begins to drag breast milk of her own free will, she should completely abandon further feeding. This is absolutely not true. Only medical indications can contribute to this. ATOtherwise, for a comfortable stop of lactation, it is necessary to feed the newborn at least once a day.
  2. Myth 2. If you bandage the breast as tight as possible, the milk will disappear faster. This cannot be done, because due to strong pressure on the thoracic region, stagnant processes may occur, which threatens with surgical intervention.
  3. Myth 3. A breastpump expresses milk quickly and thoroughly. The device cannot reach the lateral ducts, so milk always remains there, which will lead to mastitis in the future. And in the manual chest, it is completely probed, all stagnation is broken and all ducts are worked out. The baby also empties the breast well.
Drag Methods

Pros and cons of the procedure for the mother

To drag breast milk, you should consider weighing the pros and cons. The only advantage of tugging the glands is the rapid burning of milk. However, it is appropriate when there is a desperate situation. The rest is just cons.

  1. Constriction of the breast ducts leads to stagnation (lactostasis), which provokes infectious mastitis.
  2. Incorrect position of the breast and intermittent compression of the ducts can lead to deformity and damage.
  3. When blood circulation is disturbed, pain and swelling may appear in the vessels.

Should breast tightening after a miscarriage?

How to tighten the mammary glands so that milk is gone

Already from conception, the female breast begins to prepare for feeding. From the 4th month of a womannotice that the breasts swell a little, and the nipples become more sensitive and a yellowish liquid (colostrum) begins to appear. Therefore, it is more likely that after an abortion (especially at a later date), milk will appear in the breast.

In this case, doctors say with confidence that lactation must be stopped. To begin with, you can try various herbs (infusions) or pull the chest. If this does not give the desired result, then they resort to medicinal preparations. If, after interruption, the patient is not worried about the flow of milk or swelling, then nothing needs to be done with the breast. The doctor will examine the glands, give the necessary recommendations for care and recovery.

Medications and folk remedies to stop lactation

Ligation of the female breast

To stop dragging breast milk as quickly as possible, you need to use folk advice on the 1st day of dressing.

  1. During the day, consume 0.5 liters of mint and sage decoction. These herbs have a calming effect and reduce milk production.
  2. Minimize fluid intake. The more a woman drinks, the more milk comes. To relieve swelling and soreness of the mammary gland, a cabbage leaf should be applied. An alternative to a vegetable is a cloth soaked in whey or cool water.

Today, there are a large number of medications that reduce lactation. But due to substances that affect the brain and endocrine system, it is strictly forbidden to take them without medical supervision.Let's take a look at some:

  1. "Dostinex". It is an effective remedy, but it has a negative effect on the hypothalamus. It is used only as a last resort, when lactation should be stopped immediately. Begins to act on the second day after taking.
  2. "Bromocriptine". Often prescribed to establish the menstrual cycle, however, the component included in it helps to burn out the milk. Long list of side effects: high blood pressure, vomiting, nausea, headaches and disruption of the cardiovascular system.
  3. "Bromcamphor". Does not contain hormonal substances. The main component is bromine. It is used when it is necessary to stop feeding gently and without consequences. However, the effect does not come immediately. Affects the functioning of the liver and kidneys.


Stop lactating or give your baby the essentials? This choice is made by the mother herself. But remember that mother's milk is the most valuable and nutritious food in the world.

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