Famous Hollywood female stars: photo with names

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Famous Hollywood female stars: photo with names
Famous Hollywood female stars: photo with names

It seems that everyone knows them and everyone has seen them, but in the article I would like to remind you of them. Hollywood female stars - who they are, what they are and with whom. Having created several criteria, we divided the actresses into groups, defining each film star in one of them. You will see the most famous brunettes, blondes, foreigners and brawlers. So let's get started!

Hollywood female brunette stars

And the incomparable Megan Fox begins our list. The brunette beauty doesn't have a big filmography behind her, but her role in Transformers made her a real star. Based on her external data, plastic surgeons today create the same eyebrows and cheekbones in most of their patients.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

Hollywood female stars in life are sometimes very different from the stage image. But Megan is good both on the red carpet and on her personal page on Instagram, where she is happy to take pictures with her three sons. The youngest of them will soon turn 3 years old, and it was he who became thethe lucky star who canceled Meghan and Brian Austin's 2015 impending divorce

The languid Mexican Salma Hayek has 30 roles behind her. This hot brunette was recognized from the films "Bandidas" and "From Dusk Till Dawn", where she danced the sexiest dance in the history of cinema. The actress is married to millionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, from whom she had a daughter, Valentina.

The list of female Hollywood stars would not be complete without Angelina Jolie. She is known and loved around the world not only as a great actress, but also as a compassionate person who cares for children from poor countries.

After breaking up with Brad Pitt, the "tomb raider" is left alone with 6 children. Three of them are biological and three are adopted.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Zorro's faithful companion in the movie, and Hollywood's most devoted wife. Despite the fact that their marriage to Michael Douglas was considered a misalliance, the actors have been living together for almost 19 years and have two children.

Demi Moore is perhaps one of the brightest and sexiest Hollywood actresses of the 90s. Despite her age, she is still attractive and seductive, but, unfortunately, she is not married. After breaking up with third husband Ashton Kutcher, Demi devotes all her time to three daughters from her second marriage to Bruce Willis.

Natalie Portman is that brunette who sometimes becomes blonde, but returns to her native color again. A famous Hollywood star, a swan woman, a killer girl, has driven more than one thousand men crazy. But I gave my heart to oneBenjamin Millepied, choreographer and father of her two children, a son and a daughter.

Hollywood blondes

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson opens the rating of blondes. Sexuality, femininity, passion, sensuality and beauty - all these epithets belong to her by right. Ask the men in which films they saw her - they will remember the "Avengers", ask who Scarlet is - her eyes will light up and her breathing will quicken. Well, which of them definitely has a chance, since since 2017 the actress has officially been divorced from Romain Dauriac, who, by the way, does not want to give her only daughter to raise.

The incredible Charlize Theron is considered the most beautiful blonde in the world. But no less famous is the talent of the actress, especially her ability to transform to faithfully convey the character of the heroines she plays. The film "Monster" brought her "Oscar" and worldwide fame, as well as the picture "Devil's Advocate". The film star is not married, although she has two adopted children.

Blond "angel" Cameron Diaz quickly won all men's hearts as soon as she appeared on the big screens. Hollywood star, the woman whose name adorns the star number 2386 on the Walk of Fame, our permanent blonde. In addition to her marriage to Benjamin Madden, fans are interested in whether the actress gave birth to a child whom she allegedly conceived with the help of IVF, or whether she will adopt a baby, as they had previously dreamed of with her husband.

Blake Lively is a charming "gossip girl", a sexy young woman who, with her smile alone,drives men crazy. The blonde hair of the actress enchanted Ryan Reynolds, from whom the "immortal" Blake had two beautiful daughters.

Kate Hudson falls in love with all viewers not even in 10 days, like her character in the movie "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", but from the first seconds. The blue-eyed blonde became the mother of three children and almost the wife of her current boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

Nicole Kidman - a Hollywood star, a woman whose photos do not stop being printed in the yellow press, is finally happy after a hard break with Tom Cruise. Now, the mother of two children and the wife of musician Keith Urban, continues to act actively and delight the audience with new phenomenal roles.

Also famous are such blondes as: R. Witherspoon, D. Aniston, A. Seifred, K. Basinger, R. Zellweger and many others.

The tallest actresses in Hollywood

The height of female Hollywood stars matters too.

Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman

And here are the tallest actresses from the red carpet:

  1. Brook Shields (183 cm) - the main character of the sensational "Blue Lagoon". Married to producer Chris Henchy and mother of two.
  2. Uma Thurman (183 cm) - "bloody bride" kills not only enemies from the movie "Kill Bill", but also fans with her beauty and sexuality, despite her 45 foot size. The star has three children, although today she is considered a "bachelorette".
  3. Gwendolyn Christie (191 cm) is a warrior from the Game of Thrones, one of the mosthigh Hollywood stars. Husband, fashion designer Giles Deacon, supports his wife in all endeavors. The couple has no children yet.

The oldest stars from the red carpet

Meryl Streep. 70-year-old actress is subject to any role. Behind her more than 50 roles and 21 Oscar nominations. "The Devil by Prada" is still actively filmed, delighting fans of all ages. Plus, Meryl is a great wife and mother, having lived with her husband for 40 years and raised 4 kids.

Helen Mirren. 73 years old, more than 100 roles, various awards and national fame - all this for Helen. Thanks to Mirren, the audience saw real queens, which she was especially good at. The actress has been married to director Taylor Hackford for over 30 years, but the couple has no children.

Jane Fonda. 81 years old and more than 200 roles on the account. Having been married several times and raising three children, the actress does not lose heart when she is divorced again, but continues to actively act in film and even go on the catwalk as a model.

Judi Dench. 84 years old and a huge number of roles. The Bond star was left a widow and is raising her grandson Sam, who was given to her by her only daughter.

Cranky and demanding

One of the most capricious and demanding Hollywood female stars is called Jennifer Lopez. Her love for the snow-white color makes her demand dressing rooms from concert organizers, where everything will be white, from furniture to flowers. In addition, she asks for unrealistically expensive payment for her work.

Julia Roberts is known not only for her talent and gorgeous smile, but also for being very grumpy andscandalous nature. During filming, she gives a "light" to everyone: both assistants and the director with a make-up artist.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

But Lindsay Lohan appropriated all the laurels of the brawler. Not only did her addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs make her not appear on the set, she also did not disdain theft, and, of course, scandals.

The youngest Hollywood divas

Young, but already very talented Emma Watson was able to get away from the role of a little sorceress from the Potteriana and continue a great career with serious roles. The girl is not married, as the busy schedule of the actress, the young people with whom she met, simply could not stand it.

Selena Gomez. A young Disney sorceress has been transformed into a beautiful young swan who is at the height of her fame. Plus, an unstable relationship with the notorious Justin Bieber adds to his own popularity.

The young star of "Game of Thrones" - Maisie Williams, is predicting a promising future in the cinema, especially since she has already announced herself loudly, starring in several films in serious roles. The girl carefully hides her personal life from annoying paparazzi.

Black babes

The black catwoman captivated millions of viewers with her smile and grace. Can't say. that her career has always been successful, but Holly does not lose optimism. Two children from previous unsuccessful marriages bring great joy in the life of an actress.

Halle Barry
Halle Barry

Michael Michel - talent, beauty andcharm rolled into one. Light eyes combined with chocolate skin helped the actress climb Olympus. Only here in personal life everything is difficult. There is no husband, but there is a son whom she brings up by herself.

In Neytiri from "Avatar" it is difficult to recognize a black beauty, but her other roles showed not only natural beauty, but also the grace of a sports figure. A woman is raising twins from her marriage to artist Marc Perego.

Beauty lies in talent

Barbara Streisand is the most famous singer of the 20th century, and later the most talented actress who never resorted to plastic surgery, which did not stop her from driving men crazy. She has one son and is married to James Brolin.

Tilda Swinton's androgynous appearance gave her the opportunity to take part in incredible projects that brought her worldwide fame. This "alien" causes conflicting feelings among many who have worked with her. But the actress even managed to get married, despite the non-standard beauty. Husband Sandro Coppo helps raise their two children.

Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton

From outside

But not only American or British women conquer the Hollywood hills. The beauties who arrived from other countries were also able to win back their piece of the pie from worldwide fame.

Aishwarya Rai. Indian Angelina Jolie flaunted on the red carpet more than once, as she played not only in Bollywood, but also in Hollywood. The beautiful wife of Abhishek Bachchan and the mother of daughter Aaradhya is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Legendary ItalianSophia Loren captivated the audience long before appearing in Hollywood. But even the long-awaited Oscar did not make her stay in America. In Sophie's life there was only one beloved man - Carlo Ponti. Now the widow is happy that her husband left her two sons, in whom she sees an exact copy of her husband.

Monica Bellucci is another stunning Italian who has won millions of hearts. And again, Hollywood could not resist the sexuality and beauty of a burning Italian who, after a divorce from Vincent Cassel, is raising two daughters.

Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci

Penelope Cruz. The sultry Spaniard burst into Hollywood at a gallop, immediately striking the entire male audience on the spot. In addition to the recognition of the audience and the Oscar, he gave her husband Javier Bardem, from whom the Spaniard had three children.

Photos of Hollywood female stars, whose names are known to everyone, you can view in the slider at the beginning of the article.