The best clubs in the world: an overview. The most fashionable nightclubs in the world

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The best clubs in the world: an overview. The most fashionable nightclubs in the world
The best clubs in the world: an overview. The most fashionable nightclubs in the world

What do you think is a successful and trendy nightclub? People, interior design, alcohol, music… The list is endless. We invite you to avoid an overly irrational focus and tell you about clubs in different countries where only popular DJs play and the noisiest parties gather.

Incendiary trio: the best clubs in the world

1. Cancun, Mexico.

The incredible light shows and energy of the La Boom dance floor are legendary. Signature cocktails, "you'll be ashamed in the morning" contests, a lot of beautiful and drunk women - these are just a few of what you should expect from a visit to the club.

By the way, there are other places in Cancun. For example, Coco Bongo or Duddy O`s, but La Boom is still ahead of them in popularity.

2. Hong Kong, China.

Club BBoss is considered to be the most cocky and loudest in town. It is located in Sha Tsui East`s Mandarin Plaza. Guests of the establishment are served by a staff of more than a thousand people. And if you find yourself in a VIP room, then consider yourself very lucky.

A night at one of the best clubs in the world will cost a lot more than you might think, as celebrities and moguls are more familiar guests here than ordinary people.

3. Ios, Greece.

Image "Scorpions" Greece
Image "Scorpions" Greece

Scorpions is positioning itself as the most popular club on the island, and rightly so. The place will make you forget who you came with. The probability of not running into them in the club before sunrise is very high. After all, Ios is an island of sinners, and fans of secluded relaxation definitely do not belong here.

You can get out (creep out) of the Scorpions at any time, sit on the beach for a while, recharge and start having fun again.

How about America?

1. Miami.

Southeast Florida is synonymous with non-stop partying, but most clubbers come from Canada and New York. What the local youth is doing is unknown. Every weekend, Groove Jet hosts themed parties accompanied by eclectic music that every party-goer will love. Believe me, there is everything you need for an unforgettable night and an early morning meeting.

2. Las Vegas.

No one knows what to expect from this city. Guests of C2K are not only locals and tourists, but also stars. For entertainment, the club provides 3 floors, cigar and sushi bars, as well as six private skyboxes.

Oh yes, C2K is located in the building of the Venetian hotel and adjacent to the casino complex.

club in vegas
club in vegas

3. Chicago.

Invited to Cobarthe best DJs in the world. By the way, the last album of Carl Cox was recorded here. We agree that the city is famous for its parties, and of the many similar "Kobar" rightfully takes the lead.

4. Los Angeles.

The list of the best clubs in the world is impossible to imagine without Garden of Eden. You can only expect chic and splendor from such a name, do you agree? It is located on Hollywood Boulevard La Brea. The locals simply call it GE.

The interior is stunning with impressive metallic finishes, dark wood decor and sensual lighting. The club has a good bar (no doubt) and a spacious balcony overlooking the dance floor.

Do you want to go to Europe?

1. Ibiza, Spain.

Privilege is the biggest club in Europe. Three floors, 10,000 party people and a pool. Agree, to be present in this hot place of the Spanish island is a great honor. And now the question is: what happens if you gather celebrities, supermodels, mafiosi and rock stars in one building? Hell of a party!

2. Club Berghain, Berlin, Germany.

Club Berghain, Berlin
Club Berghain, Berlin

The main dance venue of the capital is located in the outskirts of the city in the building of the power plant. Therefore, the exterior looks intimidating. But inside you will be met by the cream of the Berlin party, overdressed and relaxing to the sounds of high-quality techno.

3. Newcastle, England.

Shindig Club is located in the north of the country. The main characters of the dance floor are cheerful, noisy students who do not know the limits in alcoholic beverages, who, in fact, represent the maincity population.

Europe's most famous house DJs come here: Steve Lawler, Eric Prydz, Nick Fanciulli. True, DJ Sasha bypasses this place. The star never forgave the club for a glass thrown at it a couple of years ago from a crowd of thousands.

This list can hardly be called exhaustive and complete - the number of clubs is so great. Therefore, we are talking about six more popular places that attract party-goers from all over the world, where they have fun and walk all night until the morning.

Cielo, New York

Small club for only 300 guests, located a few meters from the bustling West Side Highway. You won't see any signs here - a simple door behind which there is darkness…

Judging by the reviews of domestic clubbers, the lack of light is the first thing that struck them in Cielo. No wonder, because we are used to light music. The whole club is like a huge black cocoon. By the way, this is the first place in New York to receive the famous Function One sound system.

Cielo, New York
Cielo, New York

Just a few years ago, it was a great success for an ordinary person to break through here from the street. But this does not mean that Cielo lost its position as one of the best clubs in the world. It's just that the control system has become a little simpler. By the way, smoking is prohibited here, so we recommend going out on the terrace, following the example of other party-goers.

The administration jokes about this: if more than 200 clubbers gather there, then the DJ is bad. But in fairness, we note that this happens extremely rarely.

The Fabric Club, London

One of the bestrestaurants in the capital of Britain opened more than 10 years ago in an old brick building, opposite the meat market. Judging by the reviews, the vibrating dance floor for foreign clubbers is the same attraction as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace for ordinary tourists. And, of course, people come here only for the sake of DJs and stars. Among the residents of the club, it is worth highlighting James Lavelle, Terry Francis and Craig Richards.

And if you think that the London Fabric is similar to the Moscow Fabrique, you are very wrong. British in its atmosphere and interior design is closer to the "Roof of the World", but is designed for several thousand people and is open to the most diverse public. In England, face control is a rarity. Or maybe the whole point is that there are practically no poorly dressed people here?

Fabric Club, London
Fabric Club, London

You can easily see this if you are lucky enough to get a bracelet that opens access to the VIP zone. Through the glass floor, the Fabric dance floor is in full view. Clubbers will appear before you in all their glory and demonstrate their ability to combine luxury with mass brands. For example, H&M sneakers with a D&G suit.

Womb, Tokyo

The legend of the Japanese nightlife opened its doors back in 2000 and quickly became popular. DJ on the balcony, party people who walk all night until morning, a square dance floor and 4 speakers placed in the corners, the sound of which hits right in the center. Despite all the external simplicity, American and European stars who have returned from tours from Tokyo recommend this institution to each other.

Womb, Tokyo
Womb, Tokyo

Although, to be honest, there is simply no special alternative for celebrities. The interest of local residents in dance music is falling at the speed of a meteorite. Young people increasingly prefer pop music, and people who are able to appreciate the works of John Digweed or Hernan Cattaneo are becoming less and less every day.

According to the feedback from visitors, the only advantage of Womb is that the rhythm of the sets of guest DJs fill the club with such energy that the fame of the institution thunders all over the world.


Tbilisi Bassiani
Tbilisi Bassiani

European style and electronic music are developing here much faster than any other direction. Over the past 7 years, several clubs have opened here, quickly becoming popular, and at the moment they are considered the most fashionable in the capital. Here are some of those located in Tbilisi:

  • Bassiani - since 2014, has not lost its leading position to anyone. The name is connected with history, or rather, with one of the great battles, which is read from the logo. Here is the highest quality sound system.
  • Khidi - opened 3 years ago. Translated from Georgian "Khidi" means "bridge". The unusual name is associated with the location - the club is located under the Vakhushti Bagrationi bridge. By the way, the sound system here is also on top.
  • Cafe Gallery - unlike the previous ones, this establishment is a cozy cafe that turns into a place where electronic music plays on weekends and guests hang out until the morning.


Maccarena in Barcelona
Maccarena in Barcelona

Many of our tourists who have visited Macarena in Barcelona claim that their apartment is larger than the club premises. So that's the whole point of the place! As they say, in tight quarters, but not offended. Penetrating electronic music and excellent sound are always played here. The total separation usually occurs in the morning - hot, sweaty, but incredibly sincere. Until two o'clock the entrance with flyers is absolutely free. They are handed out on the next street.


Macarena opens its playground in the summer, located on the Port Forum beach. But this does not mean that all the people are moving to the Beach Club Macarena, and in the main institution in the center of the Gothic quarter it becomes empty. Fun here and there.

Ibiza again

It would be wrong to end the story with a description of some club located in England or America. It is this Spanish island that is most often associated with non-stop parties, streams of alcoholic cocktails and meetings with the stars.

Club DC-10 (Ibiza) - a historical place with a dramatic fate. According to the locals, the institution got its name in honor of one of the MCDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft that once flew to the island. Who knew that in the future, a farmhouse turned into an abandoned hangar at the end of the airport runway would become a Mecca for all fans of underground sound.

Club DC10 in Ibiza
Club DC10 in Ibiza

Until 1990, flamenco festivals, small parties, rallies were held herehippie communes, fiestas… But everything changed after promoter Andrea Pelino moved to Ibiza, who saw in this place fertile ground for the realization of his ideas.

Today the club accommodates 1500 people and is a single room, divided into 2 dance floors: the famous Terrace and Main. The interior of the DC-10 is very austere. There are no lights here, except for scanners under the ceilings and a few spotlights.

By the way, from May 21 to October 8 every Monday there is a Circoloco party. Book your tickets!