Rating of surnames in Russia. The most common Russian surnames

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Rating of surnames in Russia. The most common Russian surnames
Rating of surnames in Russia. The most common Russian surnames

8% of the world's inhabitants are citizens named Lee. It is worn by 100 million people, most of whom live in China. The top three also include Asian surnames Zhang and Wang. Among Americans, the Smiths, Johnsons and Williams are the most common. But the topic of the article is the rating of surnames in Russia. Let's make a reservation right away that the data of the independent agency "A plus" will be taken as the basis, which brings the Smirnovs to the first place, occupying the ninth line in the world ranking table.

As confirmation of the correctness of the proposed rating, the article publishes photos of the most famous people - carriers of the most common surnames.

Ranking leaders

Surname Smirnov
Surname Smirnov

The surname Smirnov is the most common in Russia. 2.5 million people in the Volga region, as well as in Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Kostroma and other regions wear it. More than 70 thousand Smirnovs live in the capital alone. Whyso many?

Peasant families had many children, so parents were relieved when quiet, outwardly calm children were born. This quality was fixed by the name of Smirna. It often became the main one, since the ecclesiastical was often forgotten. The Smirnovs went from the Smirnykhs.

The earliest references to the surname are associated with the Vladimir tithe. On the birch bark one could read: "Ivan, the meek Kuchukov's son." In addition to the surname Smirnov, its derivatives are often found: Smirenkin, Smirnin, Smirnitsky, Smirensky.

Most famous bearers: Alexei Smirnov (comedian, pictured), Valentin Smirnov (physicist), Yevgeny Smirnov (famous surgeon), Iosif Smirnov (martyr), Yuri Smirnov (Soviet poet).

Second line ranking

Among the peasants, the most common name was Ivan - a derivative of the more ancient - John. The surname Ivanov is not so common in Moscow as in other regions. Often you can meet owners of combinations with the same names and patronymics. Ivan Ivanovichi sometimes have a similar surname or its derivative: Ivankov, Ivanychev, Ivanovsky, Ivannikov. By the way, Ivins, Ishutins, Ishko come from a diminutive form of the name common in Russia: Ivsha, Ishunya, Ishuta.

Several famous representatives of the family: Sergei Ivanov (statesman), Alexander Ivanov (Russian artist), Anatoly Ivanov (writer, historian), Porfiry Ivanov (founder of the he alth school).

Surname Kuznetsov

Surname rating -Kuznetsova
Surname rating -Kuznetsova

On the third line we see a surname that goes back to an indication of the type of activity. There were a huge number of blacksmiths in Russia, this profession was respected among the peasants, and its owners were we althy people. They knew the secret of fire, they could create a horseshoe, a sword or a plow from ore. There are not so many Kuznetsovs in Moscow, the leader in their number was the Penza province.

Surname Kuznetsov
Surname Kuznetsov

In the south, blacksmiths were called farriers, so the surname Kovalev is common in these regions. By the way, derivatives from indicating this profession are also common among other peoples: Smith (England), Schmidt (Germany).

Famous representatives of the surname: Anatoly Kuznetsov (popular actor), Svetlana Kuznetsova (famous tennis player, shown in the photo), Ivan Kuznetsov (inventor of the iplicator).

Fourth most popular

The surname Popov, on the one hand, also indicates the type of activity. The sons of the priest became its bearers. Especially many Popovs live in the north of our country. However, this is not the only reason for the spread of the surname. Religious parents often called their children the names of Popko, Drank. In addition, the surname was often assigned to workers or laborers of the priest.

Scientists have tried to explain why it is in the north that most of the Popovs are. Perhaps this is due to the election of the clergy in these regions.

Famous representatives of the family name: Alexander Popov (inventor of radio), Andrey Popov (famous actor), Oleg Popov (famous clown).

Surname Sokolov

The most common Russian surnames in Russia include the Sokolovs, whose rating is fifth. Our ancestors had a cult of birds, so the names of birds were widely used for naming. In honor of the proud falcon, parents gave their sons non-church names. Falcons gradually became Falcons.

Surname Sokolov
Surname Sokolov

There were times when this surname was second in popularity only to Smirnov. But even today, for example, in St. Petersburg, the bearers of the name of a beautiful bird occupy the 7th line of the rating. And there are also derivatives of this surname - Sokolovsky, Sokolnikov, Sokol.

The most famous representatives: Andrei Sokolov (actor, shown in the photo), Mikhail Sokolov (spiritual writer), Fyodor Sokolov (famous architect).

Sixth line ranking

Another common "bird" surname - Lebedev. There are five versions of its origin, each of which has the right to exist. Consider everything in order:

  • Based on the origin - non-church name Swan.
  • In the Sumy region there is a city with the same name, the inhabitants of which began to bear this surname.
  • In Russia, "swans" were called serfs who supplied swans to the prince's table. This type of tax was very common.
  • Swans are known for their loy alty and devotion. People bowed to the bird, choosing similar nicknames for themselves.
  • The name Swan is one of the most harmonious, so it was often used for namingclergy.

Be that as it may, the rating of surnames in Russia of any author without fail includes the Lebedevs. By the way, there are many derivatives from the name of the bird: Lebedinsky, Lebyazhyov, Lebedevsky.

Representatives of the family name: Evgeny Lebedev (Soviet actor), Artemy Lebedev (famous designer), Igor Lebedev (Russian politician).

Surname Kozlov

Last name rating in Russia: Kozlov
Last name rating in Russia: Kozlov

Not all authors include the Kozlovs in the top 10 most common surnames, although this is not entirely true. The statistics are relentless. Therefore, we will tell about all versions of the Kozlovs' popularity:

  • During the time of paganism in Russia, children were named after plants or animals, so one of them is a Goat. The animal personified energy, courage and superiority for the Slavs, for it lived high in the mountains.
  • It is believed that Grigory Kozel (XV century) became the founder of the famous family. He was the son of boyar Morozov.
  • For peasants, the origin of the surname is connected with the patronymic from the non-church name Kozel.
  • Many derivatives (Kozelkov, Capricorn, Kozlyaev, Kozin) - evidence of origin from nicknames. Some surnames originated from the name of the bird nightjar. For example, Kozodoev.
  • Researchers believe that Kozlov could be called people with the stubbornness inherent in this animal.

The most famous bearers of the surname: Andrei Kozlov (popular TV presenter), Nikolai Kozlov (famous psychologist, writer), Nikita Kozlov ("Uncle" Pushkin).

Surname Novikov - number 8rating

We think everyone understands why the Novikovs are included in the rating of surnames in Russia. This nickname was given to those who moved to another place of residence. In a foreign territory, people were called novices, because they were poorly aware of the peculiarities of life and way of life in another region. If a person mastered a new business, he also belonged to this category. He could be a novice in the Kuznetsk, carpentry or peasant business. That is why there are many derivatives from a common surname: Novichkov, Novaev, New, Novko.

Among famous representatives: Alexander Novikov (famous chanson performer), Boris Novikov (Soviet actor), Arkady Novikov (successful restaurateur).

Last name Morozov

Savva Morozov
Savva Morozov

It was in cold Russia with its snowy winters that this surname could appear. Up until the 17th century. It was customary to give babies names that have pre-Christian roots. If a newborn appeared in severe cold, he was often called Frost, which later turned into a surname. In the middle of the XV century. from Ivan Semenovich Moroz, the noble family of the future Morozovs traces its pedigree.

This surname has an enviable number of derivatives: Morozovsky, Morozko, Morozyuk, Morozovich.

Among the representatives: Savva Morozov (merchant, Russian businessman and philanthropist, photo above), Pavlik Morozov (pioneer hero), Semyon Morozov (famous actor).


The rating of surnames in Russia is completed by the one whose origin is due to the apostle of Christ. Peter's name means "rock"(ancient Greek). One of the founders of the Christian church was considered the most powerful patron of man, so parents often sought to name their children by this name. The peak of popularity of the surname falls on the 18th century, although even today 6-7 thousand Petrovs live in large cities, and even more in the capital.

Last name rating in Russia: Petrov
Last name rating in Russia: Petrov

The most famous representatives: Vladimir Petrov (famous hockey player), Alexander Petrov (modern actor), Andrey Petrov (famous composer), Mikhail Petrov (Soviet aircraft designer).