Samvel Karapetyan is the richest Armenian in Russia

Samvel Karapetyan is the richest Armenian in Russia
Samvel Karapetyan is the richest Armenian in Russia

Today, Forbes gives the owner of the Tashir group of companies the 30th line in the rating of the richest people in Russia. A native of Kalinino (now Tashir) of the Armenian SSR, Samvel Karapetyan has been actively developing his business in Russia since 1997. He connects his personal successes with the support of the family and the Armenian diaspora, which, according to him, have never let the entrepreneur down.

The start of the journey

The future businessman was born in a family of teachers in 1965, on August 18th. Having received a good upbringing, the young man entered the Polytechnic Institute of the city of Yerevan, graduating from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1986. His craving for education came from his parents: his father headed the school and taught children mathematics, and his mother taught English. Samvel Karapetyan (pictured in the article) has a doctorate in economics, he defended his thesis in 2008 on the issue of controlling the investments of large enterprises.

Samvel Karapetyan, photo

His business started with enamel pots. After graduation, aspiring entrepreneurreceived the position of chief technologist of the enterprise for the manufacture of enamelware in his native city. And then he became its director. In the 80s, when the cooperative movement was actively developing, together with his older brother he bought the plant and founded his own enterprise "Zenith", making it a multidisciplinary one. Being engaged in the sale of metal, clothing and rubber products, the Karapetyan brothers acquired connections, including in Russia.

Later Karen retired from business, choosing a political career, and Samvel in 1997 started a business in Kaluga, acquiring the Kalugaglavsnab company.


The current construction and industrial empire of Karapetyan is called "Tashir", in honor of his hometown. He created it in 1999. The uniqueness of the group of companies lies in the fact that it is diversified and self-sufficient, and at the same time is in no way connected with the country's natural resources. Of the 200 independent firms, 51 are commercial real estate, including 31 retail ones. Samvel Karapetyan launched an attack on the capital in 2003, having bought Avtokombinat-23. In fact, he needed the land on which the first Rio mall was built.

In 2008, a second shopping and entertainment complex with the same name was built, while its own companies - the Cinema Star chain of cinemas, Tashir cafes and restaurants, Fashion Alliance retail stores - became tenants. This solved the problem of the occupancy of the complex.

Owner of the group of companies "Tashir"Samvel Karapetyan

In the 2000s, Samvel Karapetyan was an average player in the real estate market. Today it is one of the leaders, whose capital exceeds $3,700 million. Among his ambitious projects is the construction of a modern clinic in Skolkovo. The volume of investments exceeds 15 billion dollars. Estimated completion date of the object is 2021.


Traditionally, Armenians give gifts to others, celebrating their own success. Since 2000, Samvel Karapetyan (his family supports him in this endeavor) has created a charitable foundation. The non-profit organization is also named after the small homeland of the businessman - "Tashir". Among the objects for which funding is allocated, there are many religious institutions both in Russia and in Armenia. The businessman runs football clubs, organizes days of Armenia in Russia, etc.

Daughter of Samvel Karapetyan

Karapetyan is a role model for his children. So, the birthday of his daughter coincides with the terrible earthquake in Armenia in 1988. On April 24, 2017, Tetevik made a royal gift to the people of Gyumri. For 8 disadvantaged families, she bought and donated apartments. What else can be said about the businessman's family?

Samvel Karapetyan: children

The businessman does not have rare paintings, yachts and other luxury items. Family is a value to him. Karapetyan has the only marriage from which there are three children. Their father never spoiled them, everyone knew that in the future they would enter the family business.

The eldest daughter named Tetevik in the rank of Vice Presidentoperates a chain of cinemas. They are known as "Cinema Star". In April, the girl turned 28 years old.

Samvel Karapetyan, family

Son named Sarkis born in 1992 he is also the vice-president of the Tashir empire, in 2016 he married Salome Kintsurashvili.

The youngest son named Karen has been a student at MGIMO since 2014. In 2017, he also married the beautiful Lilith. The wedding at the Safis restaurant has become one of the brightest and most expensive events of the year. In addition to Russian stars (from Pugacheva to Sobchak), Eros Ramazzotti participated in the concert program.

The origin of Lilith is curious. The son of a billionaire tied the knot with the daughter of doctors.

By the way, no one sits idle in the Karapetyan family. The wife of a businessman is engaged in a network of SPA-salons "Tashir".

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