Karina Dobrotvorskaya: biography, personal life and career

Karina Dobrotvorskaya: biography, personal life and career
Karina Dobrotvorskaya: biography, personal life and career

Envy is a bad quality that can eat away its owner from the inside. That's just jealous of someone else's success can be different. In addition, envy that arises can always turn into an excellent motivation for achieving your success. Karina Dobrotvorskaya is just such a person who causes envy and at the same time makes you think about the prospects for developing your own career and personality. What is special about her? Who is this proud and successful woman?

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A Brief Childhood Story

Karina was born into a family of engineers on September 25, 1966 in Leningrad. Sincerity, purposefulness, naturalness and good manners were valued in her environment. That is why the baby's parents did everything to ensure that their daughter received a proper education, learned politeness, punctuality and turned into a real aristocrat. They additionally hired teachers who taught ethics and aesthetics, taught the art of keeping oneself in society, etc.

Where did young Karina study?

Immediately after school, Karina Dobrotvorskaya submitted documents and easily entered the Academy of Theater Arts in the city on the Neva. There onAt the Faculty of Theater Studies, she got acquainted with academic science, studied the history of Western European theater and got a general idea of ​​​​all creative professions (actor, director, screenwriter).

After graduating from the academy, Karina entered the graduate school of the Department of Art History of LGITMiK, and later defended her Ph.D. work in art history.

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Karina's teaching activities

Karina Dobrotvorskaya got her first job at LGITMiK, where she previously studied. Here she was offered a small position as a teacher of the history of the Western European theater. According to the heroine, such an offer seemed very flattering to her, and she agreed without hesitation.

Work and early career in the editorial office

After some time, a girl with unusually developed leadership qualities was noticed in the editorial office of the Kommersant-daily printed edition. It was there that our heroine first began to work as a journalist and correspondent. Here she wrote and published a lot of entertaining articles about cinema and theater.

Seeing the prospects of a talented author, the editors of another newspaper called Russian Telegraph literally lured the girl away, promising her the position of a columnist and editor of the publication.

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Even later, Dobrotvorskaya Karina Anatolyevna was invited to the position of deputy first editor in the then popular Russian publication about the film industry Premiere. At the beginning of 1998, the girl againchanged her job and took the position of deputy editor-in-chief of the Russian version of the glossy magazine Vogue.

In mid-2002, Karina moved up the career ladder again and took the vacant position of Editor-in-Chief of the Russian office of Architectural Digest magazine. And in early 2005, Dobrotvorskaya moved to the Condé Nast publishing house, where she was promised the position of editorial director of the publishing house. Three years later, Karina Anatolyevna was promoted to the position of president of the same organization. At the moment, she owns the main stake in the Russian representative office of Condé Nast.

In what publications did Karina publish her materials?

During her growing career, Karina Dobrotvorskaya wrote and published over 300 materials on her two favorite topics - theater and cinema. Among the publishing houses and publications where the author's works were duly appreciated, the following journals can be distinguished:

  • "Session";
  • "The Art of Cinema";
  • "Moscow Observer";
  • "Petersburg Theater Magazine";
  • Om.

Also, the materials of the journalist were noted in several collections of LGITMiK and publications Kommersant-daily, Russian Telegraph and Literaturnaya Gazeta.

Books of Dobrotvorskaya

In addition to her journalistic activities, our heroine was also engaged in literary work. So, she wrote and published two books at once: Blockade Girls and Has Anyone Seen My Girl? 100 letters to Serezha.”

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In the firstIn the work, the author raised the burning topic of the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad, and in the second she described her romantic relationship with her first, recently deceased husband. Here she is - comprehensively developed, sincere and unpredictable Karina Dobrotvorskaya. Books one and two are about human worth, love, friendship, betrayal and hatred. Unexpectedly for the author himself, both works became real bestsellers.

Brief information about the book “Has anyone seen my girl? 100 letters to Serezha"

This book became a kind of confession for Karina, as it allowed her to describe in literary language all the experiences that the heroine experienced while communicating with her ex-husband. It is no coincidence that the title of the work refers to letters, because the entire autobiographical novel is a kind of collection of love letters and notes addressed to the now deceased husband of the author.

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Relationship between Sergey and Karina in reality

Sergei Dobrotvorsky and Karina - the main characters of the book, according to their mutual friends, were the most beautiful couple in the bohemian St. Petersburg of the 90s. He was a famous screenwriter, film critic and intellectual, and she just loved him.

And it would seem that everything was perfect for them: love, mutual respect, common interests, fame - but their relationship was never destined to grow into something long. For some reason, which, by the way, the author talks about in his book, they broke up. As a result, Karina was forced tosense of the word to run away from his adored spouse to a completely different city. Sergei remained in St. Petersburg and died suddenly a month later.

In her book, Karina does not just describe her experiences. She gives answers to exciting questions and says what she did not have time to tell her beloved during her lifetime. According to critics, the novel exceeded all expectations. He became an unexpected revelation of the iron businesswoman with whom Dobrotvorskaya Karina was so often associated. Biography, personal life, career of this strong woman are described in our article.

Karina's personal life today

At the moment, Karina is married to Alexei Tarkhanov and has two children: daughter Sophia and son Ivan. She is still interested in cinema, loves her job, enjoys painting and appreciates true friendship. A successful woman has many admirers, helpers and reliable partners.

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