Natalya Gorozhanova: biography, photo, personal life

Natalya Gorozhanova: biography, photo, personal life
Natalya Gorozhanova: biography, photo, personal life

Natalya Gorozhanova is one of the most beautiful girls of the fourth season of the Bachelor project on TNT. In addition, she has a law degree, she is well versed in music, art, dances wonderfully and knows how to support absolutely any conversation.

The start of the journey

Natalya Gorozhanova was born on March 13, 1989 in the city of Gubkin, Belgorod Region. The girl spent all her childhood in the town of Leninsk-Kuznetsky, in the Kemerovo region. She dreamed of becoming a model since early childhood.

Gorozhanova Natalia

Natalia was not the only child in the family, and was brought up with her brother. But when she was seven years old, her parents died tragically. There were no close relatives who could take orphans to their place, so Gorozhanova and her brother ended up in an orphanage in Leninsk-Kuznetsky. Natalya became very close to her brother, they tried to help each other in everything.

She stayed there until the ninth grade, after which she entered the women's gymnasium. The girl lacked maternal love, but she says that in the orphanage all the nannies and educators tried to givepupils everything they lack.

Natalia tried to attend all circles, sections: she studied macrame, playing the guitar, painting, dancing, choral singing, etc.

natalya gorozhanova photo

Later life

After graduating from high school, Natalya Gorozhanova entered the Kemerovo State University at the Faculty of Law. The girl was active, she wanted to become a star, shine, show off on the catwalks. With the first of her own money, allocated by the social service, Natalia bought a cell phone and called the help desk to find out the number of some modeling agency.

While studying at the institute, Natalia Gorozhanova already participated in shows, photo shoots, beauty contests, tried to follow her dream. She became the "Beauty of Kuzbass" in 2008.

In the end, the girl became crowded in the city of Kemerovo, she wanted to conquer the distant, noisy capital. In Moscow, Natalia got a job as an administrator at an elite Bentley car dealership in order to have a livelihood. In her free time, the girl ran around castings, various shootings, and even became a finalist in the Beauty of Russia contest.

personal life of Natalia Gorozhanova

The Bachelor Show Season 4

Natalia Gorozhanova decided to take part in the Bachelor project because it seemed to her a funny adventure that she could tell her grandchildren about. She quit the car dealership, and boldly went to the casting, which she easily passed.

Already in the first issue, Natalia struck AlexeiVorobyov, a bachelor of the 4th season, getting out of the limousine in a beautiful rich red suit with a deep neckline. The bachelor immediately noted her beauty and gave her the first rose of this project.

Gorozhanova and Alexey Vorobyov

Before the project, the girl thought that Alexei Vorobyov was a narcissistic boy spoiled by female attention and money. She could only hope that the image imposed by the media turned out to be false. After Natalia was convinced that she was wrong about Alexei, he is much deeper than just a major boy.

Gorozhanova quickly became the favorite of the competition for both the bachelor and the audience.

Aleksey did not call the girl on a date for a long time, he tormented her with expectation. Then he admitted that he had the fewest questions for her, so they could meet right away in the final.

Natalya Gorozhanova had to face trials. It was especially hard to feel the constant tension and competition between the participants. But she managed to reach the finals.

During the last test, Natalya showed her utmost honesty and confessed to Alexei Vorobyov that she did not love him. After that, he decided to withdraw from the final by not selecting any of the contestants.

Great photos of Natalia Gorozhanova and Alexey Vorobyov remained in memory of the project.

Natalia and Alexey

Private life

The girl had a serious relationship when she was studying at the university, but at some point Natalia realized that she and her lover had no future. The model decided that she neededmove on and flew to Moscow.

Natalya Gorozhanova does not like to talk about her personal life, but photos with huge bouquets and gifts from fans often appear on social networks.

Now she lives in the capital with her dog named Eron. Natalya occasionally attends secular parties, but the girl does not have a permanent accompaniment. Rumor has it that the girl hopes that they can get something with Alexei Vorobyov.

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